No shows, constant tardiness-I dont get it!

Discussion in 'New York' started by BigMadM, Feb 26, 2003.

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    Was she okay?
  2. kongfish


    ********, everytime i see a post from you, my stomach twists, not in a sick way, i just like your ethics and am upset that I do not know what place you run. I would be there 2 times a week. Stay on top of your girls, one bad one and you lose repeats. I know i stoped going to places because of just two bad experiences.

    I have had some bad experiences. One time a provider made me wait 15 minutes and ended the session w/o giving me back the 15. Another time someone finished HR with 25 min left and left room and called her boss, when i questioned, she asked why I shot so fast. Well maybe it was your lightning HR and finger in my ass. This was a high end place, i just do not see this a-hole anymore.

    If I am late 15minutes, i expect 15 minutes less, it was my fault
    so i suck it up. I had to cancel once 1/2 hour before, I insisted next time that the provider get double fee if they cannot re-book
    and she give her boss half. I do not know if she gave half, but i gave double. I felt bad for the place, they are always good to me. But it works both ways with me. These girls make alot of money.
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    After reading all the response I got from this, and the Agency thread, and alot of *****s and Ims from regular posters, I am now handling this with a new approach.
    I make no apologies to any girl or agency in the past that stood me up.
    But, since Im being told to stop crying like a baby, I will never post again(in reference to anyone or any agency as a complaint) about no shows or lateness.
    Its a big hobby, and there is good, and shit, and we all have to take a bite of the shit now and then.
    And since Im hobbying 2-3 times a week, Im going to just have to eat a little more shit than the guy that hobbys once a week.

    The reason for posting this:
    This week, I tried to arrange for a few special sessions.
    A favorite girl of mine, wanted to do Tuesday. I couldnt, I had Heidi and Nicky.
    So, she opted for weds and then cancelled on me Tues night and asked to do it Thurs. Ok I said, I just wouldnt call a girl for Thurs.
    She then, last nite after 9 pm, cancelled on me again. Twice in one week. Thats a record for me.
    So, not letting it bother me, IM not crying over a skinnned knee, no more, I just decided since I had no cell phone access last nite, to get up today and start the search at 7:15am, after wifey is gone.
    I know only one girl that might answer the phone by 8am., and called. Yep shell do me at 11am. Fine
    11am, me sitting in the Q, thumb up my ass. Second time with this one also. Last time, she was almost 2 hours late.
    No complaints, I called her 15 times, and left at 11:30 since I didnt hear one word from her.(I hope she is ok, she never returned my call all day. Im a bit concerned, because even when she was late, she kept in contact)
    Opened my phone book right there in the Q, called April.(I wanted originally to see april On thursday, but my UTR told me she needed to push back appt until thurs.. So I had to miss april this week in LI. Voice mail. (naturally, april did call back but it was right after I started a session, april always calls back.)Then I called another gorgeous women from manhattan, but when I called and said IM in the Q, she immediately said, what happened, get stood woman. She was at work and couldnt leave. Ok, next called a few more indies, no one picking up at 11 or 11:10 am......Fuck it, Im going home, Ive spent 56 on room, left a 5 dollar room tip, and purchased a 22 dollar teddie bear with the original girls name on it...the one that was supposed to see me at the Q(saw it a week ago in a place.) OUt 83 bucks, I ate my shit pie today.
    Im in the car, and I think, what agency might be open this early and help me out, salvage the day. AAA. tiffany came thru.

    While Im driving from Queens out to suffolk county, I realize I dont have enough for AAAs fee. Well, I do, with the cost of the room, but nothing left for tip. I dont ever use credit card or atm. ONly choice is to stop home, or call tiff and tell her my problem.
    I ask her if I could owe her 50 and at least have some tip for the girl.
    Remember, I know Tiffany long before I ever posted on this board.
    I was noone but Mike to her.
    But, being BMM, now, she let me slide for the 50,(although if this happened a year ago, she would have let mike slide for it also., no doubt, she knows how to treat a semi-regular customer.) but I promised her next week Ill either bring it to one of her drivers, or Ill just give it back to her when I rebook. I use them now and then.(Salone isnt working currently, and shes my sweetheart.)
    So it worked out for me.
    I had to eat alot of shit today, cancelled on once, and a no show, and 85 bucks in the hole, but I had a great day anyway.
    No names, Not anymore. Not from this poster.
    But this is a glimpse into what we all have to deal with. Today was just so perfect for this thread.
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    Waist Product

    Thats why you should always take youre cloths off A F T E R you leave the waiting room//
  5. justme

    justme homo economicus

    (And it's not like most Doctors who've been practicing for 30 odd years shouldn't have a really, really good idea of how long any given appointment will take)

    Heh, I just realized that the feeling I get when I'm naked and waiting for some chick to return from AMP never never land is about the same feeling I get when I'm naked and waiting for the doctor to actually get around to seeing me.
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    MJC: Hey Slinky! How ya been?

    Slinky: I'm doing well except for this damned itching.

    MJC: Didn't you have a doctor's appointment today?

    Slinky: Yeah, but I left because he wouldn't see me within 45 minutes of the scheduled appoinment.
  7. BigMadM

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    Sorry, not me, had to edit original response. I get alot of chances to fuck dancers/strippers semi pros, new girls-meaning down on their luck shit out of money, 19 y/os that are real cute, slim, but if I have no clue what shes like in service, I skip it.
    No way Im shelling out money because a girl looks good.
    Hell no. Id rather see a 6, that could bring me to levels Ive never had before, than to see an 8 thats a cold dead fish.

    Dee- you are in the top 3 % of reliable providers and attitude towards service. Dont even put yourself in this thread with these type of girls thats being discussed here.
    I doubt you would ever, ever leave a customer hanging. Ever.
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  8. greekgirlinnj

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    ok so say this happens

    u have to cancel a thursday appt due to snow..u rebook for an appt the next day then the john ask for u to show up a half hour earlier no biggie right

    u leave 1 hour 15 min before appt because its a 50 min outcall ride for 2 hour appt

    then u are stuck on the cross bronx for an hour now u call him and tell him to listen to traffic report so he knows u aint lying why u are late

    u show up 45 min late but not your fault

    he gets a call 90 min into the session and he has to run..

    so because u feel bad u ran late even though its not your fault u hand him 50 back

    certain things are out of our hands..but some of u guys i actually pay attention..i still say its not my fault but i guess i did the right thing he was in shock i gave him 50 back
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  9. justlooking



    I'm sorry you deleted that post. I thought it was hilarious.
  10. MJC185


    Even though Slinky says he was not comparing professions, I think he had it right.

    Doctors and providers share one huge advantage over their clients...

    We need them, they do not need us.

    If a doctor/provider is good at what they do, they will always have people wanting appointments. Take it a step further with a provider: If she is hot, even if she is not proven to be good at what she does, she will STILL have people wanting appointments.

    I believe that in general, most doctors as well as providers do nt respect their clientele. We are the ATM to them as Slinky mentioned.

    Slinky...even when you walk out on your doctors who make you wait 45 minutes , they never notice it in their wallets...and ultimately you are only hurting yourself because you were at the doctor's office for a reason. It's got the be the same for any good looking provider.

    Just my .02
  11. Slinky Bender

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    I'm not comparing professsions at all. However, if the docs out on LI don't do this, perhaps you're not familiar with what happens all too often (especially with any "specialists") here in Manhatan. What happens is that they routinily and severely overbook so that they will never experince one minute of thier own downtime, at the expense of many patients waiting extreme amounts of time. I'm not talking about some "emergency at a hospital", I'm talking about doctors who it's absolutely impossible to ever not wait more than an hour for an appointment which you show up on time for, because they so overbook that you always have to wait. And the funny thing is, it's for the same reason that you are complaining about: they have no respect for their patient's time.


    I FEEL YOUR january a not to be named northeastern pa provider left me hanging. like a hoursesass i payed for the hotel room. she never showed. maybe she was getting revenge on me when i had to cancel when my son got sick and went into the hospital. but i gave her several days notice and explained i was a single parent. such is life... at least i got a good nap at the hotel before i went home.... michael
  13. BigMadM

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    Sorry slinky, now youre comparing professions. Physicians and whores.
    I can accept when my dentist needs 10 extra minutes to extract a tooth. Or when my physician had an emergency at a hospital, and is running 2 hours late. I always get called from office and can rearrange appt time.

    This is all irrelevant.

    The simple fact is that whores, not all ofcourse, dont respect the johns they have to fuck. They look at all johns like they are an ATM.
    This is the only thing Ive learned in 28 years of hobbying.
    Let me repeat, not all the whores, just that 20% of them that are always the ones that stand out.

    And no, we are not the furthest things from their minds.
    Thinking of fucking me maybe, that is a tuff thing for them, but when they need money or are short for the bills, me or Im sure plenty of other johns are the first to get solicitation *****s or phone calls. Hey, how are you. I miss you. Yeah, how far is my wallet from her mind?
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  14. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    I don't know why, but I feel this compunction to point out how many "professionals" also are "late for appointments". How many times do you show up for an 11AM doctor's appointment and wait until 12 to be seen? I currently make a practice of walking out on any doctor after 45 minutes of waiting.
  15. Happy Hooker

    Happy Hooker

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  16. justlooking


    To repeat, neither I nor slinkybender is trying to excuse unprofessional conduct. But to complain about it in terms applicable to ordinary businesspeople is just insensitive, IMO.
  17. justlooking


    I knew someone was gonna say that.

    But that's like saying that if I'm stumbling down the street, bleeding from a knife wound, I'm showing a lack of respect for other people if I don't think to avoid bleeding on them.
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  18. Happy Hooker

    Happy Hooker


    THAT is a lack of respect.
  19. justlooking


    BMM, with all due respect, I think you're wrong about that and slinkybender is right. It doesn't excuse their conduct, but I don't think you can conceive of how some of these women you're dealing with feel. It's not a simple lack of respect for another person.
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  20. BigMadM

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    Its amazing though, I have nieces and nephews that are in 3rd grade, 5th come they can get up with an alarm clock every day and get to school on time.....these are 10 y/os......sure....the mom might feed them..but they get up....bath.....get dressed......and show up ON its all bullshit...its just a complete lack of respect for another person.
    And I also still love the parts about me being a whiner, another stupid point .
    Boards were meant to share info. Im sharing it.
    If some guy was going around not paying, or shortchanging girls, or worse, the girls would be on here screaming and backchannelling each other to beware of that scumbag.
    So Im telling the boys, beware of the shits that dont care about their clients.