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Discussion in 'New York' started by keldorn, Nov 6, 2001.

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  1. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread


    The handle Keldorn was proven on TBD to have used Sabrinas computer with the Cookies all over. Do you have anything to say for yourself Keldorn! Your Guilty until proven innocent- LOL!!
  2. bobo529


    This idiot is also posting on the "other" board. Total bait and switch, etc etc. Apparently this person does get it yet. A for effort though.
  3. keldorn


    Have any of you guys heard of Marie Silva? I never did until I went to and looked in adult film stars(I thought they were pictures:)Her eyes are what enchanted me to commit to a meeting(amongst other things...)Her availibility was an issue right off the bat, but patience wins the day. After 1.5 weeks of waiting and contimplating the day finally came. She's REAL expensive($6 per hr)so our meeting was brief. I found one of her movies during my wait and it pleased me(a few times)So when I saw her I kind of thought I knew what to expect...I was wrong. This girl is super-cool and was just so laid back about everything I didn't feel intimidated whatsoever. We hung out a little longer than an hour, we watched her movie together, she said it was a major turn-on(and it was)after she left I just lay there watching her GG scene over and over again. I was most pleased with her appearance and if I can afford it I will be using her again in the future. All I have now is sweet memories of longest short night of my middle-aged life. Turns out that Exotica 2000 has quite a selection of porn stars to choose from on some kind of rotation. If I can I want to get Alicia Rio to Schoolgirl for me(oh the thought)bottom line if you got the flow definetly check out exotics 2000 because they have everything literally that you would see on video.