Need Montreal Info

Discussion in 'Canada' started by funswinging, Feb 13, 2003.

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  1. John99


    Try LeGentlemen.

    Go to Strip Clubs>Montreal & Surrounding Area>East (Richelieu, Chambly)

    Grand Prix was the place. it has been closed but is rumored to open any day now. So keep a look out. LeGentlemen seems to have taken Grand Prix thunder. You should find everything you need to know on CanBest.
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  2. littleguy

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    Re: Re: Need Montreal Info

    No offense D-Man but how could you possibly know whether or not he could "ditch his family" for the time required ? Just because you couldn't ?

    (Unless of course you're his wife (LOL))
  3. D-Man420


    I hate to burst your bubble pal, but it can't be done. Sure there are a lot of strip clubs, incall & outcall places in the city, but you won't be able to ditch your wife/family... Trust me on this, I have tried!!!

    The only way it could be possible is if you have another male in your family who is also a hobbiest, and even then, you have to feel comfortable about visiting such establishments with him.

    Good luck bud!!!
  4. funswinging


    I will be going on a ski trip to Smugglers Notch shortly with the family and was hoping to get away from the wife and head up to montreal area for some fun one night. Anyone have any recommendations for fun strip club or grand Prixesqe place that would be closest to the border? Will have to rush to avoid suspicion :)