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Discussion in 'New York' started by hardalee, Feb 26, 2003.

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  1. hardalee


    What's up with nypleasure? I've heard in the past they act as clearling house for some high-end agency's. FDE, whose women are georgous and real, but price is in the stratosphere. NYCovergirls, who the *** (I know them again) suggests sometimes it is real and sometimes B&S. I've seen Barbie and she was an awesome experience, so the whole site can not be crap, but does UG have standards for placement (beside liquidity) such as verifiable ladies? I would rather get a great expierence for $$$$$ than a lousey one for $$, but man who is the a-hole when it is reversed? I've seen the previosu threads on high-end agencies and have had great success (despite rumors otherwise) with ML, but can any Rockafellas out there comment on the women of this site!