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*** My Asian GFE *** REVIEWS AND DISCUSSION 646-326-9512

Discussion in 'New York' started by henry d, Sep 7, 2012.

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  1. xdevilx89x


    do i need to prepare anything for screening? planning to come over morning of weekend if youre open that early
  2. looselarry


    That be Fifth Avenue !
  3. looselarry


    10-4 that !!
  4. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    So i see doggie isnt good enougj anymore and we have people using k9 to be more comfusing. I am about half an inch away from banning the use of ANY code words or acronyms WHATSOEVER. So keep it up, gentelemen, and you will be getting banned for using CBJ soon.
  5. PapaG55


    Want Heidi to treat you nice and get that 2nd pop, offer to get her some Advil. She'll make you feel 25 again and you'll keep cuming back for more...
  6. happyandy


    One night Susan tried to casually introduce us while Heidi was wearing just a towel on the way from the shower and the effort was not well-received but I have no other useful info.

    Ultimately what matters is how well the customer is treated and at the time I was not Heidi's.
  7. rk4rf


    you can say that again!
  8. pantysniffer



    Same thing happened to me kinda.

    At the very end when I was trying to unload a second round into her mouth she started complaining I asking too much and she told me to go ahead and complian if I wanted. I diffused it by settling for a hj ( being the nice guy I am)

    Feel bad for you if you got zero pops in.

    Still I like Heidi since she has the best pussy I've ever dined on. If you walked in and just saw her Pussy and not her face you'd swear she was 19
  9. rk4rf


    Strange session with Heidi the other day! everything was by the book, great TS, a tad longer than it needed to be, if anything. She insisted on a massage which was decent and relaxing. Did the usual bbbj, daty (she has this lips tattoo on her ass, very sexy), mish, k9. Things were moving along swell and we had moved back to bbbj. as I was getting ready to pop I asked her to change position to a 69 and something just snapped inside her. I think the hour was near and she said i was not being fair, asking for too much etc.etc.
    So I landed up calming her down, told her it wasn't her fault that it was taking me so long etc. etc.
    End result, no pop, I pay up and head out - disappointed. on the train i text mamasan, who responds back after talking to heidi saying she didn't complain about me at all but looked tired so she had let her go for the day.
    My first reaction was I am never going to Heidi ever again. this is the first time here that I have been "clocked"
    But after a few days, I have an urge to meet her again. Her reaction suddenly makes her a real person, not just a provider who is always smiling. I am now thinking of a gift I could buy her on my next visit.
    Am I going crazy or what?!
  10. Troutman

    Troutman Paste

    Too stupid to monger.
  11. pervydc


    If you're on the west side of Manhattan, say on 34th and you walk due east, you'll see that the street signs eventually say 34E instead of 34W.
  12. Monkeyfoot


    Nice review..I need to get over to this place one day!!
  13. Popanut


    Great review. I will be calling for an appointment tomorrow.
  14. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    Great review... and a real* review. Special kudos on adding the "however" stuff because you never know what is going to matter to someone else. Really, really hood stuff.

    * by real not talking about authenticity because I would have no way of knowing. When I say a real review I mean telling what happened both the good and the bad and not just "SHE IS PHENOMINAL.TREAT HER RIGHT."
  15. pervydc


    I've made a visit to Krissy on the East side this past weekend and here are my impressions of her.

    Met her at the East side and she opened the door. Place looks more like an apartment.
    My first impression of her looks: She's extremely cute, and actually looks quite young.
    I like the way she did her eye make up.

    She quickly helped me out of my clothes first and I had asked her if there was a shower there.
    There is a shower, but it's not a table shower. I wasn't disappointed, and maybe I should've asked, but I wished she had joined me.
    Met up with her in the room and she asked me if she was pretty and I said yes. She stripped all her clothes and my towel off. I immediately noticed her man mades. They do a nice job, visually. We started kissing. Her kisses were very soft and I can feel a little but if tongue here and there, so it seems like MFK instead of LFK or even DFK.

    I had her lay on the bed and kissed and fingered her for a bit. She became moist. I went to down with licking her. I don't normally go for DATY, but I decided I'll give it a shot. She seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. I played with her nipples while eating her out. When I stopped, she told me she liked it.

    It was her turn and she did a really thorough job with a BBBJ. She also did some rimming. Limited, but I think it's because I was awkwardly positioned. After a few, she turned her self around and we did a 69 session and I enjoyed it immensely. I wanted to be inside her. She took out protection and put it on for me. I don't know what it is about her, but it turned me on immensely to watch her do this. We did it mish and she told me to go slowly, and I did. The little noises she made just made me even more excited. She felt quite good and tight too. I wanted to have my ways with her in different positions, but alas, looking at her cute face, the small gasps she made, just made me lose it really fast. I was still able to stay up and continue, but no second pop for me. My time wasn't even up yet, so I continued talking to her a bit more and we had mutual massages. She got me hard again and gave me another BBBJ.

    Things I've noticed that I liked about her:
    She's very cute and attractive. Probably one of the youngest I've seen... however....
    She's quite tiny. Possibly the smallest girl I've been with.
    I actually usually prefer larger women, but for some reason, Krissy's fun sized stature just made me want her a lot more.
    She's super friendly, likes to cuddle and you can tell she's wasn't clock watching or anything.

    The however stuff - I honestly didn't mind any of this stuff, but others may be interested:
    Already mentioned, there are man made bolted ons.
    I suspect she may have some work done on her face as well, but to me, she looked quite good. She looked a lot like the gorgeous female Korean idols.
    Her English skills are non-existent, but she tries. And maybe it's because I wanted to help her/teach her stuff, I really enjoyed talking to her.
  16. myasiangfe

    myasiangfe UG Advertiser


    Hello rookie~^^*

    Krissy new girl visitor here only for 1 and half month , she sees limited client only (just like aryn and bree..) so it's better call early for making app with her ^^*

    To be a first timer we do need a screening check, so please call us , we will give you some questions..

    our east side locations is in 30's more infor will be on the phone after you do screening check. ^^*

    thank you so much for your interested on our agency.. hope to hear from you soon.

    Tomorrow will be very hot.. everybody survive.... hehe :)

    bye now~*
  17. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

  18. rookie99


    hello all
    i keep reading good reviews. wondering do i need to call them and have them screen me or can i just give my UG handle and get in? anyone had Krissy? was thinking of her but she is on east side. where would east side be?
  19. Dasbutt


    i preferred her natural c cups. but the d cups work.

    she is still the super hot, willing to do anything *but Anal# authenic Korean girl that will do PSE with a smile, twice and a massage in between.

    the table shower is worth the parking in NYC. But I still prefer the more chilled NJJ hotels with her. Can't top her legs or attitude. Got bless Korea, and the tri-state area.

    240 is a steal. 220 + tip more so.

    Thx Karen....^^K

    btw...not to be indiscreet ...When are the pics of the new girl due up...and for us more :mature: client's does she rim with gusto ...LOL.
  20. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    Go buy some Lotto tickets.