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Discussion in 'New York' started by mercydancer, Jun 25, 2001.

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  1. JohnJ

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    Taylor And Merrick... LOL

    Thats my afternnon quickie motel...

    Theres tons to do over there...

    Just south of you is TGIFridays, Bertucci's(great pizza), and Fuddruckers, North of you Merrick turns into Post Ave... Alfredo's (fantastic pizza by the slice)

    West of you on Old Country Rd is a mall called The Source Mall, inside there you can find The Cheescake Factory..(IMHO best all around place to eat on Long Island)

    Happy hour at don juan is okay Chilis has a good one too (behind source mall) Further west you can find a great little up and coming hot spot called Blue Tequila (same owner as Don Juan but much much nicer inside)(next to Tower Records) or venture further west to Waterzooi Lounge.
    Another night club which is pretty good and not very far is Chelsea St. about three miles south.

    This is my hometown.... if you want more info...please feel free to email me...

    John J
  2. ScottieDS


    Hi Mercy,

    Having grown up in Westbury (and having looked up exact location on Expedia), I can tell you a bit about the area.

    Your staying very close to the intersection of Old Country Road and Merrick Road (OCR is just north of Taylor). Old Country Road is a main drag which has a lot of stores and restaurants.

    If you want good Italian, and are really considering walking, on the corner of OCR and Merrick is a place called Cafe Baci. I haven't been there in years, but it was always pretty good (and is extremely close to the hotel).

    It's a pretty far walk, but heading west on OCR will bring you to Roosevelt Field Mall, which has all sorts of stuff. You would also pass a bunch of smaller stores and restaurants along the way.

    There is also a TGIFridays south, down Merrick, within walking distance.

    I wouldn't be worried about the area too much, especially with the street smarts you seem to have from your posts.

    Hope this helps.

  3. MrNY

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    it's ok........

    You;ll be right by roosevelet field (just 1 mile east)

    Thre's plenty of food places around - fast food, piza, good restaraunts, etc...

    across the street is a good place, spasso's - give it a whirl...

    if you've got someone covering the tab, go to benny;s on post avenue - about 1 mile north of where you'll be or carleton on the park - right inside eisenhower park (right there)

    good mexican is don juan's across the street from you

    in your "down-time" you've got nathan's right there - with a game room :)
  4. TuckernotSucker



    ITS right opposite Eisenhower Park. One block south of Old Country Rd where there is every national retailer represented. And Mercy you are safe only as long as I am there to walk with you.
  5. mercydancer


    I plan to be staying at a hotel on Taylor and Merrick in Westbury LI for a few days in July. Since I have only been there during the day I have no idea what that area is like at night. I would appreciate any info as soon as possible so I can make other arrangements if the area is not convenient.

    I don't want to be stuck some place where I can't come out at night for a walk or to buy some food.