ny-nj boycott?

Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by tonka, Jan 16, 2003.

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  1. Juno Again

    Juno Again

    A BUST?

    Accused Midwest Sex Ring Leader Charged
    DETROIT (AP) - With promises of making money selling jewelry on the streets of Midwestern cities, a 32-year-old Chicago man drew women and girls into a multistate prostitution ring that operated like a cult,authorities said.
    Henry Davis allegedly used sexual assault, beatings and threats to keep the women and girls - many of them runaways or estranged from their families - under his control. The ring, involving girls as young as 13, may have been operating since 1995.

    ``This guy picked his targets,'' Detroit Police Cmdr. Gerard Simon said Thursday.
    ``Young girls who(were) unsure of
    themselves, were runaways, didn't have
    a place to go.'' It was a 17-year-old girl, who police say was abducted Jan. 9 from a Cleveland bus stop, that helped authorities break up the ring. Prosecutors say she was taken to Chicago and Detroit and raped before seeking protection from a store security guard Monday in nearby Highland Park.

    Later that day, she led police to a home in a
    neighborhood of bungalows and duplexes on the city's east side, where Davis was arrested.
    Davis was charged Thursday with nine felony counts in cases involving the girl and a 20-year-old woman in Detroit, but prosecutors and police say they expect more charges and more victims to come forward.

    An innocent plea was entered for Davis at his arraignment Thursday, said Rebecca Tenorio, a spokeswoman for the prosecutor's office.

    David Perlman, Davis' attorney, declined to comment Thursday. Investigators said dozens of girls and women might have been forced into prostitution in Detroit, Cleveland and
    Chicago, and they are looking into leads in Ohio and Wisconsin. The FBI also is investigating.

    ``This could happen to any teenage girl in America,'' said Avery Friedman, a lawyer for the 17-year-old and her family. He said the girl didn't fit the profile of others drawn into the ring.

    Wayne County Prosecutor Michael Duggan said the
    kidnapping likely was unusual for the ring. Instead, he said they often brought in girls and women - like the
    20-year-old - with promises they would be selling jewelry on the street.

    The 20-year-old told police she was lured into the ring by the prospect of earning $300 to $500 a day. But after
    being shuttled between Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago,she said she was held at the Detroit home since November and forced to perform sex acts.

    Prosecutors say cult-like tactics were used to enlist the girls and women as prostitutes. This involved physical and sexual assaults, as well as cultivating what Duggan described as a ``feeling of friendship or family'' among those in the ring.

    At the home, Davis and others allegedly used a practice they called ``violating.'' Authorities say men and womenwould beat up a woman or girl if she didn't sell enough jewelry or participate in sex acts at a place referred to as
    ``The Club'' on the city's west side.
    The department has been investigating the alleged sex ring since reports of kidnappings six to seven months ago. Police said several others had reported being kidnapped, raped and forced into prostitution. The Detroit Free press reported police first met Davis in 1998 when a girl jumped out of a car at a restaurant and
    told officers she had been raped. Prosecutors said they lacked sufficient evidence to charge him.
    In 2000, police answering a disturbance call at a motel found Davis with two 15-year-old girls, a 17-year-old girl and an 18-year-old woman. The 18-year-old said she had been raped. The others refused to cooperate, and Davis again was not charged, police said.

    Duggan said some alleged victims who came forward
    earlier were runaways who couldn't be found later. Others couldn't provide information on where they were held.

    `When it would come to the attention of the authorities,the women who were voluntarily in the ring step forward and say they participated freely,'' he said.

    Authorities are trying to find ``The Club'' so they can shut it down. Police are also investigating claims some of the women or girls worked at legitimate adult entertainment
    Davis, who is being held on $1 million bond in each case, faces up to life in prison if convicted of the criminal sexual conduct charges.
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    I hope Jersey Isnt as trashy as that. Yuck!
  2. jackhenry


    Why not

    Anchorage??? Anyway, if that's the case, they should stop in NNJ. Maybe they figure in the inner city marketplace is a better venue for a fuck mill. Although, ML says she's boosted her first-timer rates so her VIPs can get a better shot at scheduling appointments with her overbooked girls. That kinda kills my "inner city" theory.
  3. vball528


    new victim for the regulars ...

    Here goes ... as a newbie to the hobby (less than a year) and a lurker here (thoroughly entertained by the soap operas in the PA, NNJ and NYC threads for the last 6 months) I guess its time to start posting.

    I can only vouch for Sabrina from Sweeties. Incall in CC Philly. Those are her real pictures and they are accurate.

    The reviews I read before hand were somewhat accurate. She was definitely a young hardbody with an excellent natural rack and very friendly. BBBJ then covered positions. One cup. No DFK or DATY. It was a nice session but not earth shattering.

    It was a first try with an agency and it was pretty easy to set up. One thing that did seem consistent with my session and the other reviews was that it was a quantity tour. It sounded and seemd as if there was an assebly line and she only got out of the hotel a couple of times on any given trip.

    So ... to the point(s): the one time I tried them they were on the up and up (also reasonable for a travelling agency at $$.5). If they don't leave the hotel why not NNJ - heck they go to Detroit !!!
  4. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    I dont believe those pics one bit. Bull.As soon as an agency posts we dont bait and switch, look out.
  5. jackhenry



    If I were faced with a road trip, where would you rather be? Downtown Philly, downtown DC, NYC, downtown Boston or, er, stuck in some faceless hotel surrounded by highways and suburban sprawl? Don't take this personally, but all things being equal, I think we lack downtime attractions, especially for a high-livin', hot-blooded, action-oriented provider types from spots like Miami. These girls wanna party. Sorry guys.

    Count yourself lucky that we get what we do from ML and those lovelies from Montreal. Hell, to them, Newark might just seem like Miami.
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  6. jrman66

    jrman66 Ma-Ling Bok Ma Wong Gee

    Here here! I've always felt that the some awsome, beautiful girls go from philly to boston or to NYC but NEVER stop in nnj.
  7. jackhenry



    Whuh? You tink yaw bedda den us?
  8. tonka


    I was surfing on eros-boston, and came across some gorgeous providers visiting from Florida. Onto eros-philly, more hot girls from Florida. I called the agency to ask if they'd be coming to New York/New Jersey and was abruptly told "NO", that's their policy. I've seen Florida providers here in New Jersey thru ML, and Taylor's Elites, so why the no Ny-Nj policy of some other agencies? God I would love to see Geneva from www.sweeties.us/