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Discussion in 'New York' started by pfloyd, May 16, 2001.

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  1. thelastone


    Re: Re: Lurker- you had the guts to surface

    Well put pfloyd.

    My sentiments exactly. :)

    After your visit, let us know how it went.

  2. Tankcommander


    I'd rather have a lurker, than a loudmouth...

    With nothing interesting to say...LOL
    I guess that puts me in the "non-lurker" category...
  3. pfloyd


    Re: Lurker- you had the guts to surface

    How ironic, I read your post about lurkers a few minutes after I posted my question.

    In response to that post I would like to make a few comments. I don't know about othr lurkers, but I am only an occasional hobbyist. I do not have the funds to hobby on any regular basis. That being the case, I do not have anything of substance to contribute to the board. On those occasions that I do see someone, it is usually someone that has been reviewed numerous times. On the other hand, although I know all the regulars handles, I would never use anyones name as a reference without explicit permission. In every group of people there will be a few bad apples, and I'm sorry that you got burned by one of them, but I don't think they represent the majority of all lurkers.
  4. Buck


    Hey Carl,

    There are many lurkers amongst the hobbyist population, UMMMMMMM, me being one of them. I greatly appreciate the advice, knowledge and insight that you and your peers have provided. Although I have never been to Nicole Rio's a noon trip is soon planned.

    Thank you to everyone!!!!
  5. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    Lurker- you had the guts to surface!

    Now I will repay! I have seen her she is total GFE- DFK, DATY, BBBJ etc- about 5'10"- Cuban/Argentinian- tell her I said Hi! Oh by the way did you read my Lurker Thread!
  6. pfloyd


    I've been lurking here for the past several months, and am popping my head above ground to ask a quick question. I just got an email from Nicole Rio suggesting I see Margo, and I was wondering if anyone can give me some detailed info on her?