Ms Jourdan

Discussion in 'New York' started by Cookyman, Feb 10, 2003.

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  1. BigMadM

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    I never looked her up again, and frankly, I dont know why.
    She was a superstar and one of the sweetest girls Ive met in this business.Not to mention a perfect body and pretty face.
    Fucking addiction to Heidi is causing me tunnel vision.(Im not suffering though)
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  2. pswope

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    Give us the funk!

    (nb I didn't make the Ms Jourdan cut)
  3. Cookyman


    Well today really made my day special!!! I was just about to walk out of the house when I decided to check my ****** one more time before I leave. There was an ****** from Ms. Jourdan asking me if I had time today to get together for a session.
    She mentioned something in the ****** that she had a surprise for me if I could see her!!!! Called her right away and asked what was the surprise. She told me I wouldn't be disappointed in that sexy voice of hers. Who was I to say no!!!!
    Made plans to meet in 3 hours with this temptress and so glad I did!!!!
    In previous conversations with Ms. Jourdan, I expressed my desire to see her in "sexy wear" or "whore clothes".
    I didn't know she had a lingerie show on the menu today that was so hot and sexy I just wanted to jump right on her!!!!
    She was dressed in a schoolgirl outfit, which I really was not to fond of at first, but the way she wore it and worked her body and mouth who was I to complain!!!!
    I also expressed to her that I love 7 inch platform heels and to my surprise she went out and bought 3 pairs!!!
    Between modeling several different outfits for me she worshipped my cock with those luscious lips of hers, while stroking and teasing the hell out of me!!!!
    I came so hard , my knees started shaking!!!
    Never has that ever happened in my life!!!!
    This woman is truly a sight, with a passion for her craft!!!
    A definate must see in order to experience a true GFE!!!!