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  1. pav60


    I have been going to Montreal for a couple years now. Not one lady has put there hand out for a tip. But of course if the service is good I take care of them.
    Basically the same thing I do here in New Jersey!
  2. joe-schmoe


    I've been going to Mtl. for three years and not once has a lady Agency or indy asked for a tip. If the service great I add 20 extra to the fee at the end.
  3. littleguy

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    Re: tips

    I can't recall any agency girls in Montreal asking or even insinuating a tip would be nice but as a general rule of thumb I think most guys will tip an agency lady or an incall lady in a house (knowing somebody else is getting a nice chunk of the fee) and most guys will not tip Indies (because she's getting all of it) unless they've had an extraordinary time.

    Again, this is just a general rule of thumb, and it's certainly up to the individual.
  4. dirtmonger


    response to greek girl

    are u kidding i have yet to hear of some of have our hands out for a tip

    Don't take it personally,

    unfortuatly my experience (many years untill i found this site) has been with outcall agencies out of the phone book and the bergen record in new jersey. most of the time it has been after midnight on a friday or saturday night with a girl coming to my house.

    the bottom line is you don't get the same girl twice because of the turnover, and most of the time you don't get what you asked for (what they described) and they give you a list of more don'ts than do's for what you paid.

    i look forward to making time during the normal hours to try hobbying with the girls that are on this site, it seems that there is alot of honesty and integrity here. (plus some incredibly good looking women)
  5. greekgirlinnj

    greekgirlinnj in loco CD

    are u kidding i have yet to hear of some of have our hands out for a tip
  6. dirtmonger



    do the montreal girls have there hands out for extra dinero like the new york and jersey girls. when a session is incredible, i'm all for a tip, but do you guys always tip or is it expected??
  7. John99


    I'm dying to take a trip up to Montreal.

    If you are a new yorker with a car and want a tour guide, I may be your man.
  8. John99


    If you are used to New York, Montreal is Mecca. I have been a few times for a week. It is like being a kid in a candy store. The strip clubs are great. The Clubs outside of Montreal that offer full serverice are a lot of fun. Asservissante is my favorite escort agency. Martin is great to deal with.

    You can stay anywhere in Downtown Montreal and you will be fine. It is nice to be close to st. Catherine street, but not necessary. Most hotels are close to St. Catherine. All hotels are escort friendly. All the escorts are discreet, and simply slip up to your room in an un-assuming way.

    Last time I went, I booked a hotel with priceline, and got a great room in a beautiful 3 star hotel for $60 american a night.

    If you are traveling alone, there is no reason to get a hotel through any other place. You simply won't get a better deal.

    If you are traveling with another guy, there is a little more of a risky, because priceline won't guarentee how many beds you will have.

    It is a 61/2 hour drive to Montreal. It is quick an easy. The only downside, is it will ruin new york for you.

    F-Stop has been a decent alternative in new york, but it still doesn't come close.
  9. marlboroman


    46 has been down for past week

    Has their tour been cancelled? I was planning on booking with them in the near future but their site has been on hiatus for the past week+. Anyone have any info on this?
  10. donquixote04


    Get laid.
  11. prothead69


    What are the tourist things to do during Montreal in the winter?
  12. pav60



    Any hotel downtown is fine. Try to stay as close to St Cathrine's street as possible. My personal fav is the De La Montagne (located on the street by the same name).....because when I take a break from a session.....I head to one of the three bars in the Hotel or Wanda's is right next store (one of the best strip joints in Montreal)!
  13. Walkin1



    That hotel's in a fine location for any agencies. Anything in the downtown (Centre-Ville) or Old Montreal area is going to be fine.

    Over the last year, I have stayed at the Vogue and the Nelligan. The latter was a little pricier, but a very, very nice place to stay.

    Enjoy your trip. I love Montreal!
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  15. SpaMonger


    Re: Happens all the time

    I'd say those crazy freckles were caused by over-exposure to sunlight. We should have a contest to guess how many she has.
    I'll start, my guess is 69.
  16. badz1


    sorry guys, i don't think those pictures are meant for public viewing as they are only being stored on their server storage space. i did a "property" check and found the folder and those pictures. as you can see, they did shrink the pictures down, turned them righ side up, and BLOCKED the faces on their home page. i was having too much free time, and just trying to put the faces to those bodies that's all. i have a feeling that after i exposed those pictures, they will not be storing any more original pictures.

    btw, did *someone* passed out rather than tapped out?? i am getting bored
  17. jackhenry


    Happens all the time

    People take pictures with a 5 megapixel camera and save the images that are 20 X 30 inches. I got buzz phrase for you girls: Proportional scaling. And is it intentional that they show themselves horizontal even when they're standing??? How 'bout those crazy freckles all over Patricia.
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    Re: Re: Toreador

    What's up with that? The pictures are clear and have more pixels than the hourly rate.
  19. Bill Furniture

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    I was thinking that if I had 2 girls about the size of Whilom that I would try it. Now that would be a challenge!
  20. badz1


    Re: Re: Re: Toreador

    together?? hey have you try the standing 696 yet?