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  1. Bandaid


    bucks, you registered without having read the rules, and you will be sore chastised for it.

    # There are many threads where you could read discussion and find recommendations of places to go.

    # If you understandably couldn't relate the locations mentioned in the threads to where you are, you could have done your research and then posted in the In Search Of (ISO) section, the only place where questions are to be posted.

    # There is no IMing here. Back channel is strictly forbidden. If it was allowed, there would be no more public information on this board ever, as information would become 'money.' If you had read the rules, you'd have seen that.

    # You could have not hit the "Post" button twice, but anybody can do that. You have two identical threads up.
  2. bucks12


    Hey Guys, just found this site, seems to be a lot of info on here. I've been reading for a while but having a hard time finding info on SC"s around where I'll be staying. I don't know the area at all, so would like to find something clsoe and was hoping someone could help out.

    Anyway, I'll be staying in Tinton Falls and was looking for a good SC close by that offered extras, what would be the best one? Or even a good indy thats not overpriced that offers good services, young petite tight body is my thing. Would even go for an erotic massage. I see cabaret in Eatonton but have not read good reviews? Can someone let me in on the scene, can IM me if you'd like.

    If anyone is ever in the Chicago area and needs advice would be more than willing to help out.