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    He broke the rule for just being an out and out jerk.
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    is using "Yo" not allowed???? if not I think SB should add that to the list
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    How to get yourself banned on your first post. Lets see who can tell me how many rules were broken?
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    Yo please help me. Lol I'm in Vegas and I think Magfe is only for New York. Is this true? Anybody know good sources for Vegas?
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    That's what happens when a place is good. They get very busy.
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    Tried calling them a few times today and no answer. Does this happen often with them?
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    slow and easy: Well, I don't know about Heidi"s "beasts", but I will tell you about Heidi's "breasts". Not sure what size they are (maybe B cup) - they are fake, but they are so soft, they fell real - and her nipples get like hard little nubs when she is excited.
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    Thank you for valuable review
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    slow and easy

    Nice review Sculptor69--Quick question about Heidi's beasts, are they real or store bought?
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    Heidi – Third Time’s the Charm

    Finished up an intense morning meeting last Friday and felt the need for some tension relief. Thinking back to a saying I’d heard in my younger years about sex relieving tension, I decided to give MAGFE a call to see if Heidi was available. I was in luck, and 20 minutes later I was making that final phone call to gain entry into Heidi’s place for an hour of fun.

    Needed the phone call this time to get buzzed into the building – no doorman present today – and made my way upstairs to the “spa”. Heidi met me at the door with a surprised look – guess she didn’t know who it was she was going to see – and a big hug. Maybe part of the surprise was that it was the second time I was seeing Heidi in the span of less than two weeks. This would make it my third visit with her. She was dressed in this little yellowish-colored dress that had a number of strategically located cutouts.

    She grabbed my hand, insisted on grabbing my backpack, and led me off to her room telling me how happy she was to see me. Once in the room, she busied herself with setting up the platform bed and then began to help me out of my clothes while running her hands over the exposed parts of my body. I took some of that liberty myself with her tight little body. Then it was time to head off to the TS room.

    Heidi led me to the TS room and, while flinging the hot water onto the table to warm it up, told me the TS was going to be short so that we could get back to the room for some fun – no argument from me on that. The TS was quite sensual and Heidi paid considerable attention to all the right parts while soaping me up and giving me a brief but nice massage. Lots of giggling on the flip and some serious hand washing of Junior and then it was time to head back to her room.

    Back in the room, off came the robe and I sat down on the edge of the bed while Heidi left the room for a few minutes. When she returned to the room, she sidled over to me, placed herself between my legs, wrapped her arms around my neck, and started hugging and kissing me like a long-lost lover. My hands were roaming all over her body and we were soon removing her tiny little dress.

    All she wore under the dress was this hot little pink thong and, when I asked to see more of it (and her), she pirouetted around and gave me a few dance moves to show me how it looked before backing up into me and grinding her cute little butt against Junior. We shifted a little on the bed so that I could see us in one of the mirrors in her room and I raised my hands to caress her breasts while I planted kisses on her neck and shoulders. All the while, Heidi had Junior in her hands and was rubbing him against her thong-covered kitty while grinding her ass into me.

    I turned her around and, after I removed her thong, I slipped my fingers between her thighs to do a little massage work on her kitty. I located some lube on her bed stand and we shared some of it for my use on her kitty and her use on Junior. It wasn’t long before she was squirming all over my fingers and telling me she was cumming.

    That little action over, she grabbed a tissue, wiped off Junior, knelt in front of me and slipped Junior into her hot little mouth. For the next five minutes or so, and while I watched her in two of the mirrors in the room, she paid a delightful oral homage to Junior and his two friends. I’m sure that I could have let Junior explode in her mouth, like eventually happened on my last visit, but I wanted to taste her once again. So, I pulled her up and positioned her on the edge of the bed while I knelt down and spread her thighs to gaze upon her sweet little shaved kitty.

    At the first lick of my tongue she shuddered and moaned and reached down to grab my hair to push my head further down into her kitty. DATY on a sweet kitty is one of the things I really enjoy and performing it on Heidi was an absolute pleasure. Five minutes into the DATY, Heidi was bouncing her hips on the bed and thrusting her pelvis into my face. My hands were rubbing her erect nipples, she was clasping my head with her hands and her thighs, and then she bucked her hips one last time into my face as she popped again.

    I found a tissue to wipe off my mustache and she smiled at me and told me it was time to slip Junior into her now slick kitty. So, on with the cover and into mish we went. We kept working in that position for a quite a few minutes and then moved on to some doggie. Man, what a view pumping her from behind and watching in the mirror.

    Pretty soon, we switched positions so that Heidi could practice pumping up and down on Junior in a CG position. Man, she is not only tight, but she has some terrific control of her kitty muscles and was gripping Junior on every down stroke. That was almost enough to finish off Junior, but I managed to hold out.

    I stretched out on the bed and had Heidi lie down beside me while I slipped Junior into her again from behind. Junior was sliding in and out of her kitty while she pumped her ass into me and it wasn’t long before Junior finally popped in the bag – an unusual occurrence for me. We stayed connected that way for quite some time, talking, while I caressed her body and her breasts.

    And then, it was time to clean up and get dressed. Heidi helped me into my clothes and kept hugging me just about every time a new piece of clothing was donned. I gave her the session fee and then she escorted me to the door for a last hug and kiss before I headed out on to the streets of NYC. I’m already planning a return visit.
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  11. ptalover


    Well the secret of Heidi is out.
    she is a spectacular lady. I have been seeing her for about a year now.
    Her Table shower is good and many times if I come in freshly showered we never leave her room.
    If you want an extremely good real massage she is your girl.
    She was licensed and has tiny powerful hands.
    She is the ultimate spinner. Her BBBJ is excellent and much attention to the boys.
    She usually goes into CG but I call it frog as she is totally levitated above me with just her love box sliding up and down my cock without any other part of her body touching me. when she clamps down on me it is very hard to hold out , especially when she just rides the tip of my cock. If I can hold out she is fabulous in mish.
    Heidi is very muscular without any ribs showing and is surprisingly strong. She can give as good as she takes.
    I think she is the best value in Manhattan PERIOD !! If she was closer I would see her a few times a week. ENJOY BOYS
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    Shed a tear gentlemen, Aryn seems to have moved on from MAGFE. She hasn't worked in quite a while and now her pics are off the site. Of course Angel coming back takes a bit of the edge off the pain, so I guess you take the good with the bad.
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    You NEVER have to appologise for a good in depth review.
  14. sculptor69


    My apologies for the length of this review - probably the longest one I ever written. Got carried away with the memory of this visit with Heidi and just wanted to share.

    Heidi – Wow !

    Had an opportunity to get into the City again last week for a late afternoon meeting, so I decided to start the afternoon off right with a little play session at MyAsianGFE. Last time I was there, I had a great visit with Susan and was hoping to see her again; but, alas, she was not on the schedule for that Tuesday. The MAGFE website was still down, so I couldn’t see photos of any of the ladies on the schedule; however, I did remember that Heidi had peeked my curiosity several months ago when I had planned my first visit and she was on the schedule for that day. So, I gave Kimmy a call and scheduled my afternoon visit with Heidi – WOW, what a great decision!

    Had a little difficulty getting into the facility – forgot that I needed to call when I got to the building so that someone would open the door. That was soon corrected and the acting mamasan let me into the place and led me to a room with a couch and TV to wait for Heidi. While I waited it seemed to be a good time to relax and cool off a little as the walk over from Penn Station was a bit warm and the sweat was running down my neck.

    After several minutes went by, this cute little number (5 foot tall and maybe 95 pounds soaking wet) appeared in the doorway to the room and introduced herself as Heidi. She was dressed in this almost nothing yellow mini-dress with strategic cutouts that left very little to the imagination. As I started to get up to greet her, she literally sprinted over to me, grabbed me around the neck, stood up on tippy-toes, and planted a big kiss with lots of tongue on me. I apologized for being so wet from sweat and she just laughed it off, pushed me down on the couch and sat down next to me. We made polite introductions for a few minutes and then Heidi asked me if I was ready to go to the massage room – needless to say my answer was an enthusiastic yes.

    In the room, we continued our chat while I got undressed and Heidi fixed up the bed (spread out fresh towels). It was extremely difficult to not watch her lithe little body bending over the bed and Heidi took advantage of that by periodically moving back into me and grinding her exposed ass against me – she was beginning to get Junior’s full attention. By the time I was down to my birthday suit, Junior was at full attention and Heidi was oohing and ahhing and making moves to grind against me even more. At that point, I gave Heidi a little gift and she gave me a big hug and kiss – along with some wicked stroking of Junior – to show her appreciation. She asked me if I wanted a shower and, when I said yes, on went the robe and Heidi grabbed Junior through the robe to lead me to the shower room.

    We got to the shower room and Heidi said that she she’d make the shower quick so that we could get back to the room for the rest of the session – who was I to argue with that. The robe came off and Heidi started to rinse down the table, all the while continually backing into Junior who was by now at full attention. When it came time to lie face down on the table for the wash down, it became quite clear that I would not be able to lie completely flat, as Junior would just not bend that far. Lots of chuckling from both of us on that one.

    The TS was very thorough and on the flip lots and lots of stroking and teasing form Heidi while my hands roamed her legs and ass. This TS with Heidi, who remained fully clothed, was different than that with Susan who had disrobed and gave me a full body slide wash job. Might want to see if Heidi and I can do the full body slide on the next visit. TS over – quick dry off – and back to the room.

    Back in the room, I asked Heidi to turn up the lights a bit so that I my old eyes could see what was happening – don’t know why they keep the rooms so dark. Heidi turned up the lights, came over to where I was sitting on the edge of the bed, slipped in between my outstretched thighs, wrapped her arms around my neck and proceeded to try and suck my tonsils out with a series of DFKs while grinding her body on Junior. My hands were all over her and fairly soon, Heidi turned around and slipped the top of her dress down so that I could massage her breasts while she rubbed her ass crack against Junior.

    Heidi has small breasts that, although I believe they are fake (I say fake because later when she was on her back they did not flatten out), felt absolutely natural. Just the right size for my hands with nice erect and sensitive nipples. I reluctantly turned Heidi around (Junior was having a great time getting pounded by her ass crack and kitty) to kiss her breasts and use my hands to caress her kitty. Pretty soon, Heidi stepped back and pushed her dress off, and removed her thong – man, what a delicious sight! She started to kneel down to orally please Junior, but I stopped her and pulled her towards me for some more face to face play time.

    Heidi grabbed Junior and began stroking him while I bent down and sucked on her erect nipples and moved my hand to her rub her kitty. She seemed to enjoy this attention and soon she raised her one leg up on to the bed so that I had easier access to her kitty. When I grabbed some lube and went to work on her kitty, Heidi started thrusting her hips against my hand and moved Junior closer to gates of nirvana to allow him to join in rubbing her kitty. Pretty soon, I had my fingers inside her and she was frantically humping my hand for all she was worth until she popped and collapsed against me.

    I picked her up, put her down on the bed and asked her if she’d like me to give her some oral pleasure. Heidi’s eyes lit up and she said she would really like that. So, I got down n my knees spread her thighs and went to work on her now slick sweet tasting kitty. Heidi started squirming around on the bed right away and, when I found the right pattern to use, we were off to the races. It did not take long for Heidi to press her kitty further into my face, wrap her thighs around my head, and whimper her way into another orgasm.

    I wiped off my mustache and, as I positioned myself on top of her for some DFKing, Heidi told me she wanted Junior inside of her. So, on with the cover and into mish, the position she said she likes the best. We were positioned in a way that I was able to watch myself in the mirror thrusting into her and that, along with the feeling of her very tight kitty - was so exciting that I was almost able to pop with the cover on – something unusual for me – as Heidi was going through her third orgasm. Alas, it was not going to happen and after Heidi finished her spasms, we switched positions and moved on to a little CG action.

    Once again, I was able to watch Junior slide in and out of her kitty and this time was able to caress her breasts while watching her smile down at me. This was fun, but the urge to pop was not there, so Heidi pulled off the cover and moved down to slip Junior into her mouth for some bbbj action. It did not take long for my response and as Junior erupted into her mouth she looked up at me and gave me this wicked grin.

    I was exhausted and, after a cleanup with a few tissues for both of us, Heidi laid down beside me and cuddled for a few minutes. Pretty soon, it was time for the rest of the cleanup and for me to get dressed. We talked some more while I got dressed and shared some more hugs. I gave Heidi the donation and she escorted me to the door so I could get to my meeting.

    My session with Heidi was a memorable experience that I will not forget and I’m already looking forward to my next visit with her.
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    just checked and the site is back up!
  16. daschol


    Today was my first time going to magfe - it's well worth the premium to Red Spa and Silk Tigers. I asked the mamasan on the phone for someone who was young and had a pretty face and got matched with Krissy - which was exactly what I had asked for.

    Krissy has a very beautiful face, her body is enhanced, and she is on the petite side (as has been mentioned before on the thread). She seems newer / less experienced, but she is very enthusiastic, and she is definitely learning quickly - she paid a lot of attention to the twins and I just felt very well taken care of the entire time I was there. I take a long time to pop and in the past providers have rolled their eyes or expressed frustration at this, but she stuck with me the whole time, which was really great.

    The session started with a shower in the east side location - she was very playful and flirty, and then we got into the good stuff back in the room (wow she looks great in a towel). Needless to say, I was very, very satisfied with the service, and I will be a repeat customer for sure. To top it all off, her massage technique is actually quite good, and I finished the session very relaxed and happy. Again, as has been mentioned numerous times on this thread, I never felt rushed the entire time I was there. This is a top notch agency, and I can't wait for my next visit.
  17. myasiangfe

    myasiangfe UG Advertiser

    yes working hard to back up ... as you know webprovider always trouble. give me few more hours hopuly by today. (sunday.)
    our schedule is keep updating on here in UG our schedule tap it will help you out :)
    see you soon~ ^^*
  18. sculptor69


    Karen / Kimmie: Website still not working as of 3 am today. Where can we see photos of staff? - would like to visit on Tuesday.
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    My personal opinion is that the guys like the attention when you reply.
  20. myasiangfe

    myasiangfe UG Advertiser

    Hi Sweet Rt4rf very very glad you had a good time with avril. i do really think you two are matches since both fun and very bright people .. yes it's her straight real pic , we offer her non touched real pic (yes she broght airbrushed pic and we said non touched only..) that's her ^^* since her visiting with us is only for 2 weeks and she already got pic we didn't offer her to take new pic. (this comming wednsday is her last day :) ) lovely girl with very positive attitude. like her very much :)

    nycjohn25 how are you . she's from korea but i think i heard that she studies other country ( since i didn't ask her if i can, for her privacy matter i'll just gonna pass where..) . so basickly she's not from here in usa :)

    bigguy3 How are you sweet~* i talked to you already on the phone :) our processing mistake. hope to hear from you soon and more~ :) takecare sweet~^^*

    boobieman thank you for give us a try.. wish we do our best and make you our regular client..

    microtrash ... l_l paid already .. when i can get over with all this webprovider problem l_l i'll confirm them one more time l_l but atleast because of that i can hear you here :) thank you verymuch for your nice care to us. thank you sweet.

    As you know till not too long ago i reply every reviews here i try to communicate with you but Since kathy and kimmy told me to don't write here too much if i'm always say something to every review maybe you'll be little shy to write details.... so you guys can write more 'free talk' here i try not to talk too much.. but can't help myself tonight since no one next to me at this late night... so i write everybody littlebit.. hopully kathy or kimmy not kick my butt after they see it.... kekekekekekeke

    Love you everybody~~~~!!! hahahah feels like already falll~~~ .. Eat weelll Sleep weell always be happy~!!!!!!!!

    -Crazy Karen