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Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by jrman66, Jan 30, 2003.

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  1. milkman


    when i was there i just looked in the phone book-no problems also if in the quarter check out a stripclub called artists cafe it will cost you a bottle of champange
  2. jim-rock


    saw the site...who's GD?
    anyways, u wont need any service.. hook up at the bars!!!! plenty of cuties there!
  3. jam master jay

    jam master jay

    Damn, that link is interesting, eh? Wonder what's going on down there?
  4. jrman66

    jrman66 Ma-Ling Bok Ma Wong Gee

    Re: The Big Uneasy

    I know I saw this in my research.

    skagen, thanks so much. I do a search using excite, yahoo and google, look at ***, BigDoggie, Sometimes you need to be a local to know the right website to use or even to get infor on the local agencies that purposely lay low.
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  7. skagen


    A few things to consider in NO:

    1)I had an appt with this indie, but I had to cancel. Somewhat businesslike in telephone portion of the booking process, but seemed sweet nonetheless. She was highly rated when I booked, but supposedly slighly bigger then the pics:
    (tits are fake, BTW)

    2) This agency does outcall to hotel:
    A legit agency, not a rip off. I met two of their girls (Mia and Zoe) and got two shots in the hour - good experiences both. Neither of those girls appear on the website now so I cant vouch for the rest. If the are are available, Zoe is young, cute, stakad, some babyfat, very variable in performane. Mia was tall slim brunette, great fuck. Agency as a whole seemed to have a lot of variation in looks and performance of their girls, so I'd check for reviews of the girls before booking if possible.

    3) I think eros guide has a New Orleans website.

    4) I agree with the previous person who said that if you can find an excuse or a wingman buddy to slip away with from your business socialization, there are tons of girls, some of whom are quite game to do things they might not do at home - anything goes in New Orleans, it seems! I chatted up a seemingly straightlaced girl while just walking down the street, then got her to have "casual" drink in my hotel bar (half of which time she spend discussing her boyfriend who she said was pissed off with) - and 30 mins later she was in my hotel room. So there's free pussy out there too, without too much investment required.

    5) avoid strip clubs - you're better off with outcall. Cops are cracking down hard in NO, and of course NO is like Vegas - full of suckers, so you'll spend way more to bust a nut in a strip club than you would by simply getting on the internet and finding an outcall.

    6) incall is hard to find - at least for me it was

    7) For reviews - I haven't looked for NO reviews lately but I'm surprised that *** doesn't have much. That board that Zuggie used to post on had a good amount of New Orleans and Houston coverage.(anyone remember the name - if its still alive at all?) JAG used to have some too.
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  8. jrman66

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    I prefer the vagina thank you.

    As far as hitting the bars for drunk college girls, I'll pass. Plus since I will be on a conference there, I have little time to get away myself. Also my coworkers may wonder why their married boss is cheating on his wife. Escorts are just safer for me in that respect.

    So, does anyone have any escort experiences down there?
  9. gritsman


    There is a bar on Decatur Street called The Abbey. It is out of hand! Also try El Matador, a few blocks down and to the left towards Fauborg Marigny. The DBA bar on Frenchman is a goodplace to find drunk college girls. Try also The Morgue.

    Be careful though: Some of the hottest "chicks" have really big dicks, esp. in the FrenchQuarter. Unless, you prefer that kind of excitement, keep your wits about you.
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  10. Bill Furniture

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    DITTO, you don't need to try too hard in N'Orleans. Just buy a bunch of beads to give to the ladies.
  11. Daddycool


    The reason for the "slim Pickings" is because the Big Easy is exactly that easy. You don't need an escort. Just go to the bars. It is really easy to pick up woman.
  12. jrman66

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    Once again I am going to a city with "slim pickings" according to what is listed on the "major" escort sites. *** and bigdoggie also have little to moderate information.

    I would appreciate any suggestions, recommendations for escorts in New Orleans. I am going in less than two weeks so I am starting my research now.

    Thank you in advance to all who can help me out.
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