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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by sept11forever, Feb 1, 2003.

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  1. JaxHammer


    ekual, went to Rumors yesterday afternoon about 2:30, not much happening their. (2) American and (1) Latina. All seemed bored and pissed off that there was only 4 customers in the bar. Drank (1) beer and left before they could start hustling me for a dance or to buy them a drink.
  2. godzilla


    I travel to Newark and stay right by Penn Station.

    Does anyone have an update if there are any MP in the Ironbound and where they are located?
  3. ekual2003


    went to rumors...

    Went to Rumors last Friday during the afternoon time. I heard it would be good around that time, but the dancers there didnt look like they would give an extra mileage. There was a total of 3 dancers, all American. Didnt see any brazilian or ruskies anywhere here. Has anyone gotten extra mileage here lately at all?
  4. Toreador


    high heels

    On another forum quite a few ugers said there's much more mileage at rumors which is close to high heels.
  5. Thorn


    High Heels has a new lay out but nothing much changed since the last time I was there.

    I was up in that area on business a couple of weeks ago and stopped in for a beer. Three pretty dancers. Two Russians, one native born. I got the feeling, almost immediately, that the Russian dancers where friendly but not into party games.

    I sized up the native born dancers... tats in all the right places, and the right kinds. She talked the talk, but would she walk the walk?

    Bottom line, not much going on in High Heels. I got read the rules of engagement, and then preceeded to break any number of them. However, I will tell you upfront that this was a very YMMV situation. I've been engaging dancers in "partnerships in crime" for ages. This is going to sound "uppity", I am sure, but I am just trying to be honest. I don't think a shy guy, or even the usual strip-clubber, is going to get a lot of action in this place.

    Perhaps a number to use later, but that is all.
  6. heathbar


    This much I can tell ya, there was a bunch of hand play
    on her part "do you want me to rub here" she asked.
    Who am I to say no. With this hottie I'm just not sure how
    far it would go upstairs. Think I'll go back and report
  7. ekual2003


    AJ's is just like going to Lace or any other high class go go. The girls dancing are 10's but you could only look and no touch.
  8. carlitosdinero


    Re: AJ's

    I dont know dude champagen rooms are expensive and half the time you only get a cbj. but I might just have to give it the old try.
  9. heathbar



    Went to Aj's saturday night. Nice LD from a sweet
    spanish chick. Much rubbin goin on. They have this overpriced champagne room there. I bet theres gold in them there hills. I didnt do the champagne room but probably should have
  10. hal2001a


    High Heels

    has anyone been to High Heels on Rte 15 lately after the renovations? I stopped in to take a piss and saw several goodlooking girls. Didn't have time to sample the ld action, but there are several booths w doors
  11. HutTwoThree


    Has anyone ever gotten lucky at a bookstore in NJ? I only ever see gays and guys at these places.

  12. Slimmy


    Let's see, The Hitching Post is nothing but a mainstream go-go bar. It is wide open. Also about a month ago, on a Friday afternoon LE made a visit. There is nothing going on in this place period. As far as Titillations goes, this place is pretty mainstream as well. I go there enough to see basically what is or isn't going on. To be honest, not much can happen when the booths are wide open! Cant comment on AJ'S, Heartbreakers or any of the other places listed. But my sources tell me Squeeze is pretty boring as well. I guess one man's treasure is another man's shit!
  13. lapman03


    NNJ SC

    I have had excellent luck with Delilahs in Toms River. During the daytimes especially. I have gotten CJB in the lapdance room for the price of two lapdances. I guess it was my lucky day! South Amboy is even better during the day. Alot of the best of the night staff now work during the day. Better milage can be had when not so many girls are in the LD room. Best milage from the Dominican girls. They are eager to please! Go a great GFE lapdance from a dark haired Dominican during the day.

    One hint on Heartbreakers there is alot of fun there also. Most of the girls are down for whatever for cheap. Some are even willing to go on dates. Mostly Brazilians who have worked at VIP.

    Another good spot in Bloomfield is Titallations behing Home Depot. That was the best spot for many years. Most girls who work there are 8 - 10 in the looks range. Also when the LD boths had doors MUCH milage to be had. Try Maureen if she still works there. I am not into the SW scene either. To dangerous. Why risk it when I can get about the same from the right girl in a SC? Sometimes for free or the price of a lapdance?

    Some other gems in Northern NJ are AJ's in Secaucus and Hitchin' Post in Paterson. Alot of the 'BAD' girls from Titallations work at those clubs now. VIP rooms at AJ's is great with the right girl. As usual get a lapdance first and preview what can be expected. Also during the day girls are more leinent with the rules (no one looking). I have had HJ's during the dayshift in the LD room of AJ's. Usually later in the week before 7p is when I go. Less girls less guys management and security is virtually non existant.

    Another club nearby West New York which has sucked in the past but have had great luck in the milage department is Squeeze Lounge. Girls are 8+ in the looks department. All nationalities (I am fond of W.O.C myself). Mostly air from alot of the girls but I had one bad girl give me great contact in the LD room I got a VIP from her which was very enjoyable. Later in the night when it's busy the LD room is totally vacant. The bouncer stands in the room later in the night. Before 10p he is infront the club so that's an ideal time to get a lapdance. Also the LD room is open so it's easy to peek in and see who gives the best ones. I'll give more reviews later.
  14. carlitosdinero



    I think I will be making a stop there some time soon, thanks for the review. dude
  15. seventhree8


    strip club REVIEW: Heartbreakers in Bloomfield NJ

    just went to heartbreakers in bloomfield NJ.
    unassuming building in the what seemed to be the middle of town.... brown brick wall front with a neon sign saying "Heartbreakers Go-Go"

    Parked in a lot directly across the street. seemed safe. nobody was really around, and there were a bunch of cars parked.

    stepped inside, to see a good 7-10 girls dancing on the stage. I was impressed. Most seemed to be of latin american descent. Two or three were close to a 7. The others weren't SO far behind but whatever. Of course there were some beaten up looking girls, and some older more worn ladies but not bad for a monday night in bloomfield. There were about 25-30 gents there, all having a splendid time as far as I could see. Baseball games, football games, pool table, live girls. Everyone was happy, and calm. I noticed there were also a couple girls on the floor, sitting and drinking and carousing with the clientele. Pretty friendly bunch. Mix of white older men and latin american younger men.

    I got a beer. Noticing that there was just really one STACKED girl in the place, I kept throwing dollar bills her way, just to get my RUB on. she showed me her nipples, nobody seemed to mind.

    I put my observational skills to the test, and tryed to catch a vibe off the girls to see what the acutal level of partcipation was going on upstairs. They all seemed very friendly. With guys all over them by the bar. I went up to couple girls, said some words, left with a feeling that shit was definitly possible upstairs. Of course, I didnt come right out and say anything, just kinda 'felt it.' After a couple more beers, I found a fiesty little brazillian girl who seemed revved up and ready to get down upstairs. I don't know why I chose her, but she was probably the cutest girl there although I'm not so into cute. I like the stacked sultry kind. But Igot the vibe, and asked her to go upstairs.

    She was probably about 5 foot 3.
    Long black hair, b-cup
    pale, but had dark eyeshadow/liner on

    Upstairs was suprisingly nice. Big couches with curtains all around for a really private show. (I had heard they left the curtains open before, but now they were all closed shut) We waited in the waiting area cause she said she has a 'favorite' booth. Itook that as a good sign. While sitting there, she kept whispering dirty things in my ear, and massaging my inner thigh. I was in heaven.

    I sit down in the chair. She shoves herself into my face. I ask about extras. She says .6$ for hj, $ for bj, $$ for f/s...

    I really went here not thinking of hitting such paydirt. So I talked her down to .5$ for a hj. Wonderfully done. She was even playing with herself while she was playing with me. And she was a good actress, for a second I thought she was really cumming.

    I came. I conquered. I left wanting more.

    Good place. Thumbs up. I'll be back....
  16. kilroywashere


    I really miss her!
  17. warlock


    What a shame, her comments on the board were always so entertaining.
  18. pav60


    Re: Hey GG

    Hey hawkit...don't hold your breath for GG. She has been out of the hobby for months! :(
  19. hawkit


    Hey GG

    How do I get shown around? I like to play (tourist) to!

  20. marc


    GG, you would get lost in your apartment if it wasn;t for that furry retriever you got !