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  1. genius


    I guess the "Live Free or Die" state motto doesnt apply to consenting adults.
  2. momomini


    Is anyone surprised about this?
  3. DaiDaiLun


    Did any of you guys see ABC Nightline last night about Craigslist? Quite interesting. Damn Craig is a major geek.
  4. john galt

    john galt

    Popular Web Site Helping NH Cops Bust Prostitutes

    (CBS4) NASHUA, NH Nashua Police say the popular Craigslist.com web site is helping them crack down on prostitution.
    The site features thousand of classified and personal ads of people looking to be or hire a prostitute at area hotels.
    Sgt. Scott Childs tells the Nashua Telegraph, "I would say to anybody looking to do this sort of thing here, the next time you make one of these calls or go to a hotel room, you might be dealing with a Nashua police officer."
    Investigators have used the site to arrest seven women and seven men since July and more arrests are expected in the coming months.
    Police say the men were arrested after responding to a fake ad for massage and escort services officers had posted on the site's "erotic" section.
    The men met a woman, who was working with police, at a Nashua hotel, and police monitored the conversations.
    Police say the women who were arrested were accused of offering sexual acts for money to male officers who had arranged to meet them at hotels.
    Prostitution is a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail.

    be safe