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  1. Thorn


    200 hundred nogitiated down to 150 for a covered BJ?!?
    100 for a HR!?!

    In an MP? Geeze, they saw you coming.

    [sorry, I loose it when I see someone get took]

    Standard AMP, when you can get additional as they don't all provide HR/BJ/FS, is $20/ $50-$80/$100-$150.

    In non Asian MP's its $25-$50/$50-$100/$150-$200.

    I am aware of MTC, and the providers there follow these guidelines as well. Sometimes someone who figures they can get away with charging more, will. Then that makes it tougher on the next guy.

    More then that and you're getting hosed.

    Do you know that for very little more then that amount you could have gone to any number of F/S providers [with very little more in the way of prior set up as well] and enjoyed F/S with an attractive women in a much more comfortable atmosphere then a massage room?

    Allen, its time to run those classes for beginners again.

    :) [The tudes just a tease Smiley. However, I am serious about the price structure. Don't let them do that to you again]

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  2. smiley


    Extras range from $ HR $$CBJ(Nogotiable to $1/2) any others I don't know
  3. njman2


    The place is near Middlesex county college.

    I've gone there several times and I would recommend it highly.
  4. tomahawk9


    Can you give an approximate location?
  5. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    How much extra $?
  6. smiley


    Went to MTC today for the first time today. Place is clean. Paid door fee of $60 went into room and waited for girl. A few minutes later in walks Sabrina. A very hot girl, olive skinned, about 5'6'' and a killer body.
    She gave me the usual rub and then asked what else I might want. We talked and I settled for a CBJ. She was very into it and did not rush at all. She was all over me rubbing her body against mine and then she got down to it and it was very good. She went til I finished and stayed in the room until I showered and gave me a sweet kiss as she showed me out. Highly recommended
    Sabrina @MTC. Call ahead to see if she is available.