No-show Nicolette

Discussion in 'New York' started by jras, Oct 1, 2001.

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  1. crowe


    I saw her about three years ago. Probably one of the most regrettable experiences of my wild days. I wish the word would get out to everyone about her, too. I for one, would like to see her banished.

    But I know this. She's very crafty. And somehow she's here, on Jag, everywhere. She knows what we think, but there's a sucker born every minute.
  2. BIGd



    I saw her about 2 years ago in her mid-town hotel. She was much larger than her pics revealed. On the plus side, she gave a very enthusiastic bbbj including dirty talk. However, my hour was about 40 mins .... 1 shot and she's dressed and showing you the door. There is better out there.
  3. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    Thanks JRAS

    I was thinking of seeing her because she is over in Garden City. Also saw mixed reviews- now I will definitely not waste my time and effort!
  4. jras


    OK OK I got what I deserved. Was surfing the BigDog last week and stumbled across an ad for a traveling SP to LI -- that would be Nicolette. I was a little wary after coming across very mixed reviews on same board (didn't see the Dallas reviews til too late!), but she looked very pretty in a borderline BBW sorta way, sweet southern accent, incall rates were decent, she promptly returned my emails and phone call, and I was horny as hell and looking for something new and convenient for LI. Set up an hour appointment for Sat morning. I called her cell early that morning to confirm as she requested and to get final directions to her LI location. She picked up and said she was experiencing unspecified problems at her motel/hotel; she said she would call back in 10-15 minutes. That was the last contact. No return call, no pickup on her cell (couldn't even leave a massage), basically the same MO as warned in some of the aforementioned posts. At first I was really worried about her -- she sure seems to have a lot of bad luck! But maybe it's just bad karma. She needs to get it together ASAP or get out of the biz before she pisses off the wrong guy.
    Anyway, I headed back to Hawaii to see Hannah again and quickly forgot about Nicolette!! Thanks Hannah for the attitude adjustment (and everything else).
    caveat emptor,