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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by denver, Jul 5, 2001.

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  1. Humble Narrator

    Humble Narrator

    My picks and pans for JCW

    OK, here goes.

    I would agree with Denver on Tanja (yes, she spells it with a "J"). Although I very much like the look and when she gets on the table and puts it in my face during the finale (permits mutual touching here, but have never asked for DATY) it was quite a nice experience. That said, she is still phoning it in mostly. I've seen her several times (3-4) and she seems to get more brief with each session, so I have stopped repeating with her.

    Leah: was my favorite before I met Ivanna. Still a great time. Very intelligent lady, pretty, natural, regular cute girl. Some BTB, but only HR ultimately. Depending on when you catch her during the month, she can be quite arousable and does permit mutual touching, if done gently and well. I like her and consider her a guaranteed successful visit.

    Marylin: This is an interesting case. She's is from South America (Argentina, I think) and has a terrific accent, but does have a little trouble with English at times. She's not a hardbody, but she is really into what she does. I have seen her only once, but really enjoyed myself. Her skills far outweigh her somewhat less than fabulous appearance. Also, she is quite a nice lady, which counts a lot for me.

    Ivanna: Well, she is the bomb. Israeli girl that I really hit it off with. I have yet to catch her again, due to schedule mismatches, but am very much looking forward to seeing her again. She is quite curvy, but not fat really. Here's another case of a lady who is not a knockout, but once the door shuts, it is a terrific time. Her massage is quite good and while the session was on hr, we did quite a bit of btb, mutual touching and both had a great time. She has a wonderful laugh as well.

    I haven't been there in a few weeks, but expect I will be back there soon. Anybody else have any suggestions? What about extras? I suspect they are available from some of the ladies, but haven't figured out which ones yet.
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    Dominique is sick, very sick and needs rehab. Got a review on Asia?
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    Rose: looks okay, massage lame, not too friendly not recommended
    Donna: Black, Pines girl, FS avaliable, quite friendly. Looks okay
    Dominique: Pine girl, FS avaliable, not friendly, looks sick, skinny, not recommended
    Amber: A knockout; very friendly, no FS but excellent session.
    Nadine: Russian, looks average, mechanical session
    Vivian: Pines girl, looks okay, FS, lame sessionn
    Jamie: looks average, very friendly and ready to pls, excellent session
    Mitchel: Black, looks okay, friendly and ready to please
    Diamond: Pretty, too stuck up, not warm, keeps a mile away
    Marie: hispanic, short, looks okay, not friendly, a bit stuck up
    Emily: Pretty, very friendly, ready to please, may have left
    Sarah: Pretty, not warm, slim, gives a very decent massage though
    Sabrina: looks average, warm. Massage was lame
    Geena: looks decent; stays a mile away and not really into it.

    JC World

    Denis: looks okay, friendly, can be moody, when on can be ready to please
    Sierra: mechanical, a mile away, looks fair
    Tanya: looks like a guy, mechanical, wants session over in 10mins
    Veronica: looks okay, not warm
    Kim: pretty, slim, warm session
    Mia: Asian, looks average, session okay

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