OK....so I watch Maury Povich......

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mr. Sinatra, Feb 28, 2003.

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  1. Dondee

    Dondee Herbie, DDS

    UG does not have separate restroom for boys and girls.....its

    (boy, thats an expression you don't hear very often anymore)
  2. Reel Deal

    Reel Deal

    These shows exploit those who are desperate for their 15 minutes of fame...

    I'd personally pay for the camera to be in the UG restrooms...boys AND girls...

    (At the UG urinals:

    RD: Gosh, these urinal sure are noisy...

    Bill Furniture: And deep...)
  3. Mr. Sinatra

    Mr. Sinatra

    I dont wanna hear it.........Ya gotta take a break from the market once in a while, and Maria Bartiromo is looking pretty ragged these days.

    Anyway, today's episode is about women that were secretly videotaped in bathrooms, lockerooms, at home, etc.

    Here's my question. Why is it that EVERY one of these broads is a dog? I mean really......

    If you're gonna take the time to hook up surveillance equipment, why not target a hot broad like GG or Samantha.......

    These chicks go on TV with the BOO HOO stories about how they cant trust anyone anymore. Puhleeze.