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Discussion in 'New York' started by tonka, Mar 17, 2001.

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  1. skagen


    Diffierent Opinion

    Saw Lola myself also. I Wouldn't agree that she's cuter than the pics. Face is OK, not outstanding and teeth are slanted a bit.

    She has a nice skinny body with large chest for her size, but its more like a very full handfull of 32C. Definitely not a D-cup. It just looks bigger because she's small - and most guys are awful at estimating bra sizes.

    I've heard all these comparisons about Jennifer Love Hewett. I don't know what the h##$ that was all about. She's nice but not 21 and not as cute.

    Service was good enough, an okay BBBJ. She was better and more enthusiastic at the full service.

    And will someone tell these providers that showing you their baby pictures is THE LAST thing that a client wants when we're trying our best to imagine that we're doing a 19 year old cutie! WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?
  2. guy catelli

    guy catelli

    it's a shame ...

    it's really a shame. i've offered my assistance as a photographer. my work is not of 'museum art' calibre, but, imnsho, it could certainly hang alongside of much of the similarly themed work that i saw at Sonnebend Gallery when it was on West Broadway.

    my offer (for which no 'quid-pro-quo' is necessary) was graciously accepted -- in principle. but, in practice, i gave up trying to set an appointment for a shoot.

    okay, it's true that i am a leering degenerate. but, i'm a leering degenerate who knows how to make women look pretty in a photograph.

    of course, i'm in no position to butt into how someone else does their marketing. but, i still feel that it's a shame that the ladies are not better represented, pictorially speaking.
  3. tonka


    I spent a 1/2 hr with Lola yesterday, at had a great time. She's prettier in person then her pictures show. Big natural 34d's, washboard tummy and tight ass. She took her time with me, bbbj (only if she feels the client is clean?), awesome doggy style. Great gfe for me, hope this helps you guys out. Peace