Nu Look......Favorite Women to See

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    The problem with these places and NAMEs is that because they don't use their birth names, you tend to get different women with the same name. I recal a JoJo from way back who would give BBBJ. I seriously doubt it's the same JoJo....they just don't get all that creative with the names they give these girls. The JoJo I post baout today may not be the same one you see tomorrow.

    I personally have not been to NuLook in about 2 years. Out of the 15 or so times I was there, I'd say 14 of them were with a wonderful woman named Sue.

    Sue was about 30. She had a pretty face and a great body with decent B titties. She was by no means hot, but she was really pleasant and attractive. She also provided really great service and spoke above average English for a Korean. What I liked about Sue was that she would allow roaming and seemed to enjoy it. And she always gave me the option for '2', which meant a happty beginning and ending. I loved that. I stopped going when they began gaving me the "sue on vacation, but you come and see someone else" schtick.

    I too am interested in a current line up of better girls at NuLook. I always liked the place and would go back.

    I'm not sure how it is now StockMax, but when I was going there there were 1 or 2 hispanic masseuses max at any given of them was a cute short little thing. Never tried either though.

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    Nu Look......Favorite MP's To See

    I used to frequent Nu Look years ago, and just moved back to NYC. I am interested in people's favorites at Nu Look. I've done a search here and read some about Suzi and JoJo, not much about others.

    Who else have you guys seen there? Are they all Asian?? I used to see a Hispanic there but do not remember her name. Anyone there have interesting massage techniques? Let's hear some favorites....if you've seen someone there, please post a short description of your session. Thanks.
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