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  1. manitoba


    Tell her that the Google number is a work contact and that should explain the number of calls to and from the number. May not explain the time of the call.

    Other solution is just opt out of detained and or paper billing if you can. That way no printed record of numbers.
  2. dickbangher



    1A. On your phone bill it shows the Google number not the provider number

    how does this help if I dont want wifey seeing that I have a Google phone number when the bill comes? Cant this be handled online only?
  3. jtalnyc



    Happy holiday L D, thanks very much for your Google voice. Jtalnyc
  4. CH34


    brain dick pic

    I gotta tell you guys, but that picture is enogh to give me fucking nightmares. I don't exactly know why, but is is really really gross. It isn't that I'm disappointed not to see the guy's dick either, but it just looks bizarre. I readuly admit to being controoled by my little head, but this reminds me of a gross video I saw on early Mtv. There was a song from a rockb anmd I've long since forgotton that should a guy cramming a bunch of maggots into his face. I was a young teenager at the time and couldn't get those visual out of head either. I'm sure I'm screwed up, but hey - that pic is pretty disgusting! Lol
  5. mikede


    Yeah, let's all download free porn from unknown sites.
    Smart thing to do,,, NOT!!
    UG seems to be getting a lot of spammers lately,,, why don't all of you spammers go to hell.
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  6. puffin


    Funny, disturbing or both?


    Certainly true.
  7. puffin


    Well, yes, after all, it is P4P. The embellished comments notwithstanding, these women don't do this work because they enjoy it. They do it because it pays the bills.
  8. billsm


    Much Appreciated

    Finally a smart and thoughtful post about this situation. I should have just laid low but all the bs got my blood boiling. We are supposed to be here to help each other find great and safe hobby spots to visit so you are right. It should have been handled differently by all.
  9. Lord Trident

    Lord Trident Known Shill, beware posts may have been compenstae

    Let's just say that this post is not an indictment on anyone but more of a let's do things better.

    As some of you may already know, Hiyako Spa, a well known establishment had several incidents lately. As I stated before, I am not 100% sure of all that transpired but using the word incident will suffice.
    Now to the heart of the matter, coughUtopiaguidecough, as seen it fit to censor the whole matter out of existence. The consensus is taht they are protecting advertisers but I also will assume that part of the reason, rightly so, is that if we are not aware of the facts we should not jump to any conclusions. Here is where a moderator earns his keep, not just putting out flame wars.
    A moderator should take into account the facts and clues as to what has transpired and make the proper decisions.
    a. some one posts that they saw a incident
    b. some one states that they tried calling and there was no answer
    c. Hiyako themselves, has not posted their usual and timely advertisements.

    Even some of our lesser minded members can see a pattern here, they had an incident.
    Now what does an incident mean to all,
    a. some members are friendly with management
    b. some members have friends or girlfriends on staff
    c. members don't want to be caught around for another incident

    So rather being immature or self serving the MODS should have made some kind of statement or editing to show that they are concerned with their members and the establishment being spoken of.

    A disclaimer cold have been attached to the first signs of an incident posting:

    ***Please be aware that at this moment we do not have all the facts of the nature of the incident but do to the responsibility of our board to protect all involved, it is imperative that you do your research and make your own informed opinion. We also hope that the mgmnt of Hiyako also comes on to quell any rumors of an incident so our members feel comfortable visiting the establishment in the future.
    We don't censor but we actually did
    The Staff of UG and the Fish Man***

    I think that disclaimer would have gone a long way for all parties involved.

    But at the end of the day, it's all about money:(
  10. Lord Trident

    Lord Trident Known Shill, beware posts may have been compenstae

    Galaxy Tab the Mongers Choice

    Good Day fellow Snow men and Snow Ladies, Yes it's been awhile but I don't want to post just for the sake of posting or tooting my horn. Just to recap recent events, we Trident Knights added to the ranks the Venerable Scott38. We met at a monger meeting of sorts that had a few ****R'S and a handful of UTOPIAN'S.We had a great time and we got to know Scott better and I invited him to join our ranks. Since then, Scott68, Pudgy and myself meet for some mongering and then on to dinner. It seems that some of the members tend to want to gather for shit and giggles so we will meet once and awhile for fun. Also, I certified Made In Russia 4 U 2 after extensive fingering, I mean visits because Mila is working hard to provide great service and nice gals. But on to today's mailbag question. Dear Canti You seem to have a grasp on technology and its uses with mongering, can you advise me on a tablet purchase.. sign I'm not a Hater Dear Mr. Non Hater Interesting question because I purchased a tablet recently for this express purchase. As much as an iPad is such a cool buy the monger tablet of choice is a Samsung Galaxy Tab. I purchased an unlocked one and it makes phone calls. Yes, you drop in a GSM sim (ATT or Tmobile or any pay per use sim) and you can call via headphones, bluetooth or speakerphone. An ipad can not do that with some hackery. If you can do that great but just out the box the Samsung Tab has video calls via the 3g phone line, no WiFi is necessary. The front facing camera is also much better than the ipad 2 which is VGA, look it up. Apple just pulls on strings and puppets buy their product, Also the tab at the moment is a 7 inch device, it fits in my jeans front pocket. You can troll websites and call to check on the availability of your favorite gal and slip the baby back in your pocket. Use the private browsing feature and no trace is left and pop out the sim and put it in your pocket. when you take the TAB home no one is the wiser. So there you have it, the Trident choice on tablets is the Galaxy Tab for futuristic mongering
  11. NobFoogue

    NobFoogue banned

    Единая Ро

    Идет огромная пропаганда этой партии + присоединение Путина. Каково ваше отношение к ним?

    Извиняюсь, если Вас задел первый пост. Я совсем не хотела ругани.

    В связи с предстоящими выборами назрел такой вопрос. Просто я в них разочаровалась. Как вы считаете, действительно ли эта партия так хороша, как ее представляют? Что реально они делают не поверхностно, а вглубь?
  12. cindyq11


    thank you for this, it was informative.
  13. Lord Trident

    Lord Trident Known Shill, beware posts may have been compenstae

    Mail Bag

    Hello Dear Readers and Turnips

    It's been awhile but I won't post just for the sake of posting.
    Today's letters are about recent events in the Trident monger world.

    Dear Canti,

    Is ****'s still considered a certified House of the Trident?
    Asian MILF Lover

    Well Asian MILF lover, ****'s has fallen on hard times and their recovery has not been quick enough. Except for one or two ladies all I have heard are complaints, so it's my duty to remove their certification.

    Dear Canti,
    What's up with ****4Adam?
    UN Delegate

    Well Mr. Delegate, *** the Premier House of the Trident, has just opened a Midtown location for the travel impaired mongers. Same class and distinction that made the original location great.

    What up my Nigga, I see you are hitting the Russkies now.
    Brotha from another Mutha

    Yo what up, I love me some Asian and Eastern European pussy. Like all my mongering, if I find something I stick to it. I found my Mila/Jessica from a buddy and I am hooked. She gives me good loving russkies style and I won't stop hitting it until I find something tastier. SOS was my shit for the longest but now I have a taste for MILF and they also have a GR33K queen in the house.

    P.S. You may have seen a post regarding a Grand Experiment, but remember where you saw it first. At the UN of Pussy, A Certified House of the Trident.

    Later Bitches,
    3 cheers for my latest convert, MsJ, got him hitting russkie slit now.
  14. Lord Trident

    Lord Trident Known Shill, beware posts may have been compenstae

    Sorry I have been away, no not really...

    No, I have not neglected my adoring fans.
    I'm just in the middle of one of those moments in a man's life when we have to take care of those things that matter most.

    And speaking of important things, I was reading the Trident fan mail and came across an interesting letter. It reads like this:

    Dear Canti
    I have read your every exploits as if I was reading a religious text. Your adventures are to be laughed at and revered. I share your tales with friends as far as Korea and as close as my client on Wall street. You are a hero to us all, if I may ask one question;
    What do you think of the venomous Peso Will?

    Your Loyal Fan on Wall Street

    Well, Mr. Wall Street, thank you for the accolades and I appreciate you spreading the word of the Trident.

    As for Peso Will, I hope you do know that he is a fictional character, loosely based on a very popular and hateful ADMAN.
    We most all acknowledge his reputation and experience. But, all this comes at a price. Power corrupts and absolute power, you get the drift. He has a Blog, which I do say I check out daily to see if he has written anything of interest. More times than not, his stories are not for me. He must have an audience but most of it just gets skipped by me. I guess I am a cheap whore because I only want the whore gossip. When he writes tidbits about his father, I skip, his music, I skip it gossiping about latina twits and retard korean chicks, I stayed tuned. Why? I guess I am a whore monger who lives for gossip mongering, who cares.
    But, there is something else, remember I mentioned power. Slight him in any way, and he goes on a tear to rip you an asshole. What a waste of digital space or personal energy.
    No one says he is wrong for getting angry, but whats the point. Who are your clients, they are working girls. Let's be honest, is there really integrity in a job where you are lying every moment of your life.
    They are lying to customers
    They are lying to friends
    They are lying to their family
    Most of all, they are lying to themselves.

    So, he tries to fuck them, for not having any social graces or keeping appointments or firing him for cheaper work or even stealing his material. Sure, he can get mad, but what is the point. So, he uses his platform and bad mouths and rips the very same people who eventually are going to comeback to him. And yes, he uses his power so some of his mindless drones can see it his way and not patronize said twit. Realize the the only stupid one here is, you guess it, you the reader. You are swayed by his comments to avoid someone and then he gets their business back and sells you that hey are good for you to fuck again.
    You know what, who cares.
    Enjoy what you enjoy for your own reasons.

    That's enough for today's Dear Canti, keep sending your letters and I will try and answer them all.

    P.S. Did you check out my man's blog.
    The U.N. of Pussy (catchy isn't it) has it's Blog and it looks mighty fine. I am doing my best to recruit good tail for my buddy so I can brag about it and you can go fuck it.

    I am and always will be
    Lord Trident
    The Trident Master
  15. Lord Trident

    Lord Trident Known Shill, beware posts may have been compenstae

    it might be a blackberry issue,
    the text and calls are routed thru data servers,
    blackberry maintains their own servers. if the issue continues
    use the website.
  16. Lord Trident

    Lord Trident Known Shill, beware posts may have been compenstae

    you don't need to use your text program to send or receive messgs. can download the app and bury in your phone.
    2. if you want another layer of security, visit\voice everything can be done from there.
  17. punisher075


    Only problem with GV is you can't dial from the GV address book, it have to be from your regular phone book (at least is the case for blackberry).

    So i have to keep the numbers somewhere outside of the phone, which becomes another problem when i bring the little phonebook home by mistake one day....
  18. banned

    get both

    I often would forget my hobby phone. GV is a biiig help when you get sudden urge to purge.
  19. fortydog


    The problem with using your regular phone with this is the possibility of your SO picking it up and looking around. Finding texts and such in the process. A separate device is the way to go and never bring it home. Maybe this voice thing would be go to use on my monger phone though.
  20. Lord Trident

    Lord Trident Known Shill, beware posts may have been compenstae

    Google Voice

    I wanted to extol the virtues of one of the best monger tools around, GOOGLE VOICE.

    Why is it such a great monger tool:
    1. Gives you a number for you to use and share with providers
    2. The number can be used to text to/from
    3. It will serve as voice mail recovery
    4. You can download an APP for the iphone, android and blackberrys.

    Let's look at monger specific examples:
    1. You wan to call a provider and you don't have a monger phone, when you get a Google telephone number and the App, when you call said provider you enable the Google number thru the App and the provider sees your Google number only.
    1A. On your phone bill it shows the Google number not the provider number
    1B. Providers call you back on the Google number and it forwards the calls to your regular number. Again no record of incoming hooker calls

    2.Texting can be done thru your Google Voice app, send a text to anyone and all they see is your fake number, and when they reply it gets forwarded to you without her knowing

    3. They call you back on your Google number and you can choose to receive notification via email, text or you stealthily check the Google Voice site when you have the chance.

    Been using it for a few days now because I have been dealing with some new ladies and I want to keep a low profile. It works great and I recommend this for all the boys, you have question feel free to post and I will help out as best as I can.