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  1. nj_buck


    Date: 8/13/2001
    Agency: ABD
    Referral: Daily Record
    Provider: Laura
    Phone: (973) 831-9536
    Email: none
    URL: none
    City/State: Peaquannock, NJ
    Area: Route 23 South
    Type: Russian MP
    Category: Spa
    Services: Massage, Standard extras
    Time Advertised: 1 hour
    Rushed Service: No
    Service Fee: $60
    Extras: $100 (see Comments)
    Total Fee: $160
    Provider Haggled: No
    Accurate Advertisement: Yes
    Age: 23
    Race: Eastern European (Belarusa)
    Language Barrier: Slight
    Appearance: Blue eyed cutie girl with blonde hair to the shoulders. Her freckles and girlish smile add to her youthful appearance. Very attractive overall with the exception of a scar that runs lenthwise down her torso from the top of her breast to her lower belly.
    Breasts: Youthful and perky, right one is scarred.
    Attitude: Very sweet, intelligent and accomodating. Friendly but not overly talkative.
    Comments: I was smitten when I first walked in and saw this girlish cutie. I immediately asked to have a session with her. She gave a decent light body rub. May be even good, if you like that sort of massage. Personally, I much prefer a deeper massage, but if that is what I was looking for I would have gone to an AMP. I rolled over and began touching her, she seemed to enjoy it and asked if I wanted and extras. I opted for nude. She didnt hesitate, though I did notice that she tried to keep her rigth side away from me. I thought nothing of it, touching was allowed and enjoyed in all places. She is very gentle and I think new to the business, but I prefer that shyness, I am sure that it has something to do with a desire to corrupt innocense or something else base in my character 8P ANYWAY, we continued fondling fondly and I eventually got to her right breast, where I felt that smooth tough skin that can only be scar tissue, it seemed to cleave her nipple in two . I didnt shudder. I am a bit too jaded for that, though I did have to stop myself from sitting up and taking a better look. I ran my hand down her belly and found the end of the scar then I went back to the left breast and to her bottom. The scar is most unfortunate for so many reasons, formost in my mind, perhaps selfishly so, is the fact that this girl has such a great attitude and made me feel like a friend ( I am steering clear of the term GFE for a reason 8P ). I do not think I will see her again, though every other aspect of what I am looking for in a MP was there. The scar doesnt bother me, persay, but it is hard to get in the mood to see her when my mind keeps drifting back to it.
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