My Favorite Incall Shut Down!

Discussion in 'New York' started by naquin, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. naquin



    Gotcha, man. BTW, I went to the new location yesterday and posted a review in the NY section.

    Enjoy, enjoy...
  2. BlueNewMoon


    Don't take it so personally. This isn't just guys taking gratuitous shots. It's their way of nudging you (and anyone else reading along) into posting in a way that's more useful to the larger community.

    For you, the big news here is that this place convenient for you has shut down. So you depict this story as a closure, and you don't mention until almost the end of your post that the place hasn't actually gone out of business, it's just found a new location. Take a step back, put yourself in the shoes of other NYC mongers, and the actual news is that this place has moved to the East 50s. That's of wider interest than the fact that naquin now has one less incall option on his route home (though I sympathize).

    The other thing is, your post advances the ball on a place that's already on UG radar and even reviewed here by you. So why not tack your scoop onto the earlier thread and bring it to the top of the board? That would've made clearer just which place you were talking about.

    Anyway, thanks for the news. And happy mongering to you, too.
  3. naquin




    I didn't realize the place was reviewed many times on the site. It was on 33rd st. & Broadway above an Irish pub. As I said earlier, it was a convenient little stop, and I can't help but lament the closing of its doors.

    That said, I don't really understand all the hostility from a bunch of losers who freak out over a review of a place that's closed. This site is also a forum where you can get news about the scene, not just reviews and locations. Take a deep breath, homos, and relax.

    Besides, I reviewed the place a few times on this site, so check the archives. I'll probably end up posting a review on the location in the 50's soon, anyway. In the meantime, you can check it out yourselves by looking up their ads in the Voice -- they're on E 50th and their ads boast girls of all races.

    As for the `tude, I'm sure y'all know where to stick it.

    Happy mongering!
  4. jjred675


    he's talking about the same place i've reviewed repeatedly. it was right by the empire state building. search my posts for more info. this place advertises regularly in the local papers. they're on the east side now in the 50's. haven't been to new location yet.
  5. FrankM61962


    If you're into latina places look in the spa section at the east elmhurst thread, young latinas at very reasonable prices...
  6. aceofclubs26


    Sorry that the place broke your heart by moving but I'm sure the east side location will do for the hundreds of mongers that don't mind the extra trip! So how about some info?

    You could have at least reviewed the place that was still open and CHEAP....
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  7. wyot1


    it'd be even better if he reviewed some latina places seeing he's a latina freak. There are just hardly any around.
  8. DaiDaiLun


    would be even better if we knew what the name and location of this closed place is. this way i can go check it out next time i'm out there.
  9. Jordan

    Jordan banned

    Thanks for letting us know of a CLOSED place. (very useful) Next time report when you find something.
  10. naquin


    Awwww, man,

    That's what I thought this past Friday afternoon when I tried the door that led to my favorite incall -- the damned thing was locked. Fini.

    I'd always loved this incall. It was a little pricey ($140 for the half hour + 20 for BJ), but there was always a great selection of girls, mostly black and latina. It was a little skanky in there, but the sleaze was part of the attraction. Like any place else, once you become a regular, you get a little more slack. The girls will do some crazy shit with ya; they remember what you like. You know who to avoid etc.

    It was above a pub where the clientelle was decidely midtown and forgettable. They seemed none the wiser, though I suspect they knew more than they let on.

    There was also a korean rub and tug joint up there too. If I didn't feel like spending a lot of cash, I'd go there and get a firm massage, and then a quick pop.

    The best part was the location: 2 subway stops on the way home, right by the subway station. It was easy to sit in that train, get that horndog feeling, and jump right out on impulse.

    Variety is everything, too. If you felt like a black ho, you went black. If you're a latina freak like me, you went for some spice. In the mood for a korean workhorse? You were in luck...

    I tried their number and they've apparently moved to the east side. Frankly, it just ain't a convenient stop anymore, especially on the way home. I'm sure I'll wander there eventually, but I'm gonna miss the old location.

    I ended up firing off a round at the nearby jack shack. It was less satisfying, but it did the trick...and it was CHEAP.

    I used the money I saved to buy some music gear the next day. Sometimes you forget how much money you're spendin'...