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    Well, Booker won in a landslide, and JJ is headed for a runoff against another James. Considering both candidates have the same last name, it'd be pretty funny if it turns out to be a close race and the courts are called on to resolve myriad cases of voter confusion.
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    Some Possibilities

    Why this topic has generated little interest:

    1. Most of the people who monger in Newark (or P-town, Elizabeth, Irvington, etc.) don't actually live there, so they can't vote there (I fall into this category myself).
    2. People expect NJ politicians (certainly those from the aforementioned towns, among others) to be corrupt or to have skeletons in their closets that are far worse than a mongering past.
    3. The thought of criticizing someone for something that we do frequently is just too hypocritical to consider (please note that I didn't criticize JJ -- just pointed out a fact).
    4. We actually want him to win so Newark can return to its "glory days" (although a single Council member in opposition to a Booker administration won't have much impact).
    5. JJ is a prominent UG member and has threatened to have anyone who responds arrested.

    I guess we'll see tomorrow.
  3. Mr. User Name

    Mr. User Name

    I am surprised by how little attention this thread has generated.
    Tommorow is the big day in Newark and many other bergs in Jersey.

    Let’s keep up the tradition of voting early and voting often.
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    If any of you have been following the election dramas being played out in the fair city of Newark, you've undoubtedly noticed that despite the Mayor's decision to withdraw from the race, the "James Gang" (Booker's terminology, not mine) is looking to perpetuate its political legacy in at least one way -- Sharpe's son, John, is running for the City Council.

    What I find amusing is that James fils used to be a regular at my usual Newark haunts. It'll be interesting to see if this becomes an issue during the campaign -- somehow I doubt it.
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