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Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by nj_buck, Aug 28, 2001.

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  1. reddog22


    All Russian places that I've been to charge $100 for a nude HR. You can play with them and I've DATY with most, but no BJ. Does anyone know of a Russian place that offers BJ. You can go to most AMP for less.
  2. Crazyphingers


    thats gotta make you feel reassured
  3. biggod

    biggod The Rifleman

    That's why you see that big old bottle of mouth wash in the bathroom of asian places. After I DATY a small cup with mouth wash was handed to me.
  4. nj_buck


    Spit Transmission

    FYI: There are many STDs that can live in saliva. Hepititis B for one, and it is VERY comon in asian countries.
  5. Maratekk


    no to much to worry about the spit. The spit wuld have had to contain blood in it and you would also have to have a cut "somewhere" for anything to be transmitted. Trust me on this i had to take a bloodborne pathogen refresher course last night
  6. SpaMonger


    absurdword, your experience is pretty much the standard menu offered at this AMP.

    You might want to try Gina, Korean about 24 y/o and nice body.

  7. absurdword


    newbie review studio205

    excuse the miscues in advance.

    appointment made easily over the phone. Made the mistake the first time around of stopping by without one, was told it would be an hour before there would be someone available. suffice it to say came back the next day with one.

    I got nancy a 30's korean , a little giggly, nice body.

    Went with a body shampoo warm up. Not very erotic but one can always imagine. Then went on to a hard back rub. Best I've ever had for about twenty minutes. Then she started a little sensual touching which led to the happy ending.well not the end end. she finished with a little more massaging. my disappointment was that she didn't allow as much roaming as i'm accustomed to.

    tipped 50 would have gone less for her uncooperativeness, but thinking about the future possibilities and it still was one of the best rub downs I've ever had . plus 60 house

    all in all nice clean place, good rub, good looking girls. I've had better and worse in so many different ways.

    am i missing anything?
  8. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    If I'm getting your reference to the area you are describing correctly, I can't see too much harm in that. However, there are some women who won't do a BBBJ, but think nothing of covering "him" with saliva. I never liked that, in that it sort of seems like the "worst of both worlds" ( i.e. risk without return ).
  9. nj_buck


    Ruby's age

    She did seem suddenly older to me as well. Not too sure why.
  10. nj_buck



    As anyone that reads my posts knows, I have a real problem with doing anything "unsafe".

    I had a problem this week with Ruby and was wondering if anyone has had this happen to them or perhaps thought of a way to prevent it.

    Now, to put this tactfully, I was receiving a very nice rubdown from Ruby when she decided to kiss me in a very sensitive area. 'taint ;) easy to describe exactly where, but I think you get the idea.

    Shortly after this, I was approaching a happy ending to my massage when I suddenly realized that Ruby hadn't reached for the oil. I groped at myself and sure enough, I was covered in spit. I after my massage I had her wash me down with alcohol, though I am not sure how effective that is against germs.

    Needless to say, I wont be seeing Ruby again, though I do like to meet new and interesting women at massage parlors. And I believe that my routine will change. As soon as I roll over, I will request some oil to be used in certain areas.

    Words to the wise,
  11. SpaMonger


    Yesterday, I had another fine, satisfying session with Ruby.

    Great scrub, massage, backwalk and rub. Session ran over-time, about 1hr 20 min, and I tipped $60.

    That being said, I now believe Ruby to be approx. 35 years old and not 25 as stated in NJ Buck's aforementioned review.

    Nevertheless, if your looking for a clean place and a good massage and rub, Studio 205 has my personal seal of approval.
  12. nj_buck


    Amp in Westwood?


    Glad you agree about Ruby. Can you email me contact info or directions to AMP in westwood. I have never been there.


  13. SpaMonger


    nj_buck, yep everything you describe about Ruby is correct.

    In fact, she loves bitting nipples and talking dirty which is somewhat uncommon for AMP.

    If your into strong massage, I suggest you try Jane of
    the AMP in Westwood by the hosiptal. She is about 22, very shapely with a nice rack and good looking. Believe it or not, she gives a stronger, deeper massage than Ruby.

  14. nj_buck


    Ruby Again

    Saw Ruby again yesterday and once again I had a playful, splendid time. As she puts it "Massage strong and much play good too." 8)

    I will translate for you; Ruby provides an amazing shiatsu style massage. You had better like it rough, she is relentless and is the only masseuse ever to get me to request that she go a little softer. Then she proceeds to an invigorating HR. One for the books for sure.

    If you have seen ruby based on my recommendation please let me know. I am interested to see if everyone gets the same treatment with her.

  15. Richie


    misterxyz -

    I know all about Bridgeport, but it is a four hour round trip for me so I only get up there when I go see one of my clients. I love Fantasy Modeling, but haven't been there in a while. Actually the only problem with Bridgeport is doing Fantasy and then going to one of the high milage bars there in the same trip.
  16. Humble Narrator

    Humble Narrator


    Interesting. I was at the Gold Club near downtown Hartford last week and was shocked at the $30 nude laps, which were nothing to write home about. No extras.

    When I asked the hottest girl there about extracurriculars and/or if she knew of any MPs or incall places, she about fainted. She couldn't believe a "man like [me] would do something like that!". This after she had been rubbing her pussy up and down the length of my cock for 10 minutes.

    Go figure.
  17. misterxyz


    You NJ guys are being short changed. Come to CT where the door fee is $60 and BBBJ, DATY plus FS is available for $100. Stamford has several locations, but my favorite is Fantasy Modeling in Bridgeport.
  18. Richie


    Studio 205

    Guys - Try Judy at Studio 205. She has only been there a week. She is Japanese, a little older (32 or so I would guess), although she looked younger than that at first. Real enthusiastic. A bit paranoid, but I think will get better with subsequent visits. Real good session.
  19. SpaMonger


    YankeeCrankee, yea I used to go to that AMP in Pompton Plains on Rt. 23 North next to the Century 21 Real estate office before it was shut down. Interesting is that it is now a Russian massage place with European girls. I stopped in a few weeks ago to check it out and it looked dirty, so I left. Also didn't feel so good because I saw LE across the street in a diner.

    Anyways, back to Pompton Plains. Had alot of fun there with several asian providers. Candy and Susan were among my favorites. How I wish I knew where these two lovely ladies ended up.
  20. SpaMonger


    Date: 8/29/01
    Agency: Studio 205
    Referral: Record
    Provider: CiCi
    Phone: 201-368-5244
    Email: none
    URL: none
    City/State: Saddle Brook, NJ
    Area: Northern NJ
    Type: AMP
    Category: Spa
    Services: Massage
    Time Advertised: 1 hour
    Rushed Service: No
    Service Fee: $60
    Extras: $50 (see See Comments)
    Total_Fee: $110
    Provider Haggled: No
    Accurate Advertisement: Yes
    Age: 25
    Race: Korean
    Language Barrier: Yes
    Appearance: Small petite body about 90 lbs
    Breasts: Small B
    Attitude: Playful and relaxed

    Comments: I have gone to this AMP a few times. Have never had FS or the feeling that it was available. Normally, the massage you receive is generally excellent.

    CiCi is a small Korean girl with limited English and bad acne which is somewhat of a turnoff. Started out with nice shower. After, a decent massage that included a good back walk. Finished with a average tug.

    Recommended: OK, but there are better girls