Need Info on Hedonism II and III

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by I Want To Spa, Jan 21, 2003.

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  1. Casper


    And Sandals is located right next to HedonismII. Share beaches even.

    Make sure your woman doesn't get in the mood for Jamaican Black Snake.
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  2. njphotog

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    Go to Sandals.
    I've been to Couples once about 15 years ago, and then the next year went to Sandals. Have been going to Sandals every year since.
    Now's a great Year for Jamaica...The country is in such dire straits, no more bus ride from Mobay to Negril....they offer a free plane ride.
  3. shorty


    Website? Acronyms for you wife? LMAO - just kidding.

    If you're hopping to avoid the "fuck fest" scene then you really shouldn't try either of the Hedonisms. It's notorious for being outlandishly wild with mostly singles. If you don't want drunk guys ogling your wife, then you should definitely avoid the Hedonisms. The crowd is a little older than spring breakers but the intention is the same.

    A friend went recently and his comment to me was "the type of guy that can't get laid there is the same type of guy that couldn't get laid in a brothel with a fist full of hundreds".

    As far as a different location, Ibize might be an alternative but I'm not sure about the cost factor involved.
  4. I Want To Spa

    I Want To Spa

    My wife and I went to Jamacia last year and had a great time. We stayed at the Couples Resort and to my surprise, my wife loved the nude island. She bathed nude every day we were there. We want to take another trip to Jamaica, but have been thinking about staying at one of the Hedonism Resorts.

    What should we expect at Hedonism? We would like to have a nude beach and some freedom to be nude around the resort. What we do not want is a swingers club or a bunch of drunk college males running around looking to get laid (sprink break). While my wife would love to be nude during the vacation, an orgy fuck fest would piss her off. We would also be open to other locations.

    Finally, cost is an issue, so can anyone recommend a good time to go or who to book the trip through? We spent $3,500 for 7 days last year because we booked so late, but can only afford $2,000 or less this year due to a decrease in income.