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  1. SpaMonger


    I took YC's advise and tried Ruby. All I can say is that she twisted me into a pretzel with those strong hands and firm body. Excellent massage skills.

    An up and cuming masseuse who is playful and really likes to please.

    Left $45 tip which brought a smile to her face. Recommended for those who prefer strong, deep massage.
  2. ryan


    REV: Gina @ Splendor

    I had a recent visit to this spa and learned it is no longer a russian place. The number in the ad is the one I used (973) 663-9344 but I'm not sure if they are still using the same name or not. I made a late evening appointment and since I arrived a little early, I stopped in at High Heels club on Rt. 15 next door to watch some T&A before heading over. For the spa, use the side door farthest from the club, not the front door. Its a solid-looking, separate single story building. I had to wait a bit in the front room before my session – note that it is possible you will see other customers if they leave through the front room while waiting. Front room is comfortable and furnished. I ask the asian phone girl, wasn't this a russian place, she says yes but they left a month ago. 50$/45 min. 1 hour available also. The room was very clean and spacious. No shower or jacuzzi. Gina soon greeted me, an early twenties asian girl, slim, very good looking I'd say an 8 or 8.5, almost model looks. Gina had a small dress on, and looked very desirable. Professional massage table with separate head rest. Good complete massage on my back, with some sensual massage. Did not undress but said next time. But she was still intimate and showed creativity in the session and I had a very good time. Knows how to tease and she looked fantastic in her dress. Tipped 70 but 60 would probably have been fine. Gina is a friendly, courteous, beautiful and humble girl who provides a very attentive, satisfying session. I would definately see her again. There are American girls here as well, including Jasmine a good looking brunette.
  3. ryan


    I think one of the places in Kenvil you mention goes by the name "Paradise" in Steppin' Out mag. 584-6936. I almost went there once, but ended up at another place which I'll review in next post.

    Also, I don't see their ad in the current issue of Steppin' Out (hope that's not a bad sign) but there used to be a russian place on Rt 46 which went by the name "The Gallery" 973-442-2442. In the Dover area. I went about one year ago - it was a simple setup but still a good time.

    Yankee - if you could send me the info as well I would be grateful....
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    Please email me that info as well - greatly appreciated
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    email please...


    If you dont mind, please email me the contact info for the $130-$150 places that you mention in your above post.

    If you check around the boards you can see that I am no threat and certainly an avid hobbyist from way back. I have good info an many many places in NNJ if you want to start a dialog.

  6. YankeeCrankee


    Here are some reviews of some places in NJ:

    In Kenvil on Rt. 46 in the "kenvil plaza" is a place called "Sora Therapy". This is the first massage place I ever went to in NJ. Although there are better places, I think this is a good place to start out, especially if you are paranoid and/or on a budget.

    This is a small Korean place, you ring the bell and walk in, where you'll be greeted by the same woman (I have had either 2 or 3 different providers there, hard to tell them apart!, but they were all middle-aged koreans)who will be massaging you. It's only $50 for the hour. She will leave you alone in a small room while you disrobe and lie on the table. She will come in and ask if you have been there before (always answer YES) and ask if you want a hard or soft massage. (i always opt for a hard massage)

    You will get a extremely good, therapeutic massage. It's almost enough to make you forget about the 'real' reason why you're there. After a full massage, lasting nearly the entire hour, you are told to roll over. She will then sit cross-legged between your legs and proceed to give you an energetic, but not very sensual, HR.

    They will then dress you. (don't embarrass yourself, wear clean undies!) I have only tipped $20 for this service, and the tip seemed to be appreciated.

    I highly doubt that any 'extras' are available. One time, I asked one of the women if they took off their clothes, and was given a look of disgust.

    I think a good key is to see what the 'provider' does with the door. If they leave the door open a bit, it's a good bet you're not going to get anything beyond a HR.
    In my experience, if that door gets shut, the potential for 'extras' increases dramatically.

    There is another provider nearby on rt.46, only about a mile east on the same side of the road. It's right next to a chinese restaurant and it's also a beauty salon called "forever young". The entrance is around the back.
    This set up is similar to Sora, however it's $60, but the massage woman was much younger, only in her early to mid 20's. My only problem with this place was that I was given the room nearest to the front, and the door was kept open more than just a crack. I could hear all the conversations going on outside. During my HR, I could hear another guy was just outside the door, and it was kind of embarrasing and also a bit scary (could have been LE for all I know!) I think I felt generous and tipped her $40.

    All in all, $70, or $100 is a lot to spend on a clothed HR.
    There are other places, where for $130 - $150 you can have a much better time. I am a bit hesitant to talk about them openly, I wouldn't want to cause them to get busted.

    My advice is, once you establish that you aren't in some sort of LE setup, to not be afraid to ask for what you want - these women do this for a living, I would bet there is nothing you could say to shock them - and also try to negotiate prices, and don't overtip - save your money for the next time!