MP vs Agency Provider

Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by oldhoward, Aug 9, 2006.

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  1. NJmasseur


    Unfortunately, most "agencies" are just bored college age girls and the like who have an over-inflated opinion of their value. To them you are simply a slot machine whose only intent is to spill out their cash when they pull your "arm".

    They feed off each other on the CL ads they post and start to believe their own advertising. Once they start to think they're doing you a favor by servicing them, it's all downhill from there.

    MP's are different because the girls work for bosses who are running a business. If they don't perform, they're out and they know it so it's their job to actually please the customer.

    I suggest avoiding the sources of disappointment. Go where you're gonna be satisfied and avoid the independants and agencies that are always disappointing you.

    Like I keep telling you guys... if you avoid the overpriced greedy sluts who don't perform, eventually they'll get the message when their gravy train dries up.

    And if you patronize the ones that offer good service at reasonable prices, they'll be around longer and become more successful. A win-win for everyone!
  2. oldhoward


    I keep trying both MPs and Providers. I find that with MPs I go in with low expections and sometimes get a pleasant suprise as happened a while back @ Lodi Chineese which is sadley gone. I know that when I go to AMP in Wanque that I am going to have a nice table shower and massage then finish up with a skilled HJ all for $ including entry fee. I go top a RMP in Totowa and I know that I am going to have FS or CBJ for $.6 including door. I go tothe places and never am dissapointed . I know what to nexpected.

    Perodically I try an agency provider and , except with mei Ling's girs who are expensive, I am almost always dissapointed. I used a central jersy agency tonight with a girl who the agency billed as "total GF". Nothing could be further from the truth. She just laid there and "one and done"
    I keep trying agencies because of the security, the looks of the girls and having a bed rather than a table.

    But for me it is just not worth the constant dissapointment.