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  1. lou70


    AmR what was the damage?
  2. pitman_nyc


    Anyone have any experience with this:

    S E X Y ❤❤❤❤❤ ____ ♛ E U R O P I A N ♛ ____ ♛ G I R L ♛ ____♛ EMMA ❤❤❤❤❤____ 646-251-9785 - 28

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    Poster's age: 28

    • Location: Westchester, New City, NANUET,NYACK rt.287, 303, 59,

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  3. AmR



    Saturday I just had a good time with Sasha. The pictures are soso accurate. Sasha did look like her picture but it was definitely photoshopped to the MAX haha. Well back to the experience. It was a two call system and I had to call at the hotel. Got the room number and walked it. This is my 3rd time doing a GFE in North Jersey so i was hoping for something special. But sadly it was just a good time. Walked in and went to deep DFK which is fine to me. Opted to take a nice shower which i got a nice BBJ from. Almosted finished right there but luckily I got to the bed still alive haha. Covered up and did the usual. The moaning was good but you can tell some of it was a little dramatic. Went the full hour and popped twice. I left happy but definitely expected more. Going to try more GFE in the future. Hopefully I can contact my old GFE that I used in NYC.

    Hope this hopes people that are looking to get a GFE experience.
  4. cableguy


    so its looking pretty dead out there....anyone? Did the real deal disappear?
  5. Torker


  6. Dave

    did you mispeak when you used the word "thread" in your second paragraph? Did you actually mean sub-forum?
  7. mandal81


    Edison Incall

    Tried another asian incall from CraigsList. Ad was similar to the one in my previous post. This time was in a hotel in Edison. CiCi looked a little like the picture in the ad. Pretty girl. Good time. Damage $160/HR.
  8. mandal81


    Hi there. My first post from a craigslist visit. Visited girl from this advertisement today. Gal in the RedRoof in was nothing like the one in the ad. The ad mentions table shower, and after she told me the location was a hotel on Route 1, she confirmed she had a table shower. In the room - no table, no shower, just the teeny hotel bathroom. Overall damage $100 for a 30 min cbj and cfs. Just average. Much better milage at massage parlors in the area.

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  9. DaveNJ


    Since the powers that be were kind enough to give us this sub-forum, I think its appropriate to dedicate this sticky thread in their honor. :)

    Hopefully with time, this thread will be chock full of info about what's good on NNJ CL, what to avoid, etc., without it getting buried in the main CL forum.

    FWIW, up until recently I haven't done more than window-shop on CL, but lately I've been keeping my eye out for that rare find. I'll do my best to report, and I hope you guys do the same. IMHO, there's not much out there on CL other than the same ol', same ol'. Every once in a while someone decent pops up though...
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