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  1. Player 11

    Player 11

    Met up with this cutie, Ruby and there was no dull moment.

    She came in a pink dress that look like stewardess with nice curve and sneak preview of her asset.
    Dream of having a session with stewardess in a plane and achieve my high flier status.

    In TS, gently washed my body and gave me nuru. I could say i was rubbing her[​IMG]
    We were playing for a good 5-10 mins

    Back in the room, gave me a nice deep rim while playing with my balls.
    Flipped over, dt and bbbj my junior while looking at me. My junior swell further.
    In cover, she ride on me while i caress her silky and soft skin. I donated into the bag shortly.

    After cleaning, massage me while we chatted until MMS called.
    Held my hand and send me to the door

    A sweet and young gal with good service.
  2. T8t8t


    I had to sneak in one more visit before the UN assembly parking hell. this time is a repeat visit to see Cindy.

    Was greeted by her sweet smile the moment she saw me and recognized me from the previous visits. We started off with a some LFK and some polite roaming. Our clothes slowly came off and went to the TS. Just like usual, it was soft and sensual. My hands were roaming everywhere while she slides on top of me with more LFK and some sample BBBJ. Back to the room, she gave me a massage for 5-10 mins because she knew I was very tired after work. ST and light rimming follow. After the flip, intense BBBJ for good 10-15 mins. I had to fight to hold on with good DT action and balls simulation. Wanted to prolong the session by requesting for cover. She gladly climb on top and ride me hard. She pulls me up for some tits sucking while she keeps grinding me. Turn her over with for doggie and her moaning plus her gentle squeeze of my family jewels made me go crazy. I then flipped her over for some standing mish. I finally pulled out and request her to finish me off with BBBJ while I was standing. She is a real sweet sexy girl. Closer to love making then fucking.

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  3. Brownlover


    Saw Cindy a few days latter.

    Very petite all natural girl. She gets frisky in a good way ;) but is usually a sweet soft spoken girl as well. She rims well and loves to finger your ass a bit as well as she gave me a preview in the nuru shower. She came into the room in the beginning and gave me soft kisses and laid down on the bed, touching herself and slowly undressing. We also have a bit of a preview of daty and Bbbj in the room even before the shower.

    The shower is your classic high standard nuru that all these girls seem to be extensively well taught in. Her speciality is the bit of rimming and inserting a finger in your ass as she strokes JR. Very through shower and clean up.

    In the room she begins with a bbbj after working down kisses on your neck and some nipple sucking down to your balls before taking the entire shaft down as much as possible. Once hard, she put on the cover and rode me. After a while, I felt her cum dripping down on my balls and we switched over to missionary where we must have pumped away for only 2 minutes before finishing in the bag. A quick hot towel clean up followed.

    I elected to just cuddle since we spent some time in the shower room and we slowly start to feel each other up as soon as a quick recap of what's been going on since our last visit together is over. We put on the cover immediately as I'm hard and go at it in a plethora of positions but I just don't have it. But Cindy was not going to give up, she gave me a blowjob and finished with a nice oily handjob. I couldn't believe it. We stepped into the shower for a quick clean up before coming back into the room to exchange kisses as she cleaned me up. Left with a Big smile, satisfied at A&K as always.
  4. Brownlover


    Came back to reconnect with Lucy - a beautiful soft spoken kind petite girl

    I was escorted into room 2 by mamasan and Lucy entered shortly in a nice peach and black dress with a zipper in the back. We hugged and caught up as we undressed each other until we started to feel each other up. She's not really into kissing but she loves to feel up your body with her own and I enjoyed that. As I was getting hard, she whisper if I'd like to take a shower and I was more than happy to get treated to her nuru. She wrapped a towel over her and over my waist but instead of grabbing my hand to guide me to the shower room, she held onto JR - nice touch.

    In the shower room, a nice thorough cleaning and nuru massage with a nice full body licking and a sensual preview BBBJ. We did the listerine toast and came back into the room after she helped dry me off in the shower room.

    She stepped out to grab a few rubbers - I'm a two pop guy. Once she returned we started to feel each other up as we slowly kissed each other all over. She started to give me a nice BBBJ and I flipped her over for 69 to taste her sweet pussy. She was getting pretty wet and I was rock hard so we decided to cover up and fuck. She rode me for a good while before we switched to missionary where I pumped away at her rhythmically, slowly getting faster and faster until I couldn't contain it any longer. I blew inside her and we laid grabbing each other since we came at the same time.

    She cleaned me up after a few and excused herself to grab a hot towel. Another thorough clean up and then she gave me a nice massage to relax me. After that we cuddled and caught up in her endeavors to own a facial spa and skincare center and how she's getting trained for that. It was nice, her English is clear and she's a very sweet personable person. The cuddling did lead to wandering hands and slowly we started to get into it again.

    Round started off we me giving her some nice daty. She was very responsive and let out quite a few moans. She flipped over and started blowing me as we got into 69. Soon it was just her giving me a BBBJ before we put the cover on and I took her from behind in doggy style. We switched over to missionary and we then even reverse cowgirl before deciding that I really wanted to cum in her mouth. She too it like a champ and drained me completely.

    She excused herself to spit it out and do a mouth wash before coming back with a hot towel and cleaning me up. We headed to the shower room with time winding down and she gave me a nice and thorough standing shower with lots of body to body rubbing. She dried me off nicely and helped me get dressed in the room. I headed out with a smile as she and Angela walked me out. A great session with a quality girl.
  5. T8t8t


    Made another visit back to A&K for Yoyo. This place has definitely becoming my go to spot, slightly ahead of PH. Back to the main subject of Yoyo.

    Second time seeing her and she definitely got more comfortable from more initial visit. Table shower was fun with some nice body slide and a quick preview bbbj. Back in the room, She gave me a short massage and finish with a cat bath follow up with a nice rim job. I am not a big fan of rim job, never ask for it but never turn it down either. Flip over and more body slide. Her bbbj is very nice and slow with very good suck action. She position her body where I can do a some light fingering while she worship my cock for a good 15mins. I believe CIM was available but didn't go for it. Put the cover on and ask me how I want her. Went in missionary stay but her bj has put me on edge already that I didn't last long. Maybe a 1-2 min and I shot inside her like a fountain. Great time.$80+$160.
  6. cum1


    Just cum back from a delightful session.

    After meeting with client, full of request. Unhappy and not willing to go back office. Since nearby, called A&K for appointment. MMS recommend a new gal Ruby.

    Turn up shortly and was led into the room. Ruby came in a cute pink dress which show her cleavage. We hugged and kissed for a while before proceeding to TS. She washed me clean and gave me nuru rub. Feel the breast roaming my body which my junior scream for attention. Gave me a prelude bbbj.

    Back into the room, continue the bbbj while i wiping my body. Told her i need action, put on cover and i ram her deep and fast. I cum in bag shortly and she also amaze at my load. Maybe of my work frustation.

    On the way out, hold my hand and hugged me. A very good feeling.
    I glad that i have a clear heart to work now.
  7. Jlevy2002


    howdy howdy howdy ..... me again.

    yesterday, i had an awesome spa crawl night. this was my second place.

    see my PH post re mimi - my first stop.

    second up - CHERRY @ A&K.

    bottom line - fun.

    cherry was wearing this ugly pink mini nurse or attendant uniform. i was surprised at her cute little body once it was removed. she's has a cute body, not a ten, but a 5-6.5. maybe 7. maybe. nah, a 6.5.

    she has small tits, but they're fake. if you're going to get implants, just go big. that should be the law. small b (if that) implants is a waste in my book. i'd rather a natural 'a'.

    we went off for a table shower. it was nice. fun time. slip n slide. no previews - at least i don't recall. i was HAMMERED.

    back to the room, i hand her $300. i have no idea what the rate is - don't care. she was very happy.

    i laid down on my stomach. nice massage which lead quickly into a cat bath .... down to a rim.

    i hop up on all fours. she ate my ass good. lots of tongue action, not so deep, but nice - all of a sudden she pops a finger deep in my ass and starts licking my taint and balls twirly style. she ended up finger fkin me for a bit while jerking sucking, my balls and cock from below.

    i eventually flip over. can't take it any more. she gives me a solid bbbj, with ass play and more.

    toss on a cover - she goes on top, then k9. push her head down. pound it out hard into the bag.

    i don't recall exactly what happen next. again, hammered. i was going to leave. i just had a double pop at PH - but she pushed for a second (my now 4th) pop. how could i resist?

    i don't recall how it started - but back to bbbj and rim action. she's gives a second solid performance. legs up/legs down, some DT, just head tease, mix jerk combo, balls....

    toss on cover. she road me for a solid while. she's got a good body thats nice to watch on top. she leaves back for a fun view. not being sure i can blow another load, i realize i need to hit it hard.

    i spread her legs wide open to pile drove my cock deep into her. jack hammered her hard holding her hips, slapping my body against hers. i eventually blast a gallon of my nut sauce into the bag.

    not sure i would repeat with her. good provider - but nothing outstanding - maybe the ass play.

    she didn't try to kiss me - which i appreciated. i'm not a kisser. she noticed.

    onto my next crawl at GFE Allstars to round out the night with vicky....

  8. Woodguy


    Sweet Young Thing
    And now there is someone else I have to go see.....
    If I can stay away from Cherry or the other girls here
  9. Blue_Dream


    Sweet young thang
  10. slow and easy

    slow and easy

    What is "syt"?

  11. Gamingfreak54


    Called appointment for Kathy/Stacy but not available. MMS introduce a new gal just started work, Ruby.
    Went to the web and saw her pic, pretty syt. Called back to confirm the timing for Ruby.

    Into the room, Ruby turned out shortly with a cute pink air stewardness dress. I know i make the right choice.
    We engage in a lfk and evolved into dfk. She helped me to undress while i also helped her and caressing her body.

    In TS, she gave me a sensual nuru with her natural breast. Although not as good as the rest but can feel her effort. How to blame this syt on her first day of work. Back to the room, started with some nice deep rim. Flip over, bbbj me while looking at my eyes, my heart melt and i love this sight.

    In cap, i ram her in mish and various position, with her sweet moans quicken my release. After workout, clean me and continue with massage till MMS called.

    Overall a pretty syt with good service
  12. T8t8t


    Went back last night wanting to see YoYo again but she wasn't on the lineup. So I took another chance with a newbie; her name is Sandy. Second day on the job. But my guess is that she probably did this before because she doesn't have that nervous vibe. Between sandy and yoyo, I think sandy is slightly prettier but yoyo has a slightly better body. Sandy is another tall girl with jet black hair down to her lower back. She was very talkative since she speak Cantonese (very few girl does) but she doesn't speak English well.

    TS was straight forward, nothing spectacular and no preview action.

    Back in the room, she went straight to soft touch as I lay face up. Kissed me everywhere follow by some very enthusiastic bbbj for a good 10-15 mins. She really wanted me to pop in her month but I held on. Skill wise, she need some refinement but it was enjoyable. Went on the cover, cg, mish, standing mish, standing doggie and went back to finished in standard mish. Gave me a nice short massage and quick shower before sending me home.

    Same usual fee applied and I need to take a break from this. My bank account is draining too much doing this lately.
  13. Night5678


    I was in the area and texted to see if Stacy or Candy was available, unfortunately they weren't, but Kathy was available if I was willing to be patient. I read a lot of great reviews on her on this board so I decided to give her a go.

    Kathy is crazy pretty, she's tall and has dark-blonde hair atm. She came in wearing a small black dress and introduced herself as I put on my robe. Unfortunately all the TS were occupied at the time so she gave me a back rub with lots of oil until there was an open shower. She gives really good massages, she has just the right amount of strength which was really relaxing especially since I had hit the gym earlier in the day.

    Once we were in the TS, she performed a thorough wash as expected and a nice body slide as well. She also really liked to use her ass to massage your body which also felt great. There was no preview bbbj this time but she did give me a really good thigh job and amazing close up view of her pink.

    Back in the room she gave me a super quick back rub to get me comfortable and started to rim. I'm actually not a rimming kind of guy so I got really startled and told her she didn't need to do that which made her laugh lol. I guess she just assumed, definitely took me by surprise. Her bbbj was amazing she looked incredibly sexy while sucking; she had an amazing expression on her face something along the lines of "I know I give great head, you better be grateful". After a while she put the cover on and we tried acg, cg and mish. The view of her breasts every time I trusted was incredibly hot and seemed to really enjoy me sucking on her nipples while fucking. I knew I wouldn't be satisfied with just one pop so I asked for another and she agreed. She cleaned up after the first pop and came back ready for round two. I normally would go for doggy or other variations, but her earlier bbbj was so hot I wanted to cim. Her bbbj was so good I tried my hardest to last as long as possible and enjoy every moment of it. She's a total pro too, she didn't complain the whole time and made sure I enjoyed it and even gave me some DT while stroking jr to maximize pleasure; easily the best bbbj and cim experience I've ever had.
  14. T8t8t


    Recent visit and MMS asked me if I want to try a new girl YoYo that is on her first day in this business. Since I am such a nice guy, I accepted the challenge and gave this girl a chance.

    First thing, I was pleasantly surprise at her look when she walked in. She is very tall for a Chinese girl about 5'8-5'9 and very fit and pretty face. Similar to Kathy. And you can tell she is very new, couldn't look me in the eyes with a nervous smile and couldn't face me when she undress. Which is fine, it was actually nice to have a different feel. Very much like hitting the jackpot for the first time with your gf in high school. TS was longer than usually with long body sliding action like Kathy with no preview bj.

    Back to the room, some effort of a massage for my back and shoulder. Asked to turn around, and more light massage and soft touch. Then she proceeded to some nice ball sucking and bbbj actions. Feels pretty good, nice and slow and really enjoyed the warmth from her month. Ask me if I want to put on the cover after 5-10mins but I decline and asked her to lay down. Went in for some daty(nice full bush), she was very responsive. I put on the cover and did the standing mish and just pounded away until finish.

    I really enjoyed the session, it was a little scripted but she was willing. It feels great to be banging a very young, pretty girl, nice body with very long legs especially when they are new. I will try to go back to see her before she become experienced.

  15. RainsAgain


    MMS switch me in the last minute for Coco and said that she was a very good girl. I decided to give it a try since most of the girls working here were pretty, and very young. When Coco introduced herself I thought she was american born because she spoke so well. Coco thanked me very much and assured me that she was not.
    Coco helped me out of my clothes and shoes and gave a nice TS with a light rim and a preview BJ. Back in the room we took care of the donation and she disappeared for the standard 5 minutes and came back with her wares. She started on a nice back rub and gave a rimming and then a BBJ. She then proceeded to do ACG and then missionary. we then tried standing missionary where i blew in the bag. She came back with a hot towel but i requested a 2nd shower because we were both sweating from our session. When we came back to the room she offered a backrub for the rest of our time with was very nice.
  16. cum1



    Walking around time square and too early for my appointment. Called MMS for appointment in 5mins.
    Lucy was recommended. I had her once but other syt gals like Kathy, Coco diverted my limited funds and cum away.

    Arrived and Lucy came in shortly with a cute smile. Bring me to TS and wow...this round TS was sensual and simulating. A great difference from my last visit with her. Just wonder, which bro coaches her

    In the room, told her i like bbbj and rim. Ask her to go slow as i am 1 shot guy. Gave me a long slurry bbbj and deep rim. After a good 10-15mins, put on cover and ask her to ride me. While she was rocking, my 2 hands are also busy with breast massage. Give her everything shortly.

    Her service has got better and next visit in pipeline
  17. johnsmith2233


    I went back to see Kathy after I heard she is back. She just got back from her vacation and she dye her hair.
    Still as pretty as every, she was kind and greet me with passion.
    The TS was 20 minutes, and every minute of it feels wonderful.
    When we dry up and got back to the room, we had some great DFK before I lay on my back on the bed. She did body sliding then straight to rim. The rim session is god blessed as well.
    After I turn over, she start BBBJ while I was laying down. I almost came but manage to hold on so we can start sex.
    The sex is great too. We start with her on top then we switch to missionary and doggy, I didn't hold on much longer since the BBBJ session got me pretty excited already.
    She clean me up with hot towel and gave a great massage afterward to relax my body. Still the same Kathy I know and I love every minute I spend with her.
  18. Woodguy


    So I went and saw Cherry again. Like a moth to a flame...
    She has such a pretty face, always happy and smiling and genuinely glad to see me.
    The TS was at least 15 minutes, and was erotic bliss.
    The way she sucks and slides her mouth back and front, and her outstanding BBJ.
    When we got back to the room she had me lay on my stomach and body sliding and deep rim, BLS and then 69.
    When I signaled to end the 69 she had me sit on the bed and got on her knees, looking up at me the whole time while she BBJ with almost DT.
    She had me so hard I couldn't get the cover on fast enough and put her through multiple positions before filling the cover.
    Great clean up and she asked if I wanted a massage. Although I did want one, and hers are great, the hour was up and I didn't want to make her go overtime as the place was kind of busy.
    Sadly, I know I'll be coming back to see her again very soon.
  19. sculptor69


    You're not the only one - need to win the Lotto !
  20. Woodguy


    Thanks for the review.
    Unfortunately, it just makes my need to see her even stronger.
    I'm running out of cash :(