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Discussion in 'Cheap Thrills' started by Shoot2Thrill, Aug 5, 2003.

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  1. Cloud Nine

    Cloud Nine I had to open my big mouth.......

  2. bushleaguer

    bushleaguer The CDC

    You're right Mr. Name - when I think topless I include places where they bare most of the breast but use those small covers for their nipples.
  3. Mr. User Name

    Mr. User Name

    Unless something has radically changed in the past 10 days or so, neither of these places are topless !

    In Jersey, if beer or booze is served, it is under the ABC, not local. Therefore there will no no nudity whatsoever.(legally that is).

    Nude or topless is available in juice bars or bring your own - club type arrangements.

    The only reason I would go to either of these is if I had an arrangement to see one of the dancers. The Newark clubs are superior.
  4. bushleaguer

    bushleaguer The CDC

    Just to add Franks Chicken House in Manville to the "Dollar Parade" list.
    I haven't been there in a while, but what has kept me away is the constant flow of dancers that come over to where you are sitting and get a buck from you by doing a brief dance. They approach you unsolicited and leave you little choice but to cough up that dollar. Once I was blindsided by a dancer who was fat and ugly, and I didn't want to tip her. She did her dance and I looked at her and said "Uh, thanks." She started hassling me for a tip, and I got fed up and said, "Well, Im sorry but Im all out of singles and I didn't really ask for you to come over anyway." She started to raise her voice about how she gave me a dance and I owed her something in return. So I went to the cashier and got change to shut her up. I don't know if things have changed since...but I doubt it.

    Torpedo's in Bound Brook is a topless place that offers lap dances for (if I remember correctly) $20 per song. Very little contact allowed...nothing more than hands on hips. The dancers were fairly attractive. Drinks were overpriced.
    Down the road from Torpedo's in Bound Brook is The Showplace. Topless with overpriced drinks and a hit or miss variety of dancers. I haven't been there in over a year...no lap dancing at all back then. Had convenient parking across the street in a lot. Place had a local feel to it - lots of patrons who looked like blue-collar guys looking to throw a few back after a long day.
  5. Shoot2Thrill


    Clancy's - Bloomfield NJ

    Stopped in a few times lately. General disappointing,
    boarding on being a horror show! The place has
    typically been empty and the dancers very lackluster.
    The dancer quality varies yet there are too few
    winners, maybe three per week. Basically is just not
    an entertaining place. Moreover, the basic lap dance
    price has risen from $10. to $15 which just further
    put a damper on the value. Two Thumbs down

    Boris's Place - Passaic NJ

    Stopped by once lately. Two dancers both cute in an
    agency class way. The dancers gave the old school
    flash pretty often. No lap dancing keeps a lid on the
    cheap thrills. Recommend stopping by on Wednesday or
    Saturday. (Wednesday you need a note to explain why
    you can't be at ASS C NYC)

    Looker's - Elizabeth NJ
    Stopped by several times at night post 11:00 PM the
    place is typically fairly filled. A lot of dancers
    and they tend to be some of the most attractive
    around. Nevertheless, most of them are professional
    grade so unless your paying big time your not going to
    get any attention. This club is the loudest
    club I have been to by far. It is absurd and I'm sure
    it is detrimental to long term hearing.
    Dollar Parade Alert

    Shaker's - Carlstadt NJ

    Stopped by once seemed a little boring. Nice dancer's
    but nothing really noteworthy.

    Showoff's West Orange NJ

    Stopped off a number of times. Place is always empty
    and dancers are pretty poor.
    This seems to be club that feature largely WOC which
    is welcome but this if it's going to be run like this
    I expect it go under or generate a very meager
    existence.Two Thumbs down

    VIP- Orange NJ
    Stopped by a few times, very disappointing. Schedule
    always seems to be more wrong than right, maybe one or
    two dances are decent per evening but who wants to pay
    the 8 that are also present that are too lethargic to
    remove some clothes. Painful. Two Thumbs down
    Dollar Parade Alert

    Hi Beams - Paterson NJ
    Place is very bad lately, stopped in Saturday night to
    find Cash and Modesty working. Two candles can't
    illuminate the horror show this place has reverted
    back to.

    Cinderella's - Elizabeth NJ
    Nice selection of WOC dancers. A little too
    conservative for me, seems much like Lookers.

    Uncle Charlie's - Linden NJ
    Stopped by a few times, I like the mix of dancers,
    generally attractive, energetic and fresh. Lap
    dancing is a joke and mileage is real low but I really
    liked the talent.
    Might be interesting to visit VIP Linden and this
    place back in forth in the same night.

    Nardones - Elizabeth NJ
    Interesting. Too many dancers! To sit at the bar it
    would be scary to find out how expensive that would
    be. Nevertheless, they do have a number of dancers
    that are pretty hot and while not super fresh are
    Dollar Parade Alert

    AJ's - Secaucus NJ
    Similar to Lookers, only four times the size with 30%
    fewer dancers. Bring you binoculars. The men's room
    attendant just illustrates to me that this club is
    show and no go.

    Heart Breakers - Bloomfield NJ
    Generally agency grade Brazilian and Russian dancers.
    Dancers are fairly skilled at using the largely "day
    worker" customer base.

    Shooters 22
    Nothing overly noteworthy, however lap dancing is
    getting more popular! (I almost acquiesced to these
    $20 low mileage performances myself because some of
    the dancers are just that hot). Yet, club is absurdly
    expensive from the dollar parade perspective.
    Dollar Parade Alert

    Dollar Parade Alert= A club booking too many dancers
    to the point that a customer sitting at the bar will
    spend in excess of $30 per hour just in basic
    gratuitous dancer tipping. Often, especially in the
    "upscale clubs", to be accompanied by dancers who are
    too lethargic or attitude challenged to remove the pre
    stage outfit?