Need GFE rec for Vancouver

Discussion in 'Canada' started by kaybo, Apr 18, 2001.

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  1. Saint Bart

    Saint Bart

    Here's the review I posted last June on Vancouver TBD:

    I had the pleasure of 4 hours with Cici the afternoon of May 22. I booked on the strength of Sharkey's "interview", her pix on Seattle Eros, and a number of entertaining e-mails back and forth. Cici is very beautiful, just as in her pictures. While she has been enhanced, she has an absolutely fabulous body. She's fun, a great conversationalist and very pleasant company, but unfortunately, not GFE. In Sharkey's interview she told him she didn't allow french or dining. Now, I usually don't pay much attention to what a SP says she doesn't do, because I find they very often go ahead and do what they say they won't. And while it's always a case of YMMV, I always book 3 - 4 hours to get to know the person and usually find most restrictions get lifted. But, not with Cici. I don't mean any of this as a knock on Cici the person, for as Sharkey found, she's a great gal - anyone would be proud and happy to have her as their real girl friend. But, for $350 an hour, even if it's C$, the service level doesn't meet what the price implies. I do most of my SP visits in Toronto - the same C$350/hr gets an equally beautiful woman with full GFE. Cici did imply a second visit will get better service, but I think it's unlikely I'll find out. PS: some have wondered why she isn't more available to Vancouver hobbyists - it's because she's lived there all her life and figures if she was active in Vancouver escorting she'd eventually run into someone she knows. So, most of her work is in the US - she was in NYC in June for a week, Miami for a month late winter, etc.

    Let me know if you need more, but I have to say that time and visits with many better providers may have dulled my memory of any more details.
  2. jmcurry

    jmcurry The Insider

    Saint Bart: I was in a lengthy email conversation with Cici last year, although she cancelled our date last time she was in Manhattan. I am most interested in your perceptions, since I travel to Seattle several times a year and would ideally like to see her. Email me privately, or respond on the board. I am most interested in your review. Thanks.
  3. skagen



    Been in Vancouver once and was looking for about the same thing but wasn't really successful. The outcall agencies include a lot of ripoff and many of the incalls are "massage" i.e not full service or you pay too much. I'd stick strictly with the Indies if I were you. Check out canbest's adult entertainment board for updates, reviews etc by city (

    From what I hear Victoria BC (45 min ferry ride) is a MUCH better place to hobby than Vancouver.

    I can tell you one lady NOT to see when you're in Vancouver: Allanah at

    A very pretty lady with probably the best ass i've seen in my years on hobbying. HOWEVER, I also discovered MAJOR track marks on her arm. I mean MAJOR league. So I had to abort the session, nice ass or not.

    From what I hear this is a common problem in Vancouver - high rate of heroin addiction and it includes providers. My point: BE VERY CAREFUL! Personally, I'd save my pennies and check out Montreal instead....
  4. Saint Bart

    Saint Bart

    Sharky's the "man" on Vancouver TBD - he knows everything/everyone. We've helped each other in our travels - see his 5 or so reviews posted on Vegas TBD end of Feb/early March. Post a question to him - use my name if you like - I'm sure he'll help you.

    I wish I knew this before I went there last May - I saw English gal Sarah and Cici - both OK, but not 100% GFE on Saint Bart rating system.
  5. kaybo


    Hear it's a great city. Looking for hard bodied GFE. Preferbly a stripper type, brunette. Can you say Shauna:) Any info would be appreciated.