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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by Richardrzhpippin, Jul 6, 2001.

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  1. Richardrzhpippin


    The show goes on: Nela at the Ritz

    Its too long a story to tell here but there were cosmic forces at work last week - I had called for weeks at the Pines - but Nela was always "not in today." My last attempt was the final straw - I hitched up to the Ritz for a late night "shot in the dark." Well, you can guess the rest. Tonya aka Nela walks in the room and we just started laughing - she had no idea I had been searching the hobbyist heavens to relocate her special talent. Boys.....check it out - Nicer facilities than the Pines and Nela (who really does know how to give a professional message if you coax her....) She is there on Saturday and on Tuesday's day shift.....
  2. DannyNJ


    I agree with Richard that Nela is way up there in the looks department. Pretty face, great body, and super nice personality. I had a FS session with her a few months back and although it was not a GFE at all, I still enjoyed it. It was one of those rare cases where even though the girls enthusiasm is lacking, you still enjoy it because you've got such an incredible woman lying underneath you!
  3. Othello


    I experienced something similar to this HR on a recent trip to Atlanta. I have tried "unsuccessfully" to duplicate the procedure. All I can say is WOW! When done right, it's a mind blower (among other things).
  4. RoosterC74


    More Info Please-Richard


    Can you tell me more info. about this special talent of Nela? It sounds very interesting to me. You can send it to me directly at if you would like to.
  5. Richardrzhpippin


    Finally, a resource for NJ hobbyists and dabblers.

    Here's my two cent contribution. These are ladies
    I would guess would not typically be reviewed but are definitely worth a visit and then some.

    Body Care Center: Somerset

    Vicki: Latina - a bit more mature then other girls
    but hot, fun and eager to please.

    Nirvana: Edison

    Lucia: Lovely Latina women; mature but with a
    dynamite body and passionately interested in
    satisfying her clients. Relatively new to the biz

    Pines Center: Easton Avenue

    Casey: New girl just starting for George's
    establishment but if you don't mind the
    inexperience - she is absolutely gorgeous -
    a young natural body that could become
    addicting.....guys if you like fresh - get going

    Nela: Russian girl who only works on Friday's
    This lady gives a truly fabulous, professional
    caliber massage but has perfected
    something else I've experienced no where
    else. She finishes you with a HR that you
    could almost swear felt like you were inside
    her pussy (which I've never been)
    She is not GFE but her performance and
    specific talents are unique...(She is
    cute, blond short hair, buxom inhancements
    and a tush thats worth more than superficial

    Will contribute more another time but for right now - I've got an appointment....LOL