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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ryan, Feb 11, 2003.

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  1. ryan


    I don't know but I'd bet there are absolutely NO "extras" on this flight. Maybe maybe maybe if you were well-known and could totally be trusted..... but otherwise don't see how they would risk things. But I bet if two passengers went to a private area (assuming there is one) they might be left alone to have some mile-high fun.

    Also the lowest fares are probably where the flight is booked with 5-10 passengers. The clips make it look great when it's only one passenger.... but to book the entire plane probably costs at least $10K for the 1 hour flight between LA and LV
  2. shorty


    Cool.... :D I always wanted to join the mile high club. Now here's my chance.
  3. Wwanderer

    Wwanderer Kids, don't try this at home

    Re: Taking this not seriously for a moment

    Re nothing in particular, do state laws apply in the airspace over the state or is that considered a federal jurisdiction only? I recall that a Kansas DA tried to make some headlines for himself (and succeeded) a number of years back by putting Kansas state troopers on cross country flights and then having them enforce Kansas anti-alcohol laws (a dry state) when drinks were served onboard the planes over Kansas...or something along those lines. I can't recall what ever happened with the resulting court cases.

  4. Kimba


    Taking this not seriously for a moment

    1-What are the laws concerning prostitution over each states airspace
    2-Are tips included in the massage,and how far does the massage go
    3-Are the girls included
    4-Are the number of girls proportional to the number of passengers
  5. ryan


    oh man, check this out.