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Discussion in 'New York' started by Troutman, Aug 28, 2008.

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  1. Shydude


    Hello all, this is my first post but I've been a lurker for a long, long time lol. I debated whether or not I should post any reviews... wanted to avoid the negative attention that always seems to come with numerous positive reviews. But I've found a few of my favorites from here (Karmen/Carmen and Mandy, both on LI), so I wanted to contribute.
    My most recent experience was at honey girl spa (212-585-88877, honeygirlspa.com). It was a convenient location for me and the BP ad was convincing. What impressed me was that they use actual pictures of the available girls in their ad. For most AMPs you find stock pics but what you really get is hit or miss.
    The entrance wasn't as discreet as I'd liked... It's right off the corner of 8th and 56th, IIRC and there's a bit of foot traffic in the area. But I decided to give it a go anyway.
    Walked up to the third floor and was greeted by one of the girls... I forget the name unfortunately. She was attractive though. Nice and petite with dark hair, a pretty nice ass and full A-cups with nice fat nipples.
    It was a typical AMP experience... Was asked for how long I wanted and paid $80 for the hour. I then undressed as she left and when she came back she took me for a shower. The TS was good... Thoroughly cleaned me up and paid some attention to the boys. Back in the room, she gave me a mediocre 10 min massage and some ST. On the flip she asked me which service I wanted. I told her FS and the told me it was $160. I had only taken out $220 and after the $80 house charge was left with $140, which she accepted, no problem.
    When she came back she undressed and started rubbing her body on top of mine... Rubbing her nipples all over. I was very much in the mood for DATY so I asked and she obliged. She was nice and clean down there and I went at it for a good 10 minutes until she came. After that, she put on the cover and got on top of me for some CG. Good motion and she was nice and wet. Switched to mish and finished. She cleaned me up well, offered me some water and I was on my way.
    Definitely a good time... Nothing extraordinary, but sometimes you want something you know is simple and consistent. Will def repeat.
  2. judge_holden


    What sort of body does she have? How does she look?

    Also, how does Erin Look? ANd how does Toni look? You still see her?
  3. Mandozer


    All thats left of her BP ad. Her ad is down atm but she texted me and told me she was available this week. Unsure on that as she's the one I was trying to call yesterday that was a noshow and led to that little "incident" I posted about previously. That said there's a reason I was looking forward. Ok lets go by cloud nine's posting guidelines and let me do this review right for a change since last time was rushed.
    1. 917-727-0659: It'll be a google voice number, when its active it'll ask for your name otherwise leave a message. I was kinda lazy about leaving a message so maybe thats why it fell thru for me on wednesday.
    2. Found her on BP in the manhattan escort section. Ad was titled Not Your Regular BP Girl * Stunning Green Eyed Brunette - 25
    3. She is as she looks in the pictures, tits are fake, she has like tribal wings tattoos on her butt and above her pussy. That covers the physical, personality wise she was very fun to talk to. I'd call it a bubbly personality or w/e, she's like one of those hamptons girls or something. College girl, real young like 22 or so. I'd call the body an 8 to be objective and the personality 9. I personally feel like I had a 10/10 experience but hey this review is for you guys not for me. I'm just passing on some info.
    4. Met her in a upscale manhattan hotel, real nice place. I felt out of place going there its not what I'm used to normally since I'm a Queens guy myself.
    5, 300/hr girl, Hygiene impeccable.
    6. She apparently has a booker but is independent? Not sure how this works out because hey I'm a newer hobbyist but someone has to answer the phones I guess.
    7. First experience but I intend to see her as often as possible.

    Alright lets get down to the experience. First off the ads themselves drove me crazy looking forward to seeing her, those eyes those pictures. I walk through this fancy manhattan hotel, take the elevator up to her room and she greats me at the door. I asked to freshen up because I was coming from teh Bronx VA and I've been up since like 10AM, didn't get out there till like 1. I like that just out of the shower feel, it don't feel right for me to do this thing without it. She was cool with it and laughed telling me I was so silly. Left her th donation, showered up real quick and came back out. Told her what I needed, I needed to DATY, I needed BBJ (YMMV on this one detail apparently) so I could actually feel shit, and I didn't want to be rushed, and I wasn't here for one round. She laughed and smiled and was like no problem. I immediately slapped down a extra Hundred+ or so tip because fuck it, I found what I came for. And I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. Chemistry was instant, we spent about as much time going at it as we were talking and laughing about whatever. Boobs are fake but well done, I couldn't get enough of them, I was addicted even. While DATY, I made her cum twice and that left a hell of an impression on her, I'm a young guy (23). Literally got asked if I was a gynecologist, it was pretty funny. A quick joke about "hey recommend me to your friends" and some laughing and we were back at. We definitely took more than the hour to do this thing, when she was like 15 minutes from check out time I was finishing on her boobs and soaked them, they were glistening like baby oil was on them. Quick shower to clean up then I was out the door feeling like a million bucks. If I had a million bucks I'd have bought the hotel for the next 6 months to bang it out with her but I'm p sure its worth way more than that.

    Good luck fellas if you get to see her she's a real treat, be a good guest and she'll treat you like a king.
  4. Mandozer


    Don't ever dial these folks let alone visit. I made the mistake of figuring I'd try this when the girl I was looking forward to seeing that day was a no show.

    Its not her in the pictures, the girl doesn't speak english, the girl will barely do shit for you, and then when I tried to roll out of there after 30 minutes of hating life they basically tried to rob me out of 300 bucks. You also aren't speaking to the girl when you book the appointment, you speak to whoever is running her. I'm lucky I managed to roll out of there only losing 150 for a horrible half hour instead of getting jumped by yakuza or whoever is running these girls. Weirdest and worst experience I've had in this hobby but I'll take it as a learning experience.

    Also hello consider this my intro heh. Looks like you got a decent site here, sorry to start off my posting career with some negativity but I gotta put the word out on this one right there.
  5. sexy15


    225 is their special only on Saturdays. After my disappointing session with Giovanna (she was NOT GFE), I don't know if I'd recommend any girl at GC. It's best to ask the phonegirl which girl is GFE. I just can't offer you any more insight after the Giovanna tragedy. Sorry.
  6. steph718


    @sexy15, I always wanted to check out GC. Got a white girl you can recommend me? is 225 total? Whats the breakdown?
  7. sexy15


    Review of Giovanna

    Had a disappointing session with Giovanna at GC. She's a cute, young girl, but her service was lacking. Not much DFK & no CIM.

    We started with LFK, and she would tend to avoid me at times when I tried to go for more DFK. So I just opted for BBJ then she put on the condom for her to go cowgirl briefly before switching to doggie. Then I went into missionary & I cum inside her. I tried kissing her during missionary, but she denied that.

    As for my last pop, there was no CIM. She turned her head away as I was releasing.

    Overall, the first time I've gotten no DFK & CIM here. I will personally not repeat with Giovanna & I would not recommend her, especially with better options around.

    Here's the link...It was 225 for the hour (they had a saturday special).
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  8. twotimesone


    I agree, even if I wanted to go to a K AMP, I would probably pay a little more and go to a more established and reviewed places here in UG. Besides, having FS on top of a massage bed is not exactly comfortable.
  9. happyandy


    And the TER reviews are not necessarily reliable either.

    Holy grail: an AMP girl that can give a good, legit variety massage and a happy ending (or more).
  10. Cheeksonface


    Continuation of Shannon

    Sorry....... It was 120 for half hr
  11. Cheeksonface


    Shannon (209) 513-0320

    Went to see this southern speaking Califonia girl in midtown today. I have to say I enjoyed every moment of it! No disappointments at all. She's smaller than she is in the pictures, and her skin and ass is super soft. Sounds very nice on the phone also. Got to her room and she was wearing a skirt without panties! It was short and a bra. She let me feel her breast and look around in the room to help put me at ease. I told her I wanted to explore all areas, and she told me that once I go Greek I cannot go back to her pu$$y. I agreed. We got undressed and got on the bed for some CBJ. After a while she asked me if I wanted some more, or would I like some pu$$y now. That's southern hospitality for you! I told her to get in doggie style and went to work. For the first time I had a provider moaning because the sex was good and not because she wanted to try and turn me on. I was trying to peak over her shoulder to see if she was faking or if she was for real. She was in it! That turned me on even more! I pounded away grabbing her ass then her side then her hips and back to her ass. She was grabbing the sheets and constantly turning her head and saying different things. Before you know it she came! She was extra wet. I slowed down and said "oh shit you came" lol! Out of breath she said yes. I continued doggie, and then turned her on her side and stoked the hell out of her! Switched her to MISH and continued! She was still in it and enjoying it. I told her I wanted to switch to Greek, and she grabbed the lube and I penetrated the a$$ doggie. Went slow first and then went back to work. She had me stop so she could add more lube. Went back to drilling her and she was rubbing her clit at the same time. She told me she loves Greek and we went at it till we both came at the same time! Went to the bathroom to clean up and talked for a little while. She hugged me and told me she will be here for a little while so I could come back. I wi defiantly repeat!!!
  12. BlastCorps


    AMPs vs Other

    AMP quality can be YMMV but so can straight FS agencies and independent providers particularly on BP.

    AMP has the slight advantage of having a consistent location so at least you can see free reviews on forums. Other providers move around a lot and there are a lot less TER reviews for all except the really expensive ones which can have up to 100 in the past 2 years.

    I agree if you don't like massages an AMP can be tedious but it's your best option if you prefer the Asian variety.
  13. twotimesone


    Noob monger to the scene, went here twice. Yes, I was an idiot then, but since then, I moved on from AMP's.


    Phone # is 917-444-0000. First time, it was a 2 call system, I had to call stating my name and when I am coming, second time, rang the bell and they let me up. It is located in a busy street but at least it is on the 2nd floor so it was discreet. Paid the .6 house fee for an hour. Got Yoona, a pretty good looking early 30's Korean who looked like in the picture in the ad and was wearing a black semi-see thru nightie and panties. Got to private room, undressed and got on a TS and made sure that my johnson is clean and got a crappy massage and 20 minutes into it and she asked if I wanted everything and only asked for $, but I gave her an extra .2. Somehow because I hadn't had a CBJ for a long time, I blew before I was able to get to the fun part. She said aww, maybe next time you can get this, pointing to her kitty. Session was about 35 minutes but at least I wanted to see her again.

    Second time, went there called them and they mamasan said I don't have to make a reservation, WTF? Went there, ring the doorbell and nobody answered the door. Like I said, busy street so I don't want to wait in front of the door so I walked around, 5 minutes later called the place and told them I was downstairs and they finally buzzed me in. Realized that management was changed and this time I got Cindy in the picture or Candy (I don't remember) However, she was in mid 30's, fat woman wearing a halter and short jeans (ugly). Though I saw another woman in there which red/white nightie and she looked hot. Grumbled why I didn't get that girl instead. Paid the usual .6 house fee, got the usual TS, and 30 minutes later asked me if I wanted everything, and I said yes. When I asked how much, she said, well, you've been here, how much would've you pay? I said $, and she wanted $.4, ended up paying $.2 and got a cbj and a couple positions before I blew. She says that I should've hanged a little longer but figure how fat it is, I have little enthusiasm to really enjoy it. Was out in 45 minutes.

    AMP's are just not for me. First of all, I don't even really like massages and both times I am not getting my money's worth because once you popped, they are eager to clean you up and get you out of the door.
  14. Altrios


    Saw Mina at myasiangfe. She was nice, but only one pop allowed. I wouldn't consider that GFE. Also, her english was 1 on a scale of 1-10. It made the session a little uncomfortable. Would only repeat for the BBBJ which was very good.
  15. BlastCorps


    Outcall (esp. Manhattan) is very much YMMV

    Feel your pain brother. I was in the same situation 2 years ago with a provider in Queens. I don't remember the provider but if I saw their website it would probably ring a bell. (Wasn't yours)

    $300 for some of these girls is just down right insulting our intelligence. Never do outcall in Manhattan you will get taken for all you have. And they are all as you describe, all fake boobs and sometimes even fake booty. The 30'ish chinese ones are the worst - they can't afford the korean surgeons so it looks wrinkly and saggy. Then they catch an attitude when you don't want to pay top dollar.

    This is an industry based on personality and looks. If you don't have either don't come at me with that BS Chun Li!
  16. puppydad


    Gong Flushing

    There are amps in flushing which some are great and the others not.
    Gong spa, cherry, was very hot and smoking. She is on vacation now and was heard comming back next month. All the job was awesome and drove me to have the bes popping.
    Missing her.
  17. BoweryBoogie


    Ivy 212 810 1102 (agency sent her)

    Here goes my first review....

    So my first review. Here's the BP listing http://manhattan.backpage.com/Women...-pretty-face-nice-bodytop-serivce-20/46237325 The good news... they are 24/7. The bad... its very mechanical.

    B&S surprise:
    I called this number expecting a K girl and they advertised a 21 yr old... However, what I got was a girl named Ivy who was about 38 from the looks of it and DEFINITELY Chinese. She spoke it to her handler on the phone, and little does she know I speak Chinese. However her body was nice enough that I thought I could have some fun.

    C's, about 5'0" and petite. I'm almost 100% sure the jugs were balloons, not the real deal, but i don't mind. You can only pet the balloons nothing more. She also had this really red bump on her chest.... not sure what it was but I could not stop staring at it. She she's pretty cold and acting is terrible. Also she had some body order... but i'm hurting since my girl has been away.

    House charges $250 for the hour.... But she took $260 (i had no change) for house and HJ. We started the massage and then about 10 mins in... She started upselling... She wanted another $300 for CBJ but i refused... I told her 200 for FS... She ended up agreeing to $200 for CFS.

    Experience. She showed up and went to wrong apartment. Had to get several calls before she found me. Walked her to my room. She got down to her skivvies and washed up a little. We began with an HJ. We went to CBJ, which was pretty good but she would try to dodge it when i would play with her. Anyway we moved onto CFS in mish. We started at mish and she wanted to do canine. While in Canine she squeezed her muscles so tight.... oh man. I busted. During the whole time it did not feel pleasant at all. Not the GFE, it was very mechanical. Even though i got more for "less" than the original starting point for bargaining... I definitely felt robbed on this one now that I look back.... not very happy but i chalk it up as a learning experience.

    Rinse and Repeat?:
    Would not do her again. I feel like i need a penicillin shot.
  18. Onipse123



    I don't see any listings in the Atlantic City area or reviews in Southern NJ, which is odd so I will start with one here. I found myself in the city and my buddies all left, the night was still young. So with a couple of AMP's I found on google in the area I stumbled across a place called Ocean Therapy. The location is not really discreet since its on one of the main roads, but a quick stroll in and your in a area which looks like a small movie theatre booth. You ring the doorbell and Mama San walks out.

    House fee: $60

    Led to a red lit room with a small bed massage bed, and chair. First time I went to an AMP with no TS but whatever. I was met by Kim, who seemed around her 30s. Not bad looking though. Nice big breasts and curvy ass. She said to undress and even helped me out of my boxers. The massage was ok, then the flip and right away she started feeling around my junk. She then starts with a cbj. Then asks what else do I want, at which I preceeded to say everything. This ante'd up to $100. She starts riding CG and then reverse CG. We then proceed to mish, in which I noticed she was really wet. I kept going at it, but noticed I wasn't going to pop soon. I think she noticed the same too, so she was nice enough to flip me over and give me a BBBJ, which ended in me finally popping. Her being so generous to do so made me tip another $40 extra. She gave me a hug, helped me dress up and said bye =).

    Total Damage:
    $200. Not bad.
  19. Hornyguyny


    Was it for the hour? Do they allow multiple shots?
  20. mnelly