Need recommendations for Vegas trip

Discussion in 'New York' started by whasssup, Apr 17, 2001.

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  1. Saint Bart

    Saint Bart

    Well, that's a Saint Bart style schedule!!!
    FYI, Chrissy and Devon are cousins - but from what I've heard (you can probably figure out the source) - I've never seen Chrissy - she's no Devon in the GFE department.
    Have fun!!! - will await the reviews.
  2. littleguy

    littleguy Gold

    Good luck and take your vitamins.

    Tell Jackie, littleguy said Hi.

    Heard Chrissy Tyler is a little, hmmmmm, flakey ? But what a smokin' lookin' lady.

  3. whasssup


    Vegas lineup

    Alright fellas thanks for all the suggestions. The starting lineup for the weekend will be:

    1. Welcoming party of Jaclyn and Devon
    2. Roxy next afternoon
    3. Chrissy Tyler next evening.
    4. Catrine for Sunday brunch and then home.

    If I survive the trip I will post a review.

    Sorry there was no South Beach report. I ended up meeting a local and never had the opportunity (or the desire) to sample the talent in SB. Thanks for the suggestions. BTW I have been with Sabrina before and she definitely lives up to the hype.
  4. Saint Bart

    Saint Bart

    Roxy is 2nd on the list of those I plan to see my next trip - Candy Roxx being #1 on the basis of your recent review.

    Devon is GREAT - 100% GFE on the Saint Bart rating system I saw her in Vegas last Sept and then flew her to Denver to join me for a day/night. Book her early as she's hard to get ahold of.

    I've also seen Haven, Jade, and Tricia Coxx, a lesser porn star that's "open" to every suggestion with notice.

    So where's your South Beach trip report??? :))
  5. jjbond



    vegas is a great city, alot of fun ladies but alot of ripoffs, check out site and go to escort reviews and put in 702 area code or pick vegas and you will find out info, stay away from girls all ripoffs. Some good ones lauren, alexiajay, brie michaels. mary omalley and others listed on that site. january logan kristina. happy hunting and have fun

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  6. robnotbob


    Cindy Spice, Jackie Jewel. I saw them both in Oct 2000. Stellar.

    I also saw Logan on one of her trips to NYC. Very good as well.

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  7. Hotpuppy

    Hotpuppy Mr.Butterworth

    Two veterans of LPIN:
    Cindyspice and Tamara Lynn
  8. whasssup


    Hey fellas, I was wondering if anyone could recommend any great providers out in Vegas. I saw that Jaclyn and Devon are highly thought of. Is there anyone else anyone can recommend? Thanks.