New ASP off campus Experience

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by crowe, Oct 23, 2001.

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  1. GreenDot9

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    She's not particular about who she dates and is looking to cause you exquisite pain!
  2. crowe


    Okay. This is a first for me. Went to Kinko's to download some huge files my anemic Compaq can't handle. Sitting next to me is a really nice looking woman trying to work the scanner. She's getting frustrated, so, ever the gentleman, I ask if I can help.

    (In LA there is no such thing as Kinkos staff who can help you, they're hopelessly understaffed.)

    She says yes. I help her scan her bikini clad pictures into the computer, create a Photo shop file. She seems happy, I go back to work. Every once and a while asks me how to spell a word. Two I remember. Exquisite and particular.

    Later, she gets frustrated again. It won't email. I go to help her. The email's addressed to Cityvibe.

    For those of you who keep up with the LA Cityvibe board, look for a woman with Red Hair, tall, great legs in a blue bikini. I know this, too, she's particular about something, and considers herself exquisite.