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    LI schedule

    quick post to let youguys know that I will be doing incall on limarch 10-march 12. Same as the others, send me an e*mqil put LI in the subject line and you'll be the first to knoow when I'll be on LI. A day or so later I will post on various boards the same info so your getting priority so you can book those appointmwnts which always seem to be so sought after.
    I'm doing my best to get organized, for the rest os this week I'm sticking close to homw,Brooklyn
    my scheduel:
    NYC Feb 24-feb26 (I'll be checking out on the 26th

    NJ March 3 (first appoint at 3) - March 6 (I'll be leaving that morning)

    LIMarch 10-12
    Don't forget to add you name to the appropriate amiling list.
    If you want to know about all happenings then just put " mailing list" as opposed to nj. li. nyc. brooklyn. queens
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    ok here's what I'm considering:
    Feb 24th (first appointment at 3pm) monday, through to Wed night (FEB ) I'll be keeping the room until Wed morning and I need to be on my wat first thing Wed morn, who knows at an early hour I might be able to see one person.

    Now: I'm looking for a hotel that is busy enough not to notice little ole me and my traffic. I also want a room which is considered 4-5 stars. I'll do my reservations on something like travelocity so the rates will be a bit better. I always bring with me, scotch, JD, Vodka and anything a client may request. I also ALWAY have ligerie, thigh highs, high heels garter belts, and lets not forget my selection of toys which has grown very much since my last trip.
    If you like slim busty blondes, who can carry on an intelligent convo and in the next minute drop to her knees while looking deeply into your eyes and give you the bbbjtcnqns that you wont forget for sometime to cum. After that we usually make small talk, I'm very easy going and have been known to have a good sense of humor. I might have you flip and give you a massage (i'm good at it too!) then I'll have you flip so I can get the front. At this point I might go after your cock again while positioning myself so you can watch me while I bbbj you and play with myself with one of my favoritw toys. At this point I hope your ready for a cover and for a good mounting. My most favorite things in a session are DFK, DATY, PASSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and getting 3 cups out in a 1 or 2 hr appt. We'll probably try every position known to the Karma sutra including some new ones. Sounds like a good time? BTW 1 hr is 300, 2 hrs which I prefer and which also gets preferential treatment is 550. Anything longer and we can talk about it.
    Wow after writing this I may just break out one of my toys, poor me all alone in Brooklyn.
    P.s. I do cum to nyc for a 2 or more hr minimum so if you seek 2 or more than its not necessarry for you to wait for my road trip.
    Hope you guys liked my post almost as much as i enjoyed writing it!
    p.s. my contact info is in the ad section, if your interested then please send an ****** with nyc in the subject line, as soon as my dates and hotel are definate I'll be sending those of you on my mailing list this info first so you get firt shot at the more sought after appointments.
    Samantha Summers
    Many of you who have tried to book me in the past know that I AM all that and a bag of chips. They also know that I get booked up immediately , so here is a way for you to get preferentiql treatment and to be able to schedule an appointment before others will. After I send out mailing list ******s, I'll wait a day and then post my incall stay on various boards.
    I finally have good pics now I'm working on a better website.
    Happy as well as safe hunting.