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Discussion in 'Long Island' started by Helpinghand, Jan 17, 2017.

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  1. Helpinghand


    Rm 412 I've to that room 4 x's - twice had good experience other 2 times not so great. But the first time I was there the girl was amazing...the best Asian yet. But that was on the 2nd fl. Lol.

    I haven't been mongering in a while due to lack of funds but I will try this agency again...Overall experiences were pretty good for the money..but as other have said get ready to walk if they give you any bs. I've found the phone woman to be pretty up front with me as I always tell her I've been there several times... I won't go if the girl is in her 40's or is not busty . I haven't tried the Woodbury Asian agency yet but may give it a try soon
  2. elee02


    visited this one again, called mms and checked to see if it was a different girl. She said yes, they changed on Fri. Unfortunately, went to the room number and it was same milf. Banged her anyway as she was good last time. She got more aggressive this time which was good for me, wrapped her arms behind my neck while she rode me, rocking the bed this time and it was great.

    she's a soft moaner, not a porn star moan.
    not sure how long she'll be there as she was supposed to have changed already so no clue, maybe mma meant she would stay until this Fri.

    for those new to this number or any type of asian incall. If you text, the current going rate on the island is 130/hh but if you call, just ask for the room and don't ask for price. When you arrive, give 100 or 120 and most of the time the girls will take it. 100 might be their ss price but they usually don't clock watch and just bang you til you pop. Higher price might get you happier service but I haven't noticed a difference. Some girls have outright said 120 when offered 100. I always just give them the 20 and tell them that would have been their tip and then show an empty pocket for no more. Paying 100 to fuck a dead fish would suck.
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  3. MayorSimpleton


    Bogus website. It's been discussed before on these forums
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  4. zxcvb225


    Is this website a scam, saying this numver was bustee before

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  5. elee02


    girl here this week is a cute milf. definitely has had a baby or was once fat as she has stretch marks all over the tummy area and the skin is loose so she's lost the weight but the skin has not reverted to being tight (not sure it ever does without surgery)

    semi saggy boobs but full B cups and definitely not implants. VERY cute face, apple shaped and good nose shape. Perhaps she got work done on her bone structure instead of tummy, not sure but she was cute to look at.

    CBJ, no BBBJ. Knows how to ride on top (which is a must for me). adept at all the positions I like (CG, RCG, missionary, on bed and off edge of bed)

    takes your pants off for you which is nice touch
    showers with you and towels you off after which is nice touch

    I reiterate she's milf though as in likely to be 35-45 range.
  6. Helpinghand


    She told me her name was something like Lucy or Lili ...really couldnt understand must remember my hearing isnt what it used to be....
  7. redbox


    Did you get her name ?
  8. Helpinghand


    I tried this place again last week - same setup - this time the girl was really nothing to speak about and around 40ish , a little stomach , looked like big boobs, but face turned me i politely declined and left ...called mamasan and said ive been here before yadda yadda ...she then asked me to wait -they had another girl in another room across the hall .....this time i say she was a 6.5 -7. She was much younger i'd say late twenties - 30 ....nice little body and very pleasent. She wasn't as busty id say large b small c but they were perky and nice eraser nips. As soon as i walked in she asked if i like in broken english - i said yes and she began to undress me and fell to her knees to kiss jr. i helped her up removed her teddy and began to have my way with her breast ...she bagan moaning so i layed her n the bed , started to massage her down below and finally daty'd until she came.....she returned the favor with out cover , dfk and then covered cg to miss. I finished in bag then we cuddled on the bed for about 10 minutes this pt she got a call to make sure all was ok and finally asked me for the donation..... Again my first time was great - Wish i could see that girl again .....all in all they do have some decent talent -i guess we should just not settle if we are not happy and complain. i'm glad i did.
    Again for 130 i had a great time bs like in the amps and not as expensive as the latina's who i love but they are overpriced.
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  9. Johnq1


    Found this review this am, gave it a shot. Descreart location; standard two call setup. Age, approx 32-38, weight 115-135, 5'1-5"3, post baby fat girl tits with belly to match. Standered Asian flat cutting board Ass, good hygiene. Clean room. She was a solid 6 all around, opted for only 30min for $130 won't be returning; got a nut off she wasn't anything worth that buck-30
  10. Helpinghand


    After battling bronchitis finally get to retry this service......I told phone woman about my last visit ....she said different girl, very nice , young c cups . So I say ok. Get to hotel got room number go to room door opens, she's behind door. Ok she is cute, nothing like my first experience said her name was suki. Her English wasn't that good , a little shy but helped me undress and lay on bed ....starts to rub Jr. Then puts up 1 finger gets up and calls agency...then asks for donation. Once that's out of the way she slowly gives me front massage once Jr. Is up begins a nice cbj. I pull her up on bed and start sucking and playing with her breast...them kissing her. Like to duke she seems to get into it while I insert 1 then 2 and then 3 gingers ...she gets very wet and is grinding on my fingers.....then she came she then jumps on me cig rcg to miss. And missionary, I pop. Clean up was good then we cuddled. Ok so looks 6.5-7 , body 7, tits were nice , soft nipples bi g brown erasers and responsive. Age I would say human years. Nice girl , good experience 160 hr.. Again not as great as my 1st time using them but I was happy. Better deal than these amps. No games , you know price up front and pretty much what service you'll get, bed more comfortable than table, no up sell,
  11. thetips


    Yeah that's why I tried it, I was very shocked based on your review.
  12. Helpinghand


    Maybe I was lucky , but I will try again next week. Seems stumle had a good time. There appear to be 4-5 numbers for this location , I don't know if it's the same agency or several, but I would stick to the number in the title. Like I said I was really blown away.
  13. vad1


    thetips, kudos to you!

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  14. thetips


    I can tell for sure it wasn't the girl in the pics lol !
  15. kbeemer


    I am totally into the Asian look but I won't respond to any of the ads that have them in it because I think they are all BS.
  16. thetips


    So I called this service based on the review in this thread, they answered and I said I wanted Gfe and the women on the phone said no Kiss no Bbbj, So I said ok no thank you and found another ad for Asian service in same Westbury area. This one
    Report Ad[​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
      Hi, Guys, I'm Cindy
      Don’t Wait! Stop In Today! 100% Pics

      ★——-------- New Hot Girl Today -------——★

      ★——You will Always Meet New Gorgeous & Hot Asian Girl——★

      ★——100% Super Busty & Hot -Check Me Out!——★

      ★——34D OPEN-MINDED——★

      ★——CALL NOW: 917 660 5961——★
      Hotel Friendly
      Poster's age: 22
      So I called them and asked the same questions and they said "Yes Kissing yes gfe" I said great coming over now and she said call when you get here for room #. I call and get room # right away and head up, Door opens and the girl is hiding behind door as usual anyway she closes door behind me and locks it ! Now the room wreaks of weed which is odd for the Asian services, at least I've never smelled it before. Before anything else I go in for a hug and a kiss and she immediately turns her head and goes to give me the cheek !! I say hey you said Gfe,kissing she says no I said no ! Now I realize the two numbers are actually the same service so I say no kissing ok I'm leaving. I opened the door and walked out !! Ok so the girl was anything but young I would say early 40's and she was about 5,6 150lbs. She was also imo not your typical Asian provider more like philippino. Now I have nothing against that she just wasn't my type and definitely not as advertised glad I saved the $160.
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  17. stmule


    After being bullshitted by the Woodbury Asians and taking my money back, I called this place on dribble drop drive. They were advertising GFE w/DFK & BBJ, which was promised at Woodbury but was denied. When I spoke to the woman on the phone I told her I wanted all that is advertised. She says "you come, we take care of you."

    I get to the spot, call and they text me the room number. Go up and knock,door opens slowly and I step in. Behind the door is a 40ish Asian lady in a bra, thong and high heels. Kind of plain with some make-up, about a 6. C cups looked a little saggy. But she had a thin waist and a apple type full bottom with athletic legs. Waist down a 10 in my book. About 5'2",120;lbs.

    She steps toward me and I go to do the le check by squeezing her ass and she gets on her toes and starts a five minute make-out with lots of tongue action as our hands roamed all over each other. Came up for air so I asked her name and she said it was Lucy

    Gave her the 130 donation for the hh. Off came the clothes and onto the bed for some more kissing and grabbing. Her titsshowing some age but her nipples were large with brown areola. When I sucked on them she moaned and pulled onnmy hair a bit. Lucy then got on top of me and slid down to take me in her mouth. Lots of tongue play, deep throat and ball licking. We went into 69 her on top. She was fresh and clean down there. So I went to rim her and asked her to do me also which she did with no problem.

    At this point I was ready to fuck her and told her so. She got the cover and skillfully put it on with her mouth. Felt good entering her as she was still kind of tight. We did mish, with both her legs on my right shoulder, love that, CG and RCG. During rcg I put my thumb on her asshole and pushed a little. It went in with no problem and she moaned out loud. It seemed she was liking this as much as I was. So I'm fucking her with my cock in her pussy and my thumb in her ass to the hilt. I lifted her off my cock and pressed the head on her asshole. She sat up a little and said another fifty for anal. I countered with 40 and off we went. She sat on me and slowly woerked up and down until she took it all. The way she moaned made me realize she liked this more than pussy fucking. Went into dooggy to finish and I blew in the bag. I collapsed on the bed and Lucy got up, went to the bathroom and brought back a hot towelnand cleaned me up.

    Dressed, gave her the tip. She gave me a big hug and wet kiss good bye. When I asked for her digits she wouldn't give it to me, said the boss wouldn't like that. Oh well.

    Good kisser 9
    Face and tits 6
    BBJ 8
    pussy fuck 7
    Ass fuck 10
  18. sixtyearold


    HELPINGHAND....Good review. I very much enjoy the Asian agency gals and I don't mean to be negative in any way but I always am very cognizant about behaviors and much of it is focusing on the money aspect as you mentioned her not asking for money until you were undressed.

    They are sometimes instructed, as many cautious providers are, to make sure that you do undress to be assured that you are not LE. I am thinking that these agencies are a little paranoid now with the recent BP censoring and worried more so about LE stepping up their strong arm.

    I always wait for them to bring up the money thing (I will have already set the price with the boss at 100.00 for the half). I never initially offer it, but most times it will be asked for at the onset of the session.

    I have had instances, however, where I have been able to divert their attention (as part of my game) so that they actually don't ask for it, until they realize it has not been given, until the end of the session.

    I can remember even a few instances where I have been ready to leave after the session and they have not asked for it (albeit rare) and I must remind them. I would never not pay, but it is just one of the many behavioral tests I enjoy observing with the Chinese gals.

    Of course, too, many times mama will remind them when they make to call to let her know that you have arrived.
  19. Rider


    It's possible she may be at another location that they have. Could try and ask.
  20. ModernDayCowboy


    Good to know you had a positive experience. Been kinda avoiding this agency because I didn't see any reviews. I may give it a shot soon.