Nyc Incall 2/24-2/26

Discussion in 'New York' started by Samanthofny, Feb 21, 2003.

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  1. Samanthofny


    I've decided to do a "road trip" to NYC. I will be arriving at my hotel at about 2pm, first appointment will be for 3 pm.
    I will be currently accepting appointments for:
    Mon 3pm-12am
    Tues 10 am-10pm
    Wed 12pm-10pm I have something I need to do in nyc wed morning.

    The fee is $$$ p/h.........2 or more hr appointmemnts get priority treatment as well as a discount depending upon how long they stay.

    I am currently accepting appointments for my NYC incall trip.
    I will need a name, contact number and where you heard about me to confirm your appointment, without this info you do NOT have a confirmed appointment and that slot will go to the first person who provides me with said info.

    my contact info is in thead section, here are some of my thumbnails:
    hope you like, 917-673-4504