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Discussion in 'New York' started by April, Mar 12, 2006.

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  1. MikitheMilf


    Miss you...

    We had a blast...come back when you get bored and we can get into some serious trouble...
  2. al900


    Come back in the Summer, when it's deathly hot in FL.
  3. LaraNyc


    You've gone back to where you live now? Oh April, that's too bad! I would of liked to of met up for a drink. Oh well. Nyc is a great place though. Why without Nyc where would we all be? In New Jersey :) The greatest................. In the world.
    Anyway, when are you planning on returning? I feel the way you do at times in Ny, mostly when I am sitting in traffic and the car next to me grosses me out. When you do plan to return, send me a note as I would love to have a drink with you!
    Glad things are going well with your move!! You will always be missed here(don't think for a second that anyone forgets you)!
  4. Kimmie


    Sometimes it snows in April..
  5. jiffy_squid


    I don't know, Brooklyn is pretty lazy. Lots of dogs, too. I think it just depends WHERE you are in NYC.
  6. manohgod2


    Miss you a lot April! :)
  7. April

    April Member<br><color=red> First in war, first in peace

    BUT, I'm so glad I no longer live in NYC.

    Before anyone get's pissy.....I'm a born and bred NY'er to the fullest.

    Born in Da Bronx....raised on LI.....and found NYC sometime in my early 20's.

    After NOT living in NY for more than a year I've learned that life is NOT supposed to be so chaotic and fast paced. There was a time that I created my own chaos, just to be moving non-stop and not giving myself time to think.

    It's so nice to be able to wake up and have coffee in my p.j.'s on my hammok with my 4 dogs running crazy in my yard. So nice to walk to the end of the driveway to not only GET my mail but to MAIL my mail. Nice to walk into a place and have people talk to you.

    I DO miss some NY stuff.....there's a few people that are dear to me in NY. I DO miss the pizza, the ice cream, the 24 hr delivery, going out at 3 am and finding something to do when you can't sleep. Not having to get in my car and drive a mile to get a pack of smokes or gd forbid I run out of rolling paper!

    I love NY for about 2 weeks....then I start going a bit bonkers and want to go home. Who knows it might of had a little something to do with the fact I was freezing and wouldn't leave the apt for days at a time because I HATE being cold.

    After being able to sit back and relax about life.....I don't think I could ever be a full time ny'er again....nor do I want to.

    After this week (it's bike week in Daytona) if I never see another MC again it will be too soon! I have a feeling I'll be visiting NY during next years bike week lol!