new FS in CNJ?

Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by nac123, Feb 19, 2003.

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  1. bushleaguer

    bushleaguer The CDC

    You're welcome.

    $$.5 is a bit steep....but perhaps for a full hour and multiple cups available it may not be all that bad. Then again I have never been to an indie.....but from what I've read here that's a more sensible way to go if you are talking about prices such as these.

    I will let you know if I head over there.
  2. Cobra


    Price to high

    Read your review, $$ right up front is way to steep for what they are offering, I know the location but never have gone there, was there any room to negotiate the price? or was it take it or leave it? If this is their standard practice they will be moving soon, for lack of business.
  3. nac123




    Great info – thanks for the feedback. I appreciate the level of detail. Let me know if you venture back.

    And Petehanse, based on what Bushleaguer told us, it does seem a little steep. If I had that type of money to spend on a FS session (especially my first), my knees should have trouble working for the next few days. Just MHO
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  4. petehanse



    That fee structure is too high for me , there are better places for much less! I would not bother!
  5. bushleaguer

    bushleaguer The CDC

    I know a bit about the place you are talking about.

    The staff that apparently is there used to be located on Grace Place in Plainfield. Their former location was on the second floor in a run-down white house on a very dark street. It was a bit nerve-wracking to leave the car unguarded to say the least. I called there one time....made an appointment....went down there and it looked like there was something like a bust going on. I got spooked and left. A few days afterwards I called to see if that was the case but it turns out it wasn't. So I made an appointment and went down. I paid the same "door fee" and got a massage from a blonde named Leah (lea?). She was decent looking with a few tatoos and breast implants. When it got down to the nitty-gritty I asked for a bj and she she said it cost $.5. I didn't have that much on me, so she agreed to $.2 as it was my "first time there." It was covered, but she let me roam at will.....except by her box. At one point she straddled me on the table facing away which I thought was a clue to DATY, but she kind of pulled away when I tried. After a while with the cbj she took the cover off and finished me with a hj.

    After we finished I asked about FS and she said that is $$. When I was being walked out she introduced me to another (THE only other?) provider working there and mentioned that I could have a doubles session if I wanted to the next time. She was a bit on the chunky side and had big, natural (appearing) boobs and was good looking. She had a nice voice that matched who I talked to on the phone, so you may be referring to the same person, as I got the same type of rap.

    As I got to the door on my way out my provider mentioned that they may be moving (at the time she wasn't 100% sure) to the location you are asking about now.

    I am assuming the $$ you were quoted would be for 1 hour FS available at no extra cost. I would think that there wouldn't be an extra tip involved.....if that were the case, than I wouldn't think it would be worth it. I would also hope that a second cup would be available too.....meaning the hour for the room would be in fact a real hour and not one cup and out you go. That location is very convenient for me as well. I had gone to the former "Anns Place" twice but wasn't into the older woman thing either. But like you said....the price was right. :)

    If I go in the future I'll post a review. To answer one of your questions....the two women I saw at the old location weren't as "mature" as the ones at the old Ann's Place. They were younger.
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  6. nac123


    Hey All,

    I mostly frequent AMPs and just go for the HR. Haven’t posted much, or been out there much with all the LE and robberies lately. Anyway, here is an update. About 2 years ago, I went to a joint called “Ann’s Place” in Watchung. I was new to hobbying and only went once because at the time it was older women (50+), but cheap (.3 for 45 minutes + tip). Looked like more then a R and T was available, but I prefer ‘em a little younger, so I never pursued. A fellow hobbyist told me they closed not long after my visit. Anyway, I was cruising the ads in the SL, and they are back, advertising all new staff. I called, talked to a pleasant woman (who sounded younger anyway) and here is the basic info:

    1. They are open in the same place. Second floor of the Cigar Shack on 22 west, by Watchung Ave.
    2. She said there was a choice of staff.
    3. She said they were a “full service salon” (her exact words).
    4. They have completely renovated the place.
    5. They have also renovated the fees. Check this out, because it seems a little steep. There is a .5 “door fee”. Then, you “rent a room” for $$ (yes, $$) per hour. I do not know if a tip is required (I forgot to ask).
    6. They are open till 8 or 9, and ask you call a half hour in advance.

    Now, here are several grains of salt.

    1. I have not been there since they reopened, and only once before that.
    2. I have never done FS, but am considering it. The fees seem a little steep, but this place is very convenient for me.
    3. The woman used to be older, and I don’t know what the new staff is like.
    4. Once again, I have NOT been there, so unfortunately I can’t provide a review, just the info I have.

    Anyway, I also bought a car recently and am dirt poor, so this will have to wait a while. But, I though others might be interested in knowing more. Cappy, biggod, Petehanse, I follow your posts and you frequent the same region I do….how about it, heard anything?

    Thanks all…….
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