My Impossible Dream: What would it take to open a simple old-fashioned Strip-Club?

Discussion in 'Stripclubs, Strippers and Porn Stars' started by LARRYDARRELL, Jan 3, 2006.

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  1. ok418e1


    Charge $$ To View/Interact With Bank of Internet CamGirls?

    Not exactly a "simple, old-fashioned Strip Club", but...

    What if you set up a Video Studio for Cam Girls to do 1-on-1 Internet Sex Chats on the premises, with a seating area for a live audience, and a lounge-type area with food + drinks (where Cam Girls could socialize in person with the audience, while on their breaks from internet work)?

  2. jorrell


    i wanna know how this turned out!!
  3. book_guy


    Damn. And I thought *I* owned the internet ...


    Seriously, sorry. Didn't mean to hijack.

    Your idea about running your own strip club is something I've thought about, too. I was more worried about the potential underworld arrangements than about the flakiness of the employees. I have supervised enough idiots to know that whenever you're dealing with less educated or self-directed humans, you're dealing with haywire behavior. Just try to get a small southern community college co-ed to come to work on time! So, I was thinking more in terms of the criminal element, less in terms of the headaches.

    For example, I've seen a "Law and Order" episode in which two guys, who always wanted to run a bar, ended up having to pay kickback to mafia types just because they were successful. Eventually the mafia types get out of prosecution but the normal guys have to go to jail. Sucks to swim with the sharks, I guess.

    I wonder just how much shake-downs and other types of extortion happen at different clubs. I mean, if there's heavy prostitution, then there has to be significant law-enforcement and other enforcement 'agreement money' paid, I'm sure. But what if the club is, mostly, as suggested, just an alcohol joint? With naked women "on the side"? I wonder. I'd like to know, actually, because it would be interesting to me to know how much of my lapdance money is going to Guido the bartender, how much to Guido the DJ, and how much to Guido the extortionist mafioso. Oh, and how many blowjobs a given stripper DOES have to give to staff members and owners before they let her work there.

    Gee, come to think of it, being a staff member or an owner doesn't sound so bad after all ...
  4. justbill_redux

    justbill_redux King Missile

    Makes plenty of sense to me.


    book_guy: your post is a high-jacking of this thread!


    I forgive for now, but your post is a high-jacking of this thread!

    Mindless or selfish newbies don't bother me much but high-jacking is very disturbing because it is the most assured ruin of a good thread.

    You should have or should now start a thread regarding your points and wonderings and then reply back in this thread directing anyone who wants to comment on those thoughts in that thread. NOT HERE in this thread!

    Your post was plenty good but realize you are asking for replies in this thread regarding being a cameraman or a porno guy. This thread has a specific topic of discussion that is not about being a cameraman or a porno guy. I hope you have not killed the good discussion.

    Now watch people start replying to what I have said about high-jacking threads and then the this thread will turn into a debate about high-jacking threads.

    This thread is:

    My Impossible Dream: What would it take to open a simple old-fashioned Strip-Club?

    Lets try to keep it what it is.
  6. book_guy


    So, I gotta learn to be a video cameraman first, right?

    Geez, is it really true that the chicks just give it up like that? I can't imagine the whole world view behind, "OmiGOOOOOOD he VIDEOTAPES PORN! I just HAVE TO have sex with him!!" Does that make sense to you?
  7. tits$ass


    It's better if you're the videographer who gets it off camera from all the chicks before they go on camera. I have a friend that is a "girls gone wild" cameraman who gets any chick he wants just by mentioning what he does. They all want to be on film. So take a job as a cameraman for Wild for a year or two and have the time of your life.
  8. book_guy


    Interesting discussion. The thing that comes to mind for me, is that I've always wanted to run a "girls gone wild" or "sorority sisters give head" type of porn shoot. I would love to think that I could be one of those guys on the trailer videos that you see, getting banged by first one hottie and then another and getting paid to do it.

    I realize that many of the men in the internet videos are "stunt cocks" or, to put it simply, paid performers, and most of those are chosen because of certain ... umm ... endowment. But every here and there, you see one or another balding fat old dude with a tiny weenie and there he is right in the middle of the mix, two girlies from Czechoslovakia sucking him off poolside, or three teenie-boppers from Florida Western Kentucky Northern State writing his website name in lipstick on their perky little boobies while he spooges on them. And that balding fat old dude has just GOT to be one of the backers, the owner, or the chief webmaster, you can't fool me.

    So I'm thinking, if I get into "professional photography" of the boudoir type, and then branch out to moving images, within a year I could own a van-camper and plan on hitting spring break. I can see the sign on the side of the bus now: "Prove you're the horniest girl in your group! Challenge your roommate to a speed-strip and a speedier suck-off contest! What's that? No boyfriend? No problem! We can provide one, two, or six sanitary dicks for your performing opportunities." And: "Ever wanted to break into porn? Licensed video distributor seeking new talent ..."

    Heeheee. It seems too good to be true. The "Bang Bus" and "Extreme Party" internet video outfits seem to me to be the role models. Even if I never did put stuff on the net, or even if no girl ever did actually do the deed with me, hell, there'd be young women at least stripping for me, right?

  9. Bandaid


    All true, I bet. A lot of ties in with what I said about keeping trouble away from the place.

    I'm sure that what kills many bars, not just strip clubs, is bad management.You have to watch your business constantly. I'm sure that many people go into strip clubs thinking it's endless party and limitless pussy, when it's probably at least as much of a chore as any other business.
  10. testcyp76


    I worked as a bouncer at the Showtime Cafe in North Bellmore for 5 years. The best advise is what Blane said in that you have to look at the bar/liquor end of it first and foremost. If you don't have alot of experience running a bar or nightclub, a good bartender will rob you blind and a bad bartender will slow business to a crawl. Hiring girls who aren't junkies or drunks is the next hardest thing to do. If they get high, they'll tend to do stupid things which will can put the business in danger. If you open near a residential area, the neighbors are never going to welcome you with open arms and if you open in an industrial area you run the risk of dying on weekends when the industries are closed. All this and not to mention that unless you have alot of money in your mattress, you would need a financial backer. The people that tend to back these places aren't exactly members of the Upright Citizens Brigade if you know what I mean.
  11. chase4u


    Touch, Goldfingers xtreme, Dumbartons, Nickles are all clubs that closed in the last year or so in queens and Touch was very new, its hard to open in nyc because of many things, some of the clubs i mentioned were to lax and got busted by LE, some brought in the street thug crowded that drove away the good customers. If you want to open a club, you have to have balance it cant get out of hand or its over, look at the Rivera club in queens, its almost over because of the bad crowd it brings and Infintys is barely hanging on with the crap it went through last year.Yes its possible to open a club , just dont be stupid and overlook the details.
  12. brykster


    i really don't know much about owning a club; but what i do know is that clubs don't open and close that quickly, meaning one of two things: either it takes so much effort that those who aren't totally dedicated get weeded out in the process or it means these places are sooo luctritive that just about any one that opens is completely successful. when was the last time a strip club went out of business? most that close are forced to for one reason or another. odds are the truth lies somewhere in the middle. but obviously, new clubs do open now and again and there is no reason you can't do what hundreds have done before you. i suggest talking to the owner of a recently opened club; and trying to get inside info. i know trying to open an adult entertainment business is more difficult in new york. look at westchester. jeannie pirro has put a total ban on any new adult entertainment establishments opening within the county...obviously westchester is out. the truth is we are all armchair quarterbacking. find someone who knows and ask them. if i wanted to open a pizza place, i wouldn't necessarily go to the fattest guy i know for my info.
  13. bootynomad


    Thankfully, i'm not at that level, but I used to be mad at myself if i dropped $100. Now, if i only drop 2bills i'm happy. Its a viscious cycle.
  14. MetroJay1


    This osunds very familiar. No matter how hard you try to stay away, we always wind up at out favorite titty places.
  15. blane17


    yes...spending that per night. Every night I spend that, I vow not to do it again for a long time. Unfortunately, I have come to define "a long time" as skipping a night.
  16. bootynomad


    Blane, is that per night?? Now i dont feel as bad cuz lately i've also been over spending at the tittie bars.
  17. blane17


    Having said that, I have always wanted to own one. Probably cheaper than the $200-$500 i've been spending at least 3 nights a week.
  18. lepke


    Not worth it anymore....Some of the clubs here on LI that opened and spent a fortune now face law changes that will make them close..Imagine spending that kind of cash and then a law makes you close the doors...
  19. blane17


    This has gotta be tough. So much so, that I would think the return on equity
    would probably not be worth it. First, I would look at it as a bar, as liquor
    will be your primary stream of cashflow. Liquor licenses are difficult to
    procure, as well as expensive. Secondly, bars are always difficult to control
    inventory. Very tough to control amount of liquor outflow unless you are there every second watching like a hawk. Still tough though as bartenders tend to overpour/buyback drinks for bigger tips every time you are not looking.

    Secondary stream of revenue is from Lapdances. As someone stated before, being an employer of dancers has got to be filled with numerous headaches.

    Third-- the numerous issues with zoning, ABC, local redtape, as well as constant visits from LE.
  20. ExLS

    ExLS banned

    You want to try where there is no other clubs around. In the metro area,it is not a good idea. Maybe just a bikini bar. There was a titties bar in Rdige called the quarter post and just had go go dancers