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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by YankeeCrankee, Aug 28, 2001.

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  1. rmj17


    chantel of nj retired

    a couple of months ago.
  2. tonka


    Does anyone have a contact # for Chantel of nnj. I read some reviews of her on the erotic review, but her email keeps getting returned to me. Any info would be appreciated. Peace
  3. SpaMonger


    Thorn, hats off to you for a wonderfully informative
    piece of good advise.

    I certainly learned a thing or two and I'm sure others appreciate your words of wisdom.

  4. Thorn



    Personally I think its a situation by situation affair [pun intended].

    Outcalls can be LE just as easily as incall can. As a matter of fact, most stings used to arrest johns are either street or outcall stings.

    The safest bet, in my personal opinion, is incall from a KNOWN provider. This is exactly why boards of this type are a godsend to beginners. Incall providers who are reviewed by multiple individuals with known track records on the boards are almost always a safe bet from a security stand point.

    However, note that most women who do incall, because of a desire to remain safe themselves, can want a hefty amount of information about you [this is also true of "web independents"].

    So, I suggest the following. Again, stick to known quantities. Being the first guy to try the new girl no one has reviewed can be risky, particularly for beginners.

    ALWAYS use a back listed directory to check the number the provider gives you. If it comes back to ANYTHING other then to a hotel, OR an unlisted number then back off. If she isn't careful with her own information do not trust her to be careful with yours.

    Always have an eye out for vans, cabs, or 4 door sedans with no exterior trim. They are telltale signs of police "undercover" units. Vans and cabs are particularly used in stings.

    Girls who insist that you name a price for a particular act BEFORE they get naked are a dead giveaway for stings.

    NEVER mention a price for an act before the provider lets you see her goodies. If she is smart she's going to want to see yours too, prior to any mention of money.

    Why? Undercover's don't like to get naked, particularly on videotape [knowing its going to get shown in court]. Its not 100% sure thing, but its as close to one as you are going to get. So, if she refuses... say thank you very much and excuse her, then close the door if it is an outcall situation. If the cops come a knocking, no one has mentioned anything about money or sex and you can say she is someone you don't know who simply knocked on the wrong door. They then have to lie to convict you and most [not all, but most] cops won't go that far.

    Incall, the same applies. Don't talk money with a provider when you have already established a price for a session BEFORE you arrived.

    Smart providers will get acquainted with a little dialog, start the session... get naked, ask you do to the same and simply point to the night stand before going further... they know you know what that means. You are to leave the $$ on the night stand [or provided location], no mention of money. Its safer for them too, if you turn out to be a cop.

    If it is a sting, and no one got naked and no one mentioned $$ for sex, its a very weak case. Even if they taped the phone call prior, its problematic to make the connection between the guy who showed up and the guy who made the call. Not for a misdemeanor solicitation rap. Too much trouble. Especially if you were smart enough to use a payphone to make the date.

    Remember, getting busted is costly and embarrasing. Names have a tendency to show up in local papers where employers and families can see them.

    Always be safe. Always take precautions. Always use the big head first.

    [Disclaimer: I am not an expert in law or the enforcement of law. I make no claims as to the veracity of this information. It is offered as is. Its value is nothing more then the reader gives it and the author makes no claims and accepts no liabilities for its use.]

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  5. maryjane



    It was just my opinion hon.....................................As an outcall, I try to stagger locations as to not constantly be at the same places......

  6. Slimmy



    From my experience there are no sure fire ways to protect yourself. Just dive in! The way my luck has been going lately, I will go see a provider and SHE will be LE! Just go and let nature take its course. We all know what we are doing, and we all know what the consequences are.
  7. YankeeCrankee


    Incalls vs. Outcalls - Safety


    I would have to say I am looking for an incall experience, but I am pretty much open to anything interesting. I think there has to be some sort of arrangement that ensures safety for both the provider and the client.

    There seems to be a lot of 'bold' avertising on here, and I really wonder how wise that is. It's just an 'urban legend' that LE has to identify themselves as such if asked. I think a lot of providers think by just asking "are you LE?" is enough - it's not.

    As most of us know, LE will fabricate practically ANYTHING if they want to bust you.

    Safety is a concern of mine for the provider as well - who wants an uncomfortable provider?

    I am not sure what the typical setup is - does the client get the room and then wait for the provider? Do providers usually have motels they work with? Most of the 'adult' type hotels I have been to (although I have never been to one with a 'provider') seemed to be 'no questions asked'.

    So anyway, what is the safest arrangement for both the client and provider? Or, should I just stop being so paranoid and dive in head first? ;)

  8. DandyDon


    NNJ Indys

    MJ, Are you speaking from experience or is that just your opinion??? And if that's from experience, where do YOU work?? DD
  9. maryjane


    are u talking incall or outcall?

    Well, I am a gal but.......................

    I think if you see a reputable outcall indy then your safety chances are much higher......................this way it gives you more ability to control the situation such as location, etc.............I don't think too many indys set up shop at their own homes for obvious reasons...........


    MJ of NNJ
  10. YankeeCrankee


    Do any of you know of any independent NJ escorts and/or massage services who operate out of a house or apartment? I am a bit hesitant and using providers who are set up at motels, it seems as if it's inevitable that Johnny Law will eventually crack down on places like that.