No sex in the champagne room?

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  1. billyS


    Gaslight Palor

    While we are on the subject, I stopped off in the gaslight recently and it was a slow night. This spanish chic on stage I guess was looking to make some money. I sat by the stage to tip her and before I could sit down she came over to me, kissed me on the mouth, and grabbed my cock. made horny by the grab I kissed her back and she teasingly slipped me some tongue. In a slutty spanish accent she told me she would jerk me off in the lap dance room. So I went with her there and sure enough she reached up my shorts and jerked me off, while I slipped my hand into her G and fingered her. I've been to the Gaslight alot, ( I've seen it remodeled 3 times) and nothing like this ever happen before. Guess I just got lucky
  2. billyS


    Gossip Club

    At the Gossip Club, RT 110 in Melvlie if you go on a week night when its slow, the girls get real aggressive. Lap dances are real hot there. They always go after your cock. Afew girls have grabbed it. But there is action in the VIP room downstairs. Problem is thats its real expensive. But I'll tell you. Around Xmiss I was with a girl that was so hot looking, a 10+, that by the time she jerkked me off my cock was harder than its been in years. I guess it was a combination of her being so hot looking, she put a lot of effort into it and I really didn't expect my cock to leave my pants. I have a feeling BBBJ might be possible


    My experience with this sort of thing is that women at strip clubs will offer extras if they want to give them. Though sometimes, if you seem to be getting along really well with one in particular, it can't hurt to ask. They're used to it. At the very worst, unless you're a complete slug about it, they'll excuse themselves and go back to work.
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  5. eggy


    Out and about on Saturday evening, I was quoted $60 entrance and $100 tip for a 30 minute get-away to the champagne room. Having never tried, I have always understood that this is a rip-off.

    With the understanding that it depends on the club, YMMV, etc., what's the most anyone has ever gotten out of one of these experiences? How can they justify that kind of price considering what can be had for that price from a standard provider?