Murray Hill

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by clyde, Oct 2, 2001.

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  1. paulbunyon


    Priceless, fucking priceless!!
  2. Zeffy1


    Went back here for a second try. The first woman the mamassan offered was older than my mom so I said no thanks. the next was younger, but not by decades. she was blonde and european, named Bunny, so I thought I'd give it a shot. she was nice and extremely flirty - the massage absolutely sucked -mostly light teasing and very little actually rubbing. the release was pretty good and she did allow plenty of over the bra and over the pants (everywhere) roaming. when I tried to get under her bra or in her pants she just kept saying "next time". when the massage was over and I tipped her $20 on the way out she said, "don't you want to give me a little more?" I smiled and just said, "next time". I got a chance to review much of the rest of the talent briefly and none of it seems that young. I don't think there will be a next time for me. door fee was as stated above
  3. justlooking


    Is it named after my Uncle Murray?
  4. justlooking


    No. What is it?
  5. JNY50


    Murry Hill

    I would be interested in the layout of the place. Sunflower was a "nail spa" too but it was mostly massages (until recently) now it has shifted the other way. I was very comfortable going to Sunflower and knowing that I would not be walking in a bathrobe through a bunch of chicks getting their nails done. Are there a bunch of ladies getting their nails done there all the time or is the massage area more discrete. Before I venture there I would like to know. The fact that it is on the second floor makes it sound more discrete. I just don't want to bump into some chick from work getting her toes done. Any info on the "intake" procedure (locker room, shower, etc) would be much appreciated.
  6. ViagraMan


    but do you know the story behind murray street in lower manhattan?
  7. patchen56


    I called yesterday. They said $70 for the massage and $120 for the massage and table shower. That must be one helluva shower.

    I asked if the had a basic TS for less and she said no and went off about some skin exfoliation or some shit like that.

    I printed out the coupon, might hit it up tonight. Anyone else been?
  8. farishta


    wow, $70 at the door and non-asian? I gotta try it...damn, lot of good posts today.
  9. ballys20


    "South" of the Ozone area in QUEENS! Near the Richmond Hill area of Queens and south of Flushing.
  10. TC123


    How does a place in the Northern part of Brooklyn get the name "South Brooklyn"?

    And where the fuck is "South Ozone Park"?
  11. Zeffy1


    I paid $63 with the aforementioned coupon - $70 normally. I tipped $25 and she seemed fine with it (trying to do my part to keep the tipping madness for a HJ in check). Did see other girls there but didn't get a great look at any of them so unfortunately I can't comment on the remaining talent. No one outstanding but no one horrible either from what I could tell.
  12. ballys20


    Murray Hill is on the "east side of Manhattan" - mid-town area (30's and down to about the 20's just before the Gramercy Park area (going downtown that is). Info the prices and "other girls" would be appreciated.
  13. justlooking


    It was a hill on the grounds of a farm owned by a guy named (last name) Murray.
  14. jchmod


    I saw the post on this and I thought they were talking about Murray Hill, NJ. How does a place in the city get the name Murray Hill?
  15. Zeffy1


    long time since I've posted a review, sorry for my lack of input.

    went to Murray Hill Skin Care a couple of weeks ago and had a nice session with Betty. There's actually a coupon for them at the Urban Savings website:

    for the record, not a whole lot more humiliating than showing up to a massage place with a coupon, but I'm a cheap bastard so I forced myself.

    Betty is by no means a hottie - she's of the more voluptuous frame, but she's very sensual, friendly and gave an amazing massage. She's blonde and I believe part latina but I could be wrong on that. She does have amazing breasts though, that I'm sure of.

    the facilities were ok - there is a shower but there is only one shower head and it is in the same "room" with the table shower (which I did not partake in). coming in and out of the shower you are standing in this small hallway where the girls walk by to go to the back room - not at all an ideal set-up. they also have a steam room but I did not try it.

    as I said the massage was amazing - very strong massage but also erotic - she even nibbled and sucked on my ears during the process. the roaming was limited b/c she seemed to really enjoy teasing me. I was able to get my hands on her voluptuous breasts under her shirt but only over briefly under her bra (which stayed on). fantastic finish and not a single word on the tip or any negotiations. once she started the massage there was no doubt which direction it was headed which I like. two cups were given and she even jokingly tried to coax a third out of me, but I'm not that young anymore. didn't try for extras, not sure what would be available.
  16. Confused


    Slinky, sorry for the double post but this appears to be the more appropriate thread for this follow-up info. Please delete one of my posts if the double post is problematic.

    Well, I was going to post this in the midtown spa section but couldn't find it easily.

    Had a hankering for relaxation this afternoon so I went back to Murray Hill Skin Care due to its convenient location. Probably over a year since I frequented this place and I tried a few months ago but they had been closed for renovations. Well, they re-opened and it looked exactly the same to me.

    Now, the important stuff.

    House fee = $70

    They have a steam room but I didn't partake.

    The massage rooms are very private.

    Had a very voluptous girl, latina, whose name escapes me. She gave a very sensuous massage and requested $40 for the HJ, which was fine with me. However, she didn't seem to appreciate roaming and requested $80 to go topless! Sorry, sister, not interested.

    The worst part was that after I finished finishing, if you know what I mean, she looks at my 'finishings' all over my belly and tells me I need a shower. Now, I figure probably only a half hour has elapsed so I call her on it. She tells me that she'll check, comes back and tells me I have 10 minutes left and I should shower. Sorry, sister.

    I run into Mamasan on the way to the shower and tell her the deal, a 35 minute massage isn't an hour. Mamasan talks to the girl, comes back and offers to have the girl massage me some more. No thanks, I say, as I'm thinking that I don't want to appear as a trouble maker and have some girl give me a resentful and half-hearted massage, not to mention I'm out of the massage-relaxation vibe and don't see a point in re-starting it. I'm thinking I'll give the girl the agreed upon tip and I'm walking out of this place and never coming back.

    Now, here is the beauty of the whole thing, Mamasan sees she is losing a customer, she insists on giving me a back and shoulder massage. I say, no thanks, really, appreciate it, but, no, thanks anyway. She insists, leads me to the room, her and the girl come back in. For the next 25 minutes the girl massages my feet and legs while mamasan provides an excellent massage on my chest, shoulders and neck.

    Look, Murray Hill may not have the greatest facilities or best looking girls, but Mamasan cares about customer service and didn't want to see me leave unhappy. She is to be commended and applauded for giving proper customer service that you don't often find at an AMP.

    Sorry for the long-winded post but Mamasan gained a customer today instead of losing one, and I appreciate that she wanted to see me leave satisfied.
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  17. demon69


    typical amp in a nail salon type setting, there are showers.
  18. robnotbob


    I have heard mixed thing...any shower facilities??? Fairly close to the workplace....:)
  19. skyhawks317


    its a mix. extra?! well, it depends what you want. theres no FS thats for sure. I once did get a BBBJ by this girl name Michelle. But that was like 2 to 3 yrs ago. she's no longer working there. I think I got that from her becuase I always see her at least once a week. and I was doing that for 3 months straight. I guess she just got hungry. heheh...

    Still it is a great place. Nora is nice.. great hands.. very strong on the back. and nice finish.

  20. biggod

    biggod The Rifleman

    Is this place Asian or is it mixed??? Do you get any extra's beside HJ?? What's the door fee?