NJ - Reviewing Ivana of Siberia (Butler)

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by nj_buck, Aug 27, 2001.

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  1. YankeeCrankee


    More NNJ 'jackhouses'

    Anyone ever try any MP's in Sussex County? There is an AMP above a Radio Shack in Sparta, i'll have to check it out someday. I wonder if they'll honor my Radio Shack Battery Club Card?

    Here's another question:
    Would eat at a chinese restaurant that was adjacent to a AMP? I would, but i'd avoid the egg-drop soup.

  2. nj_buck


    Thats the one...

    yup.. wellness center on the window. I really didnt care for it.

    I have been going to the other one you mention in peaquannock on 23, though I found the place clean and the girls pretty decent. Its called ABD, I have a few reviews posted on them.
  3. YankeeCrankee


    Is this the place?

    Is this the place adjacent to a video store, about 1/2 a mile south of the Burger King on Rt. 23 north?

    There is lettering on the glass that says "Wellness Center"?

    Did you ever check out the place a few miles south from there on Rt.23 north, across the highway from the Spa 23 Health Club, right next to a travel agency? I heard they got busted a few months back. I see now there is some sort of 'by appointment only" salon there now. I wonder if they are back in business.
  4. nj_buck


    Date: 8/24/2001
    Agency: Siberia
    Referral: Daily Record
    Provider: Ivana
    Phone: (973) 838-5005
    Email: none
    URL: none
    City/State: Butler, NJ
    Area: Route 23 North
    Type: Russian MP
    Category: Spa
    Services: Massage, Standard extras, CBJ offered ($1/2 for nude and bring your own party hat)
    Time Advertised: 1 hour
    Rushed Service: Yes, about 45 mins in actual
    Service Fee: $60
    Extras: $100 (see Comments)
    Total_Fee: $160
    Provider Haggled: No
    Accurate Advertisement: Yes
    Age: 40+
    Race: Russian
    Language Barrier: Very Slight
    Appearance: Somewhat attractive bleached blonde (roots showing) older provider with brown eyes and OK body.
    Breasts: Gravity has had its way.
    Attitude: Very nice and accomodating.
    Comments: Good overall massage although she did use words that I do not want to hear in the session (i.e. HJ, BJ). This made me particularly nervous since she laid her cell phone on a table about two feet from my head. I asked her to put her cell phone in the other room, she did. She asked if I wanted a hand job and informed me that it’s $40. Of course this gets my state of paranoia is through the roof. I told her that I do not use words like that, and that they can be misconstrued by LE. She pressed me for the amount of my tip further. I decided to tell her that I ALWAYS tip $100. She asked what I expect for the tip and I said 'I don’t expect anything', and then 'surprise me'. I was almost expecting LE to break in the door and then she started disrobing and said that for $100 you get nude and a HJ. We proceeded onto a very decent , if not pretty standard session.

    Now, I don't want to get off on a rant here, (in my best Dennis Miller) but when are providers going to get it through their heads that we do not want to be propositioned in a way that could potentially land us with our names in the papers or worse. In NJ there are certain standards that any hobbyist knows. When I say I tip $100, its because I KNOW what it buys, so strip down to what god gave ya and start cranking baby. At least that’s my opinion. I could be paranoid.

    Recommended: No - A little to old looking for my taste