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Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by lepke, Jan 12, 2006.

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  1. mikertmodbl

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    lepke: women prefer men who are dircect.
    the reason so many of us need to pay for it is because we are too shy to ask for what we want!
    don't be creepy or intimidated. look her in the eye. practice what u r gonna say in advance. say it slowly and use the deepest voice u can muster without sounding fake.

    be confident. u r in charge.

    as don corleone said to johnny fontaine

    "... be a man!"
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  2. lepke


    This would have been my next move good post...
  3. lepke


    Thanks guys you all have made good points..I decided that I will not make any move at all untill I get the vibe that she wants me too..She is very filrty with me and she definitely likes me but she just got her Lisence and she might not be ready to cross the line...I have enough drama in my life I don't need to be thrown out of a good legit place right in my backyard...
  4. popeye


    You are naked when she gives you the massage, right? Well one day ask her if she can help you release some tension. Speaking from experience I once had a married legit AMP lady offer to assist me with hand relief. After she finished the masage, and I turned over, I had a huge erection. We smiled awkwardly at each other, I asked for sex, she said no, I said how about your hands. She said okay, but that she had never done it before. I guided her through it, and she was very happy to assist me.

    Once the HJ b***** is crossed, you'll be getting FS in no time.

    Good luck


  5. mikertmodbl

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    Lepke: look into her eyes when u talk to her. really stare.
    tell her she has nice skin or hair or nails or whatever is nice.

    remember that she might be afraid to get too forward... could lose her license of job. worst u can lose is the right to go back there. tell her she is hot!

    do not give her extra tip money. if she asks for it, say "what will u do for me?"
    if she is legit and u r not a fan of just legit massage ... move on.

    good luck!
  6. wheninvegas2005


    Dude, she's married. Oh wait...most of us are as well. Why don't you ask her if you can flip over.
  7. RuffToy


    If you haven't in the past, now is the time to test the waters. Use body language when she's working on you. Spread your legs a little bit more than usual, raise your ass at appropriate times, see if she responds. Do her hands move a little closer than they normally do? Moan when it feels good, smile at her seductively. Listen to her she getting turned on?

    This is basic WOMAN101....if you want to take it slow you've got to produce signals and look for results. It's like fishing, wait for the nibbling. Jiggle the bait, feel the action, then when you've got the right moment....set the hook
  8. genius


    I'm sure you already know the answer but are just trying to get some encouragement. The answer is you ask her. You do it in a impersonal way i.e. not bringing yourself into the picture in the question, but still asking her to give a personal response.

    One suggestion after you've talked about your sexual exploits for a few minutes: "I'm sure many women have fantasies. I'd like a woman's perspective - have you ever thought about being unconventional and indulging in fantasies."

    Listen to her answer and take it (or not) from there.
  9. manohgod2


    Take it slow, but go for it dude.
  10. lepke


    I need a little help here..I have a girl in a legit place that gives me massages..She does a great job and we get along very well..This girl has a pretty face but she is a little on the heavy side..I can tell she likes me because she gets a little exited when she sees me..Now this chick just got her lisence to massage and she is really good...The girl married an old cat that sounds very boring and i tell her about some of my crazy nights and she seems to like it...I don't want to scare her and lose her by being too aggressive but i would love to have a once a week thing and I think this girl would be wild too....Any ideas here????