NY Trip Report; Reviews of Jennifer, Shauna, and lauren

Discussion in 'New York' started by Saint Bart, Jun 3, 2001.

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    Your Funny Oswald!

    Shauna is outta her on 6/17 and will be back in August. She already has a 954#
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    i think THE shauna is gone already.....

    but she should be back before to long.
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    I will Follow !

    I am planning on seeing Jen sometime soon and also Setting something up W/Shauna B-4 Flo. I will let yall know how it turns out I just wish there was a way to find out more on them.........Hmmmmmm lemme see....

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    Brett Easton Ellis is a novelist. Your remark "skins his dates alive", is clearly referring to one of his characters in "American Psycho", Patrick Bateman. Did I compare Saint Bart to Patrick Bateman? No.
    I trust you can figure it out from here.
    take care HP
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    Does that mean he skins his dates alive or what?
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    You are without doubt the Bret Easton Ellis of hobby review writers.
    take care HP
  7. Saint Bart

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    I posted this on the Brand X board, and since I know some of you no longer read it, I'll post it here too.

    I was coming to NYC for a milestone college reunion and thought the 3 days in the city would give me the chance to relive some of my past adventures, albeit with a new cast, as well as see some old college buddies. And, I'd find out if my off-campus antics could still live up to my fraternity nickname - adapted from Babe Ruth's "Sultan of Swat", some called me the "Sultan of Twat." Also fitting for the occasion was that with all three ladies I'd be seeing I had a past history - ranging from a missed meeting opportunity, to months of phone calls trying to find a time we'd both be in the same locale, to multiple nights of joy with an ATF.

    While offered the opportunity to stay in the dorms, and even with the current enlightened view towards women herein - when I lived there the rule was "door open the width of a book", which a clever classmate took to include matchbooks, I thought a hotel best. Priceline.com came thru with $110/night at Ian Schrager's now renovated and euro-hip Hudson Hotel on 58th just west of Columbus Circle. Schrager own the max-hip Delano on South Beach and other boutique hotels in US and London. The common rooms of the hotel were big and euro-styled - dark mahogany floors, comfortable sitting niches everywhere. But when I left the elevator and passed thru the narrow, dimly lit hallways to my room, I understood the "why" for the "living room" feel of the downstairs - my room was tiny - more like a stateroom, with everything you'd expect, and all in its place - like a boat. But the bed was queen-sized and comfortable, and the upgrade rate was $370/night, so I elected to stay put. And as I thought about it, the room was similar to the garret I lived in as a grad student, so maybe it was totally appropriate this weekend.

    Jennifer, http://www.jennifernyc.com started the weekend off for me on Thurs night. I had been intrigued by Jen for a while - and her slow return of a past email from me meant we didn't hook up last time. She does have a day job and a life outside the hobby, so sometimes she just can't reply to inquiries as quickly as we hobbyers would like. With Jen, you should be persistent - this lady proved a wonderful treat that will be repeated. She had seen my posted ISO First Mate for a Nantucket/Martha's Vineyard/Newport cruise, but since we were already scheduled for a meeting in NYC, she decided to meet before applying; she's now signed as First Mate for a July weekend cruise dedicated to her.

    Jen arrived 5 minutes early - she sets her watch ahead 15 minutes to be sure she's on time - and I didn't have a shirt on when I opened the door. Apologizing, I hastened to put one on. When she said "Why? I'm just going to take it off you," I knew I was in for a great night!! Jen wore (for a few minutes, anyway) a black skirt with pink shirt and jacket - she looked like a spring flower, maybe a tulip. Her long light brown hair frames a pretty face that likes to smile and laugh. As we sat on the bed - no space for a couch in this dorm room, I gave her a little gift. She exuberantly thanked me with a big kiss and we were off to the races.

    Jen's about 5'7" and shapely slim - visits to the health club keep her nicely toned without an ounce of fat. And oh, what a body - she'll define able-bodied seawoman as she helps with the dock lines in the little thong-backed string bikini that tan lines told me is her usual beach attire. We ran thru the normal positions several times, and during the in-between rest stops we had plenty of laughs and word play fun. When I say I found Jen the "inspiration" an artist needs, she knows what I mean (don't you Jen :)))), and you should too dear reader. See you soon Jen!!

    Shauna, http://www.wildorchid.com - is there any other escort in the world that when you mention her name, Shauna, everyone immediately knows who you mean?? And that's the challenge for any reviewer. Finding unused superlatives to describe Shauna is probably impossible. After two missed opportunities to meet last October in Florida - the first disrupted by the untimely arrival of her girlfriend's parents, the second, the next day, cancelled due my discovery of lauren (see below). Fortunately, Shauna's got a forgiving heart and this episode now only provides fodder for jokes and laughter. So, when she showed up at my door, we were old friends that had never met. She looked great in tight jeans and matching jacket that covered a tube top. We're both morning people and the champagne mimosas were a perfect ice-breaker for our 10AM fete.

    Shauna had brought a little pink thing she wanted to change into, but on seeing the bathroom's size she elected to change in front of me on the bed. Well, the pink thing never got put on - for as she started slipping off pants and top to reveal her tiny, tight and trim body topped by magnificent breasts, I couldn't keep from touching and getting involved. Readers know that the details of an encounter are only ours to share - and for this meeting we did have a lot of fun with a unique way we found to record our moments for sharing the next time we're together. If you search her past reviews you'll find the songs of praise - believe me she's all that and more; only I'd add insatiable and experimental. Her yoga and gymnastic training carries over to give her unexpected moves and positions in this "sport." One of the highlights of our visit for me, and I know for her too, was when she cried out in ecstasy "Where did you learn to do that?" That little trick I'm sure gave me a good grade, even if no review is forthcoming. And this she proved further by exchanging "souvenirs" and volunteering to come to for a summer weekend boat trip - in the past she's always said she hates boats. Shauna - you're signed on as First Mate, so let's set the weekend! (NY Guys: Her move to Florida is now delayed until June 17 - act fast - she's not to be missed).

    lauren, of http://www.miamicompanions.com . While Shauna seemed an old friend before we met, lauren is an old friend. We had enjoyed a number of nights together, but not since last January just before I posted an intro review of her to NY's TBD. So now, after completing a semester at my alma mater - ultimately to be hers too (I can't wait for those reunions), we were to share a few hours and catch up.

    The reunion with lauren was the meeting of past lovers totally comfortable with each other. I've described her in the past as the "college coed daughter of the next door neighbor you've lusted for and said 'if only' a thousand times" - well, she's unchanged, except she now IS a college coed. Dressed in tight jeans and a wrap around top, the only hint of an income source beyond a student's stipend were the $100 La Perla panties. We were soon entwined and from our memories there was no need to worry about how this move or that action would be received - we remembered well each other's "hot buttons" and pushed them hard to make the bells chime loudly!! Lauren may head to France and vacation for the second half of the summer - but, there's certainly no need to go to tune up her own french skills - I think she could teach them some nuances of their native tongue. Unfortunately, this means no summer cruise with me and no treat for you unless you make plans to see her soon!

    Summary: Well, the Sultan's lost a step or two over time, but he's learned few things along the way that makes him as dangerous as ever at the "plate" and a pretty good BFE (he's told). And there was no repeat of "the curse of the Bambino" - NY's theft of Babe Ruth from Boston for a mere $125,000. This weekend was a sweep for the visiting team as three ladies were enjoyed to the utmost - all reaching 100% GFE on the Saint Bart scale, and one a coveted Plus!!! (No emails, please - as many have learned there's no more details available due the YMMV nature of the sport.)