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  1. redleg609


    Most but not all AMPs and *MPs in SoNJ are not full service. There are plenty listed here or in check out the yahoo groups.

    If you can make Burlington area, then you can make Philly where there are lots of FS *MPs. See other postings here.

    AMP economics. To get in $50-$60. Tip to therapist $100 if you expect FS. Non-FS places tip $40 to $50. In an AMP you should expect - welcome from Mamasan and escort to a room where you will get comfortable (i.e. undress) then table shower, maybe sauna, back to room for massage (especially if not FS) and next steps. Read up in the spa section about AMPing.

    Pick up a copy of the Philadelphia CityPaper - free in street corner newsboxes or see the thread http://www.utopiaguide.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=10765 for some recommendations.

    For strip clubs go to the playhouse, see http://www.utopiaguide.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=9737&highlight=playhouse.

    enjoy and good hunting.
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  2. arrow069


    Hello everyone. I'm new to this and would like a little assistance.
    I have been reading and checking out the messages on this board and would like to get some pointers from the more experianced hobbiests out there. I'm a beginner at this. I have tried the Bookstores with the GH"s in them but only found guys there. Not my thing at all. I think I sould start with a few visits to an AMP here in the South Jersey area. HAs anyone tried the place in Wrightstown? Also, the VIP place in Burlingto or on RT 130?
    Now once you go to one does the "provider" perform the service Nude? or do you have to ask? I assume the customer undresses in a private room and all service is performed in a private room. Does the provided ask the customer if they would like a "Special" or do you have to ask?

    Whats the average cost for this?

    Please help guys, I don't want to go an make an ass of myself